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What To Have After A Workout For Clean Gains And Muscle Growth

What to drink after workout

What To Have After A Workout For Clean Gains And Muscle Growth: So, you are looking for post workout and want to know what to drink or have after a workout. Today, you will get to know some of the best foods or drinks to eat after a workout for muscle gain.


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In this article, you will get to know the importance of post workouts nutrition, what to drink after the workout and things related to it.


Like, what is the best meal timing?

What to consume or drink in an after workout meal, options around it.

So that you get the right information and can gain muscles fast!


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What To Drink In Post Workout(Introduction)


So, these days a lot of people started going to the gym.

Basically, to achieve fitness goals.

And often wonder that I am doing the right things like my exercise form is correct, cardio is on point.

But I am still not growing?

They look pretty much the same after a year or two.


The thing is that we don’t need to be a fitness expert to achieve our goals.

If you are doing everything right in the gym.

It means that the main problem is in those 23 hours which you spend outside of the gym.


Are you taking the right nutrition in those 23 hours?

If not, then our first goal is to focus on nutrition!


So, In this article,

I will tell you some deep information specifically about what to drink or consume in post-workout nutrition!


What to Drink Or Consume In Nutrition After Workout 


So, exactly what to drink or consume in after the workout nutrition?

To understand that,

Did we get to know first what post workout actually is?


What to drink after workout



What Is Post Workout Nutrition?


Well, in the simplest words.

Post-workout means the Opportunity for Growth!



When we train in the gym hard enough.

Especially, with heavy weights and machines and are done with the training workout regime.

The muscles that are being trained becomes sore.


And the first and foremost drink or food after a workout which you provide to your body comes under post workout nutrition.


Post-workout meal or drink is very important.

For the repairing and rebuilding and providing immediate recovery resource to muscle tissues.

Recover process starts when you drink or consume in post workout!


Lifting crazy heavy weights increases the blood flow in those muscles.

Due to which they develop small tears in it.

So the muscle requires immediate recovery resource which is protein, lean protein!


Now the question is what to drink after the workout or what to eat?


The time you spent in the gym is just only 1 hour or less. Excluding that one hour, what you eat to nourish the body matters! Click To Tweet


Best Post Workout Meal For Muscle Gain


What to drink after workout


As I told you earlier.

That what you drink or provide to the body after the workout is really important.

As it is an opportunity for growth.

So what to drink after a workout?


To start the recovery process.

Generally, we need to consume fast digesting protein.

Which gets absorbed immediately in the body without any delay.


Now in the post-workout nutrition,


There are two meals to take care of:




The instant recovery drink or meal right after workout(can be taken from supplements or meal)

Which includes lean protein and should not have fats in it.

Carbs can also be added if you had gone through intense training and feeling dizzy!




A proper meal which you have to consume after 1 hour.

Generally, it contains Macronutrients(protein, carbs, and fats) in a balanced ratio.

Plus micronutrients(vitamins and minerals) which can be taken from supplements!


Now the post recovery meal can be consumed in two ways, either through supplementation or through lean protein meal.


Lean protein Right After Workout(Through Supplementation)


This is for instant recovery drink right after the workout!


You can go with any brand with a high market reputation.

Instant muscle recovery drink by brands like Dymatize, Optimum Nutrition etc for Whey protein.

Brand doesn’t matter but the quality does.


The protein form which immediately gets absorbed by the body is Whey Protein Isolate.

You can drink whey protein right after the workout. 

Plus simple carbs right away like a banana. 

No Fats required in recovery meal.

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You can also make your homemade post workout shake using whey protein supplement.

Get some homemade shakes ideas here.

But remember,

These shakes must be in the meal which you will be having after 1 hour. 


Homemade Protein Shakes Ideas


Lean protein Right After Workout(Through Meal)


It is a post workout without supplements.

Having 5-7 egg whites is the best post-workout meal for muscle gains.

Because of the lean protein present in the eggs!


Avoid egg yolks due to the presence of fats in it.

Also, you can have a sweet potato.

Or can add a piece of fruit which can be banana in the post-workout snack meal.


More Post Workout Meals Ideas


For Multi-vitamins:


Any multivitamin supplement can be used.

The opti-men multivitamin can be a good choice.

Re-vital can also be used if you are on a really tight budget.

And don’t want to spend much money on supplements. 

