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34 Must-Read Tips For Newbie Working Out Beginner(Workout Added)

Working out beginner

34 Must-Read Tips For Newbie Working Out Beginner: So, you are a beginner who is planning to join a gym or looking to join one. You want best tips for a newbie working beginner so that you can easily achieve your fitness goals.


Today, I will tell you the best tips which a working out beginner should know from the first day in the gym itself!


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34 Best Tips A Working-Out Beginner Should Know


I am glad that you made the decision to join a gym.

And are curious about your health and well being.

There are various proven benefits of working out.

I think I don’t need to explain the benefits.

Because you already know that.

So, let’s start the best tips that a working out beginner must know and apply!


1. Warm up


Before doing anything fancy in the gym.

You need to have a good warm-up routine.

It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, mon or women.

You must have to add shoulder rotation exercises and stretches and mobility exercises.

So that your body temperature increases and the flexibility of your joints and tendon improves.


Keep the warm-up really short like 10-15 minutes.

Because the basic aim of warm-up is.

Just to keep the blood flowing properly to be in the workout zone.

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Working out beginner
Don’t ask me why you added this, It is somewhat relatable, the guy is doing his warm-up;-}


2. Start With Light Weights


There is no need to hurry in the workouts.

You have plenty of time to work out.

Don’t hurry the workout.

As you are a working beginner.


Keep the weights low in the beginning.

And as you move towards the next set.

Then and only then increase the weight to lift.

There is no need to start really heavy from the first set itself!


3. You Know Your Body Better


If you had done your set of any particular exercise.

There is no need to rush to the other exercise.

Take rest.

As you are a working beginner, you know your body better.

In the gym, you will feel like people are lifting heavy.

I should also lift heavy.


If you push your limits too far, you will eventually get injured.

Because your body is not used to exercise.


4. Cool Down


Don’t be shy to take long breaks.

Yes, I know you are there to workout hard.

Take a break and let the body breathe properly.

It will help you to perform better and better in each set.

Add longer breaks if you choose to lift heavy.

Like 3-4 minutes break for proper cool down.




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5. Stay Hydrated


Most people have this misconception that.

If you are in the gym, you don’t have to drink water.

I don’t know where this came from.

But people do believe this.


The truth is when you workout.

Your body gets into dehydration.

And, it’s the prime time for your body to absorb more water.

Do not drink the water in one go.

Rather, drink sip by sip.

How much water?

You can easily take around 750ml to 1 liter.

No issues whatsoever!


Guys understand this.

The only time you avoid consuming too much water is.

When you are training abs.

Because the reason is.

It is difficult for the body to breath when you have water in your stomach.

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Working out beginner


6. Control Your Lifts


As you are a working beginner.

Don’t be that one guy in the gym.

Who is like chasing the reps and not feeling the muscle at all.

It is really important for you to be calm and strong.

Still doing the workout in a controlled motion.


If you are a working beginner.

Don’t choose that weight which you cannot handle.

The weight you lift doesn’t matter.

As long as you are feeling the muscle working.

The core focus of controlling the lifts is to engaging the muscle working!


7. Squeeze


Now, this one is crucial.

Not only for a complete working beginner but for every gym goer.

Let’s say for example,


You are doing bicep curls.

It not like, you are just moving the dumbbell or barbell UP and DOWN.

It is important to squeeze the bicep at the top of the movement.


What squeezing part will do is.

It helps in pumping more blood and oxygen in that particular muscle.

Which will give you a great pump!

And, the more you feel the pump, the more muscle fibers will recruit.

The more muscle recruitment means the body has to do more repairing.

And with proper nutrition and repairing, you will grow at a faster pace!

That’s the point here.


8. Nutrition Exactly To The Point!


Here’s the thing.

It doesn’t matter if you are a working beginner or advance lifter.

If you compromise on the proper nutrition.

You will never grow at all.

Point blank period!


I can not emphasize that enough that how important the nutrition is.

Diet and the nutrition is the base of BODYBUILDING.


See guys, Understand this way.


