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What Is Pre workout Supplement.(Complete Info.)

What is pre workout supplement

Thank you for landing on this page “What Is Pre workout Supplement”. You are at the right place to acquire the complete information about pre workouts. In today’s article, we will discuss in detail about Supplements and drinks people take before the workout, what types of pre workout ingredients are added to a supplement, what is the difference between pre-workout supplement and meal? Are they different from each other or are the same thing. How to take them? So without taking much of a time, let’s jump right into the topic.


Exactly What Is Pre workout Supplement?


In simplest words, a pre-workout supplement is nothing but a blend of few important ingredients which if we take before an intense session or workout or if we want to do any intense activity later. It helps us to generate some extra energy within the body which gives an extra push to do well in performance activities. It is really effective if taken before a really intense workout, generally taken 30-45 minutes before starting a workout session. 

So, let us look what are those ingredients that are so effective which gives us the energy to do well in a really short time.

Pre Workout Ingredients


If we generally look at supplements, they mostly contain BCAA’s(Branch chain amino acids), caffeine(in few supplements), creatine etc. Now here’s how the pre-workout supplements works and the science behind it.

When we look at the ingredients, they come with different quality and details. In each supplement, there is new substance added which is missing in some other or added to the other or vice versa.

1. BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids)


BCAA are the building blocks of protein and as the muscles are also made up of proteins. So it keeps the muscles in muscle building phase. BCAA contains 3 types of amino acids (i.e. leucine, isoleucine, and valine) that our body doesn’t produce naturally and they are essential for our body to function properly and to carry day to day activities. 


Now, what happens that, when we go through long duration workouts. Our body comes to a state which is called catabolic state, so BCAA helps the body to be in Anabolic state(muscle building phase).


2. Creatine


Creatine is also added in few supplements which work by providing the body some extra energy which helps us in completing those hardest reps in the ending when we are struggling to do one more extra rep. When there is no energy left to finish the target repetitions. Basically, it helps us in that time when we are completely tired and exhausted during a long workout session.


3. Caffeine


It is another ingredient which is also present in most supplements. It is a legal drug yes, you read it right, it is a legal drug which is mixed in most pre workouts to stay focused during long-term training sessions and the main and the primary work of caffeine is to increase the alertness.


So when these ingredients enter in our body, the magic happens when we are focused on our workouts and it automatically helps the body to build great mind-muscle connection which is for sure the most important thing to grow any targeted muscle. 


What is Catabolic Phase/State?  It is a state in which our body loses its muscle mass, it is basically muscle break-down phase.

What is Anabolic Phase/State?  It is a state in which our body builds muscle. Muscle mass is built when we achieve the anabolic Phase.


What does pre workouts do to your body?

The answer is simple, these drinks contain some effective ingredients which are all above whose only work is to enhance athletic performance so that one can give best to once capacity.


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What To Avoid In A Pre-Workout


So, what is pre workout supplement? It is the mixture of few important ingredients. When we look at a Pre-workout meal, it is the raw nutrition which we consume from natural food which is easily accessible and do not cost much.

We mostly consume simple carbohydrates and lean protein, but most guys add Fats in their meal from sources like almonds, walnuts, mostly peanut butter in their shakes. It is very important to avoid fats prior 1 hour going to the gym. That’s the reason, in the list of pre workout ingredients none of these things are added. 


The thing is that we don’t need any Fat content in our stomach before the workout because fats slow down the digestion process which means that the food which we just had one hour earlier is still in the stomach to get digested.


We need instant energy before workout which can only be received from having a meal which is fat-free and has moderate carbohydrate and high protein in it.


For example, a good meal before going to the gym can be 1 banana with 4-5 boiled egg whites(Only Egg Whites) and you’re good to go. We don’t need any egg yolk(The Yellow Portion) as it contains fats in it so we need to avoid for the same reason as explained above.


Earlier we have discussed that what type of ingredients are used in a supplement and now we will discuss how we can take a pre-workout through different means.


How To Take Pre Workout

what is pre workout supplement

Most people join the gym but don’t know what is the best thing to consume before the workout, some people even do the workout without taking any meal or supplement in the early 1 hour. Pre-workouts can be consumed in two ways, either they can be consumed through supplements or they can be replaced with a meal. We will discuss both of them. 


Through Supplement


It really depends on the scoop size of the supplement that you have purchased. Most brands have typically 5 grams scoop. All it needs to take is just mix 1 scoop(3-5 grams) in 200 ml of water and drink it 30 minutes before workout. And you’re ready to act beastly in the game.


Through Meal


In my opinion, one can consume 2 bananas and 5 egg whites before the workout. I consume this meal daily in my pre-workout. And I personally feel there is no alternative for this. As far as timings are concerned, it can be consumed 30 minutes before workout.


If you want to be creative, which most of you are:’) you can always make your own meal by simply adjusting the macronutrients (Protein, carbs, and fats) and one or two pre-workout ingredients and can have before going to the gym.


But be sure to eliminate FATS.


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I hope you got the information regarding pre-workout meals, supplements and pre workout ingredients. If this article makes you understand things more clearly, then make sure to smash that share button so that it can reach as many people as possible and we can make a strong family of “Fitness Lovers” and if you have any suggestion regarding the next article. Do let me know in the comments section below.


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