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The key is:


Eating in the post nutrition is the prime time to provide the body with the clean food for the clean gains!


Now should you eat before or after a workout?


The answer is yes, of course!

We need to provide energy to the body before the workout.

Because you know that you will be losing a lot of energy in intense movements.

So, why not fill the body completely with energy before the workout?


The best approach is:


Try providing complex carbs to the body for the long-term energy. 


Complete Information On Pre Workouts Supplements


Drink/Meal Timing After Workout


Post workout recovery, what to drink after a workout
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The following key points will help you to understand post-workout nutrition more clearly.


1. The post-workout meal must be consumed within 30-45 minutes.

And must be high in protein.


2. The thing is that training muscles brake the muscle fibers.

And muscle fibers are made up of proteins.

So post workout means immediate recovery.


That’s why we need a meal or drink after the workout which is high in Protein.

So that the protein goes inside those torn muscles.

Hence, muscle gaining process starts!


Remember it's not the workout that makes a person grow, its the recovery with the nutrition in those 23 hours. Click To Tweet


3. Do not add fats to the recovery meal.

Because it slows down the digestion.

Also, if the digestion process becomes slow.

The absorption of protein will also be slowing down.


Generally, instead of taking 30-45 minutes digestion,

It will take 1-1.5 hour minimum to digest everything you drink or consumed after the workout!


4. An alternative can be 5-6 boiled egg whites.

Without yolk as the yellow portion has fats present in it!


5. Having the immediate drink or meal after the workout.

Here comes the next meal which we need to provide.

That should contain balanced nutrition with the proper allotment of Macro(Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats) and Micronutrients(Vitamins And Minerals).




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Best Food To Eat After Workout


If you are going to the gym in the mornings.

And wondering that what should I eat after my workout i.e. which is my breakfast,

Then the best breakfast can be:


1. Oatmeal(Morning Workout)


All time best,

Add 1 scoop of oats in a bowl.

Water so much so that the oats should become soft.

Add 1/2  spoon peanut butter with one apple chopped in it.

And that’s your post-workout meal right there.


You should be consuming this after one hour after the workout.


You can add some nuts to it.

Nuts will add extra flavor to it.

You can add peanuts, wall-nuts, almonds, resins.


This meal has less protein content in it.

So you can have a glass of milk with it

Or 4 egg whites with this to complete the macros!


Carbs – 32 grams

Protein – 30 grams

Fats – 12 grams(according to dry fruits)


It should be the post-workout morning breakfast.


2. Oats shake(Morning Workout)


Add some oats and one banana with full glass milk (low fat/No fat) in a blender.

Add a scoop of whey protein

Blend the mixer, and your meal is ready.


It only takes 5 minutes to prepare this meal.

Add some peanuts, walnuts, and almonds in it.


If you cannot afford the supplementation or whatever the case may be.

You can always have 5 egg whites with this shake or more egg whites.

According to your protein requirement.

Or you can add some more milk to the shaker.

You can drink this share in post workout(1 hour after).


Carbs – 38 grams

Protein – 22-35 grams

Fats – 12 grams


What to drink after workout


3. Rice Egg(In Evening)


First, take all the 6 egg-white and 1 whole out from the eggs.

Mix it well and pour it into the pan with of to make an omelet.

Use a nonstick pan and avoid oil.


After the omelet is ready, add rice to it, small half cup.

Add salt and pepper according to your taste.

Boom the meal is ready!


It will take hardly 10 minutes to make the meal.

High protein.

Medium carbs.

And zero fat.

You can also take this meal 90 minutes before workout for the awesome pump(You can add 2 spoon olive oil if using the meal as a pre-workout)

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Conclusion For Post Workout To Muscle Gain


When we play with heavyweights, supersets and giant sets.

It causes small tears in the muscle which makes the tissue damage.


  • Through post-workout nutrition, we provide the nutrients which are essential for the muscle to grow. 


  • Also while training, it causes depletion of muscle glycogen(energy). 


  • We have to provide simple carbs like a banana to refill muscle glycogen which helps in refilling the glycogen that was depleted in the gym while performing heavy movements, so sugar in the banana helps in refill fuel tank.


  • Most of the beginners and intermediate level gym-goers make most mistakes in the gym, and making mistakes is actually a good thing if we learn lessons from it and improve it day by day.


  • Instead of following only the diet for post-workout nutrition, gym diet is also very important.


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