If you are working really hard in the gym.

You are having great pumps, perfect technique, and everything.

But if you do not provide the proper nutrition.

How it will grow?


A lot of especially working beginners in gym make this mistake.

To underestimate the nutrition part.

If you had a goal of building muscle, you have to be in caloric surplus.


If you had a goal of losing weight, you better be in caloric deficit!

There we go.




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9. Perfect Posture


Make notice of few exercises which require perfect posture.

Although, all the exercises require a perfect posture.

But there are few exercises like.

Squats, Dead-lifts, And Bench-Press.


You have to be really careful while performing these.

Because these are compound movements.

And doing the exercise like dead-lifts, a little bit wrong can create an issue in the spine etc.

So practice being performing the exercise in perfect posture!


10. Make fitness a habit


Understand as a working beginner in the gym.

Fitness is not a short 1,2 or 3-month process.

Or any destination.

That you only have to do the gym for a little time.

And you will achieve all your results.

No, it does not work that way!


It’s not a sprint, it’s more like a marathon.

You have to be in a fitness regime.

You have to make fitness a part of your lifestyle to live a healthy life.


11. Use consistency And Persistency Over The Intensity!


As I said in the above point that fitness is not a sprint.

It’s a long process!

So you don’t have to rush anything.

If you are a beginner and you obviously don’t have the capacity to lift heavy.

Don’t add the intensity really fast.

The only thing you will be receiving is an INJURY.

Which is the worse thing you can do as a working beginner to get injured in 2-3 months!


Practice patience, consistency and persistency.

You will be able to increase the intensity over time.

That’s For Sure!


12. Start with a 30-minute workout


As you are a working beginner,

Do not get involved in 1 or 2 hours training sessions.

Thinking that if I do the more training.

I will grow more.

No, that will not be happening at all!

The only thing you will be doing is.

Just tiring the muscle and burning it in long duration workouts.


And as a working beginner.

There is no need to be spending hours in the gym.

Go with short and sweet 30-minute workout.

Make the body familiar with short workouts.

After that, more towards the next step!


13. Learn from your mistakes


Keep one thing clear in mind that.

Your fitness journey will not be like a smooth road,

Without having the UP’S and DOWN’S.


There will be times when you overwork muscle.

The pressure may get utilized by the joint.

If you do not learn from your mistakes.

You will be always performing the workout wrong.

Analyze your form everytime you doing any exercise.

And always keep bettering your exercise technique by learning from your mistakes!




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14. Finish Every Rep


It is important to do exercise in the full range of motion.

Means doing a proper stretch and a proper squeeze.

If there is written in your workout plan that you need to do 10reps or 12 reps.

Do it all with a proper mind-muscle connection.

Feeling and engaging the muscle being worked.


If at any point you feel that.

You will not be able to complete a rep.

Either ask someone to help you finish it properly.

Or Decrease the weight down and finish the rep range.


15. Ask Questions To The Trainer


As you are a newly working beginner in the gym.

I know there are a lot of questions in your head like.

How to do this exercise or that one?

What is the perfect form?

Which muscle being worked?



Don’t be shy.

Ask the trainer and clear your doubts right away.

The trainers are there in the gym for a reason to support.

So that you can get the right knowledge.

And you can successfully achieve your fitness goals injury free!



16. Ask Help From Peers


If you are performing a set,

Maybe it’s your last set or.

It’s a weight that you never touched before.

It’s Ok to ask people to support you.

So that you can effectively do it.

Because the supporter is there to help you.

This way you can make new friends.

Who knows, maybe you can find a new workout partner.

Who have similar goals as you!


17. Keep The Intensity Low


A workout beginner should always keep his intensity low.

As you are new in the gym.

Maybe you don’t know properly how to target a particular muscle.

Chances are that you may train the joint in doing the movement.

So keep the intensity low.


I would suggest that.

In the first few days, keep the weight low.

And touch high repetition.

Just to know the feel exactly which muscle should feel the pump.




