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Quick And Easy Homemade Weight Gainer Protein Drinks

Weight gainer protein drinks

Quick And Easy Homemade Weight Gainer Protein Drinks: So you are looking for weight gainer protein drinks, easy smoothie recipe to help you gain weight.


Today in this article, I will tell you my favorite weight gain protein smoothie recipe which is healthy and high calorie.

Also, a little bit about mass gainers and weight gainers.


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Let me show you the homemade weight gainer protein drinks recipe!


Weight Gainer Protein Drinks(Supplement)


In today’s article,

I will provide you with some detailed information about mass gainers or weight gainers.

Are mass gainers good for body and health?

Is there any mass gainer side effects if used on a daily basis.

How to switch the mass gainer with homemade weight gainer protein drinks!

So, without taking much time.

Let’s get started!


Firstly, let us talk about weight gainer and mass gainer available in the market.


The truth is, being skinny sucks!

If you are skinny, you are probably in research of the best weight gainer protein supplement.

You will be like, I have tried everything to gain weight,

But my body is not putting the weight at all, what’s going on?

Let me try these weight gainers and milkshake powder smoothies from the market.

I have to gain weight now!

Stop bro.


Weight gainer protein drinks


If you come under the category of underweight and skinny guys who wants to gain weight.

Never ever use weight gainer and mass gainer supplement at all!

Basically, with this primary thinking that I will gain weight spending money on supplements.

Things just don’t work that way.


There are various weight gainer protein drinks supplements present in the market.

Which have actual side effects, for real!

Weight gainer supplements is not a good deal,

But only for those who don’t have the correct knowledge.


My 4 Months Experience With Weight Gainers Supplements And Side Effects

And after that,

I figured this one way to use these mass gainers supplements safely with minimal side effects.

Check out here!

How to take mass gainer safely for best results!


The truth of the matter is:

These boxes are soo expensive and still contains cheap quality materials with really low servings.

So, why not try a homemade protein shake.

That will be beneficial for your health with high nutritional value.

Because it contains all the natural ingredients.

Although, weight gain smoothie recipes are always healthy if they are homemade.


Homemade Weight Gainer Protein Drinks


Mass gainer and protein shake supplements are really popular in those who want to gain weight.

Here I will tell you a really simple homemade recipe.

In which you don’t need much time to make, with all the macros in gaining weight.

So, this is the weight gainer shake which will help you to gain weight.

Add this weight gainer shake in your diet.

Instead of using cheap quality boxes which contain fillers and other ingredients which our body doesn’t need.

Use this homemade high-calorie protein shake.

Let’s start the weight gainer shakes recipes:


1. 50 grams of OATS


Carbs content-      34 gm(136 calories)

Protein content-    5 grams(20calories)

Fat content-          4 grams(36 calories)

Total – 192 calories


Blend the OATS in a blender and make it into a powdered form!


2. ALMONDS (8-10 pcs)


Carbs content-      2-3 grams(12calories)
Protein content-    2-3 grams (12calories)
Fat content-          5-6 grams(54calories)

Total- 78 calories

Add some cinnamon, it will help the body to get better with insulin sensitivity.


3. 300 ml of MILK


Carbs content-     13 grams(52 calories)

Protein content-   11 grams(44 calories)

Fat content-         11 grams(99 calories)


Total- 195 calories

4. Add 1 BANANA in it.

Carbs content-      25 grams (100 calories)

Protein content-    0

Fat content-          0

Total – 100 calories




Carbs content-       2 grams(8 calories)

Protein content-     5grams(20 calories)

Fats content-         8 grams(72 calories)

Total – 100 calories


This protein smoothie contains:


Carbs content- 77 grams(308 calories)

Protein content- 24 grams(96 calories)

Fat content-  29 grams(261 calories)


ALL TOTAL – 665 Calories


Weight gainer protein drinks


It is also called the banana smoothie, the best homemade protein shake to gain weight.

Now you are like, is that it!

I see people making 1000- 1500 calories weight gainer protein drinks.

The weight gainer protein recipe you have given only contains 665 calories.

It really low!




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What is a pre-workout supplement, Ingredients used, everything!

How Many Calories You Will Be Eating A Day To Gain Or Lose Weight


No guys, it is the perfect match and balance of calories.

The truth is, our body can only digest 500-600 calories at full throttle at one time.

If you provide more calories to the body.

Either the body will not be able to digest that much like 1000-1500 calories.

If that many calories get digested, it will be saved as fat content in the body,

Mostly on stomach and love handles.

Do you want that?

Probably NO!


This is one of the best weight gainer protein drink recipe, a homemade one!

Male or female, skinny or underweight.

You can use it for the long term without any issues!

As far as taste is concerned.

It tastes delicious!


Also, this weight gainer shake has no side effects whatsoever.

Because all the ingredients that are added are natural.

And you have added to it.

Whereas, in weight gainer supplements,

You will never know the quality of the things and chemicals that are being used to make that high sugar simple carbs weight gainer supplement.