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18. Don’t compare Your First Chapter To Someone Who Is On Tenth Chapter!


There will be people who will always chase doing heavy.

A lot of working beginner make this mistake.

You will see a lot of people that copy other big bodybuilders in the gym.

People try to match the weighted intensity.

Like, look I can also lift this weight.

No big deal for me,

If not equal to the weight which the bodybuilder was lifting.


The thing is.

It only needs one bad rep to make you injure.

If the bodybuilder is going intense.

And let’s say that he is doing in the wrong form or taking jerk or whatever the case maybe.

He can deal with it besides being performing the exercise in the wrong form possible.

Because from soo many years,

These guys have built up their intensity.

Also, their stabilizing muscles are so strong that.

Doing the exercise in the wrong form will not injure them.

But if you do this.

You will 100 percent get injure if not today.

So don’t compare yourself with any other!


19. Bodyweight Exercises First


Working out beginner must start with bodyweight workout routines.

Practice doing bodyweight workouts and circuit routines.

Prior a month joining the gym if possible.

There are a lot of bodyweight exercises.

That will make you strong.

These workouts are easy to do and can be done anywhere.

Once you are able to lift your own bodyweight.


Slowly and gradually you can try doing out exercises with machines and equipment.


20. Measure Your Body Size


It’s better to measure your body size.

Maybe a couple of fun selfies.

Covering your upper and lower body and arms(those guns) too.

It will be in handy after a year or so.


When you will be seeing these pictures and measurements.

That how far you have come with your progress.

From a workout out beginner to this intermediate level gym goer.

Who have now build his strength and endurance in soo many months!


I say that click your body pictures every month.

It will give you an idea that to which muscle I need to work more on.


21. Balanced Workout


This covers how your workout be.

Because you do not want that.

You are doing the workout which is not covering each and every single muscle.

Make sure that you especially say this to a gym trainer that.

I need a specific workout plan as of my goal is gaining muscle or losing weight.


If the trainer is an expert,

He must provide a balanced workout plan.

Which covers each and every single muscle got hitting per week.

Also, you have to do the workout completely.

Always train the opposite muscles correctly.


For example,


Today is you Back and Chest day.

Let’s say you don’t like training back muscles.

So you decide that you need to skip all the exercises off back completely.

What that will do is.

Over time you will be seeing that.

Your shoulders may rotate more forward.

Because you are too fond of training chest muscles, making the more strong and hard.

Whereas, back muscles will be loose.

So, always do the complete workout and a balanced one!


22. Look Beyond Weight Loss Or Muscle Building


Fitness is not all building muscles or getting rid of extra body fat.

Fitness is a lifestyle.

There are various other benefits associated. 

That is much more beyond these personal goals.


Your heart health gets better, hormone level gets balanced.

Low-stress levels, more confidence.


There are much more benefits of going to the gym.

So adopt fitness as a lifestyle!




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23. Sleep A Lot


A workout beginner must sleep a lot.

As you are training your body 5-6 times a week.

Training is important, so do sleep.


When you sleep, your body produces muscle building hormone.

And the more you sleep, the better recovery you will receive.

Generally, if you are a working beginner.

It is best to take around 7-8 hours of sleep.

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Working out beginner


24. Don’t Try To Impress Other People


Don’t even try to impress people how heavy you can lift.

That’s what is called EGO LIFTING.

There are a lot of incidents, you can check it out online.

Various videos are also available that.

This person was doing a leg press with intense weights.

Got his leg broken.

This and that.


Instead, make medium to heavyweight your friend.

Or that weight which is in your reach that you can handle

It is much more of an immature thinking that.

If I lift heavy, I will impress others.


The people you want to impress won’t even notice your effort.

In return, you may do something bad to your body.

You are not there, playing 4-5 months game.

Rather you are there in the gym to improve your overall health!


25. Distance From Supplements


You are a working beginner.

You don’t need supplements on the first day.

Most people have this thinking that supplements are magic.

And if they use supplements.

You will grow fast or without any effort!


Make sure that you keep your diet raw as possible.

Fruits and vegetables and covering all nutrition with a balanced diet.

As a working beginner, if you still want to go that route.


I must tell you that.

If you are using supplements without a strong diet.

It will have no effect on the overall look of the body.

So Nutrition first and supplements maybe after a year or so!


26. Practice Alternatives Time To Time


If you are a working beginner.

And you that a particular exercise is not feeling the target muscles.

Either discuss with the trainer or helper in the gym


Find different alternatives to exercises.

It will also help you to hit the muscles from different angles.

Which is also a good thing!




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27. Do Not Forget The Cardio 


Doing cardio is really important for your cardiovascular health.

I know a lot of people who have big and bulky muscles.

But they lack the tendency to run.


So, as a working out beginner,

Try to do cardio 1 or 2 times a week.

That should be good enough.

You should always do all the right things from the beginning.


Beside being working on too much on the muscles.

Don’t forget to do cardiovascular training for heart health.

As the goal is just not to build muscle or lose fat.

It is to be overall fit!


Because you are reading this article “34 Must-Read Tips For Newbie Working Out Beginner”

These things will help you in avoiding the hit and trial method!


28. Stay Away From The phone


The phone is just a distraction in the gym.

Keep the phone silent or put it in airplane mode.


The thing is,

I don’t know what you have to do on the phone.

But it will ruin your focus power in the gym.

The power of building a strong muscle-mind connection.

Which is for sure the most important thing to target any single muscle!


29. Don’t Get Too Obsessed With The Gym Life


I don’t want you to get too obsessed in the gym life.

That you start to measure everything.

Like, measurement of milk, exact measurements of 25 grams of oats, etc…

If you are a regular working beginner in the gym, you don’t need to do these.

This stuff like measurements and everything is what fitness models do.


There is a life outside the gym.

Most people get too involved in the fitness lifestyle.

That it started to get them less focused on other aspects of life.


30. Be Realistic


Don’t set a goal that you cannot achieve.

For Example like,

Gaining 2-inch arm size in 2 months.

I know there are people on YouTube talking about this.

That yes, you can gain 2-inch arms size in 2 months,

just do this workout and everything!


Listen to me guys,

You cannot gain that much of muscle mass just like this.

There is a process and you can not hurry the process.

Even if you take the best of the best supplements in the world.

You will still be not to able to do that much gaining in 2 months.

So be realistic!


31. Don’t Go Alone


Have a partner who can actually push you.

So that you can break your comfort zone in lifting the weights.

And also who can motivate you to be the best version in the gym.

Going to the gym will make it much more fun when you have a workout partner.




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32. Ensure Variety


If you are a working beginner and it has been 4-5 months.

And you are still doing the same workout.

You need to change your workout plan.


Ask your trainer to update the workout plan as coordination to your goal.

Because if you will be doing the same exercise week over week and month over month.

You will stop growing!

Because your body can actually sense that there is nothing new going on.

And will stop producing the results.

Also, changing the workout will help you hit each muscle from different angles.

Try each and every machine to target the same muscle.

It will keep the body to be producing results more frequently.


33. Motivate Yourself Before Going To The Gym


Because it will keep the fire inside you glowing.

So that you can give your best in each and every set.

The simple and basic aim of motivating before the gym is.

Just get in the workout zone mentally.

And motivation also helps you to be focused.

Also, more accountable before going to the gym.

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34. A Positive Self Talk


As a beginner, it is important that.

You do not talk negatively to yourself.


I cannot achieve that physique or, 

Bodybuilding is too hard etc…


If you have a negative mindset that “You Cannot Do Anything”


Take a break, add meditation to your daily schedule.

Another really effective thing is practicing affirmations.

Think like you are putting your effort.

Your body is in already possession in achieving big muscles.

It will make your mindset shift big time.

Because once the stuff reaches to the subconscious mind by repetitive affirmations.

It will become a reality.

That’s how the universe works!


I don’t know, while I am writing this.

I am also feeling soo positive:)

Hope that adds a smile to your face now!


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