Weight Gain Milkshakes (Optional Additions)


You will find various weight gainer smoothie recipes in other blogs or YouTube videos.

Like they will be adding sugars and chocolate syrups.

Try avoiding it!

For a simple fact that weight gaining doesn’t mean that you start to provide junk foods to the body.

Instead, add these things in the smoothie to keep it natural and healthy.




If you can afford whey protein.

You can add 1 scoop of whey protein in it.

The whey protein will increase the protein content in this smoothie.

Also, the flavor gets enhanced a little.

If you are into bodybuilding, you must consider this addition.




Add 2-3 spoon of curd.

There are various benefits of curd.

Also, It will increase the protein content.

Plus, curd contains good bacterias which will help you to digest the food easy.

Also, your immunity gets stronger as well.

It a win-win.

Firstly, you are providing a heavyweight gainer shake.

Secondly, you are adding curd to help with the digestion and absorption.




For the taste enhancement and adding delicious flavor to it.




When you feel like the weight gainer protein drinks are boring or at least this one.

Add different fruits like mango and apple.

Both the fruits have their different benefits and advantages in adding.

Try these fruits in the rotation and the one that suits your flavor tongue.

Use and drink that particular smoothie more often.




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Calories, How To Calculate Them In Foods(The Easy Way)


When/When To Take Homemade Gainer


This recipe I like the most.

I use this recipe when I start my bulking.

Because it was that time when the body requires the most amount of calories.

So, when to use these weight gainer protein drinks?

It depends!


If you workout in the morning.


Please do not take it in the pre-workout.

Because if you do, there is no way that this will be your best workout.

The reason is simple, there is food present in your stomach which is still undigested.

As you know that this weight gainer milkshake is really high calorie.

If you can take, it is best to take this smoothie in the post workout.


If You Workout In The Evening


It is best to take in the pre-workout.

It contains complex carbs and high calories.

So, take it 2 hours before going to the gym.

The whole point of adding 2-hour gap is to let your stomach digest.

Because it contains high carbs, the pump and the energy you will feel like in the gym.

It will be insane and really handy to lift heavy.

Morning Workout Or Evening Workout, Which Is Better?


I’m sorry, I am thinking really loud from my mind that what can be the questions that can arise to you so that I can add the answer to it right away now!


So, a question arises that,

What if I consuming these weight gainer shake at home, will I get fat if I am not working out?


The answer is, it depends on the overall calories you are putting into your body.

Let’s hypothetically say that your body requires around 2500 calories to maintain weight.

So, on the whole day,

If you consume more than 2800 or more calories.

You will be definitely gaining weight.


You may be thinking like if I do not work out and consume these protein shakes for weight gain.

I will look something like this…


Weight gainer protein drinks



Only those people will look like this who have a natural tendency to gain weight easily.

Mostly which are endomorphs.

And, as you are a skinny guy or girl.

You will definitely not be going to gain fat at all!

Hope that makes sense!


If you are underweight and you have this question that.

If I do not work out and still consuming these weight gain protein drinks.

Am I be putting weight?


The answer is,

Because of the fact that you are skinny and underweight.

It tells that your body’s metabolism is really fast in digesting stuff.

That’s why your body is struggling to put on weight.

So, for example,

Your body maintains weight at 2500 calories.

Then because of the fact that your body is fast at digesting stuff really fast.

You have to consume around 3000 calories to gain weight.

Yes, you will gain weight.

But it will be awesome if you add workout in your daily life as well.

Or any type of physical activity.

Otherwise, you will feel bloated at the end of the day.

Because of the fact that you have consumed 3000 calories.


What If,

if you feel bloated after consuming these homemade weight gainer protein drinks and still want to gain weight?


The answer is,

As I told you above that our body can successfully break down around 500-600 calories.

And as in the weight gain shakes recipes, there is generally maximum calories in a single drink.

The short and simple thing you can do is,

Decrease the quantity of each and every ingredient.

Like we add 1 banana instead of 2.

Add half spoon of peanut butter instead of a full spoon, etc.

This way you will drastically decrease the calorie intake from these weight gain milkshakes.

In turn, your body will absorb the nutrients properly.

And add another drink any other time.

An example can be like,

One in the early morning and one after the workout.

This is effective, give it a short!




To finish it up!

Try to avoid any kind of weight gainer or mass gainer supplements.

These expensive mass gainer boxes contain really cheap ingredients.

These supplements contain really high-calorie servings in one shot.

High calorie means like 1000-1500-2000 calories in one smoothie.

Damn, that’s a lot!

Plus, added side effects.

What’s the point of consuming that many calories if,

If as a normal person, your body has a natural capacity of digesting 500-600 calories per meal.

What’s the point of consuming that many calories?


If you are skinny or underweight male or female, doesn’t matter.

And still, want to consume these weight gainers.

Try homemade gainer shakes for which the recipe is given above.

This is the homemade weight gainer shake with around 500-650 calories.

Which is acceptable and within a range to digest.

An added bonus is that it a homemade which gives a surety of purity!


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