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Everything You Need To Know About Simple Carbs Vs Complex Carbs!

Simple carbs vs complex carbs

Everything You Need To Know About Simple Carbs Vs Complex Carbs: So, you are looking for deep and detailed information on simple carbs vs complex carbs. Today In this article I will tell you Everything You Need To Know About Simple Carbs Vs Complex Carbs.


In this detailed article on Simple carbs vs complex carbs, I will cover the list full of bad carbs, the full list of complex carbohydrates, good and the best carbohydrates sources.


And in the end, I will clarify some most frequently asked questions on simple carbs vs complex carbs which you may have.


So, Thank you for landing on this page “Everything You Need To Know About Simple Carbs Vs Complex Carbs”

Let’s start the deep information on Simple carbs vs complex carbs!


Simple carbs vs complex carbs
Complex Carbs
Simple carbs vs complex carbs
Simple Carbs







Simple Carbs Vs Complex Carbs


There is two type of carbohydrates.

One is simple carbs and other is complex carbs,

But why one is called simple carb and other the complex carb?

Let’s understand the differences and similarities between simple carbs vs complex carbs!


What Are Carbohydrates?


Carbs are a type of sugar, that sugar which breaks in the body into glucose.

When it gets converted into glucose enters the bloodstream and provide energy to the body.

What is the work, the primary work of carbohydrates?

The primary work is to provide energy to the body.

So that you can perform daily activities without any issues.

And as these carbohydrates get converted into glucose(sugars).

Our body needs certain hormones to properly digest it into the bloodstream.

Which is Insulin!

Now, insulin is made in the pancreas.

Insulin helps the body to properly digest the glucose.

Now, There Are Two Types Of Carbohydrates.


Complex Carbs And The Simple Carbs!


Let’s talk about simple carbs first.

What are simple carbs?


Now, simple carbs have very small molecule construction,1 or 2 hardly!

So, simple carbs break really fast into the body and provide instant energy.

Now you are thinking that if simple carbs provide instant energy to the body.

These must be good to the body.

No! Why?

Because this is clear that simple carbs provide instant energy.

When you eat simple carbs like chocolate or soda or white bread.

Because these are instantly digested, the body produces a rush of insulin really fast.

Means you will be high, full of energy fast.

The point here is- This is not sustainable.


From normal production of insulin to touching hights and then crashing it into really deep in the body.

This is not good.

These fluctuations create the problem!

For an hour or a little more, you will feel high energy.

And as soon as the energy crashes, you will be dizzy and lazy.

How diabetes type 2 is generated, by consuming simple carbs for a long period of time.

Never consume too many carbs in a single meal is you have the problem of type 2 diabetes!

List of bad carbs and good carbs will be represented in a while…


What Are Bad Carbs?


Simple carbs are known as bad carbs!

These are artificial sugars, refined foods etc!

Mostly is packed juices.

These have no nutritional value in it, 0 nutrition!

When you are out there buying packed stuff.

Make sure to check the nutrition label.

Sugar-free and less sugar is just a marketing strategy.

Avoid as much as if you can!


The Bad Carbs Are Present In The Form Of:


Fructose (Natural sweeteners in fruits)

Fructose is still considered a healthy option.

Because of the reason that it contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals!


Galactose & Lactose (Mostly in raw dairy products)

Maltose (To some extent in veggies)




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Some Of The Characteristics Of Bad Carbs Are:


These generally provide a lot of calories in a single meal.

Generally, these are processed and refined sugars.

All the white materials like; white bread, white pasta etc.

All these are simple carbs sources.

Generally, these are high in calories with zero nutrition, No nutrition!

Added bonus:

With high salt, high bad fats(saturated fats) etc…


Simple Carbs Foods/Simple Carbs List:






Cold Drinks And Beverages

High Energy Drinks

Ice Cream


White Pasta

White Bread



Chocolate And Bars

Sweet Tea And Coffee

Packed Juices

White Rice

White Flour

Etc…And The List Goes On And On…

These foods with simple carbs you must avoid at any cost if you want good health!


Now Comes The Complex Carbs


The molecule structure of complex carbohydrates is more than 3.

This is the reason that it takes time to digest in the body.

Simple carbs and complex carbs both will provide the energy to the body.

The only difference is:


The simple carbs provide instant energy which makes the production of insulin hella loud in the body.

And because complex carbs take time to digest.

It means that insulin production will be issued, but not as fast as in the case of simple carbs!

It will provide slow energy to the body which is much more constant, stable and long-term.

The best part of complex carbohydrates is that.

It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fibers, PURE NUTRITION!


Our body is not designed to eat and enjoy simple carbs.

It is designed to digest and utilize proper nutrition and absorbing essential nutrients.

Though this is just an estimate that you have to consume 90-95 percent of complex carbs.

And remaining 5-10 percent can come from simple carbs.

It will result in no issues at all!


Characteristics Of Good Carbs:


These contain low to medium calories which is acceptable.

Have high nutritional value from fiber to minerals to vitamins and etc.

Giving you great digestion and various health upgrades associated with it.

No refined sugars are present in it.

Added bonus:

Low in bad fats(saturated fats), low in sodium, etc…


How You Become Fat?


What is fat?

In the simplex terms, it means stored or unburned energy.

What is happening?


As you know, when you consume complex carbs, the body will break it into glucose.

The glucose will go into the bloodstream.

Again you have consumed carbs, the same process will go through.

The body stored the energy into the glycogen tank.

You had consumed all your meals and now your glycogen tank is full.

Now, you haven’t done any physical movement and consuming carbs on regular basis.

The carb tank is full!


Simple carbs vs complex carbs


Where will be the extra energy will be stored?


The body will convert that energy into FAT!

Because it has no other option to store the extra energy.


What is the most common area where the fat is stored?


It is the stomach and the love handles.

Week by week, month by month.

You are providing regular carbs in high dosages.

You will sooner or after some time will become into a Fat person, more bloated and heavy.


If You Work Out:


You will be burning a lot of energy from the glycogen tank.

And it is much better this way.

Because you are consuming high carbs in the whole day to fill up the glycogen tank.

And at the same time utilizing the energy in an effective way.


If You Do Not Work Out:


Still having high carbs in the whole day,

You will become more heavy and bulky.

This is the process in the background!


Simple carbs vs complex carbs?


In this battle of simple carbs vs complex carbs, I hope till you are completely aware now what carbs are better and what makes complex carbs separate from simple carbs!



You Are Like I Do Not Want Any Fat Storage In The Body.

I Want To Get Rid Of The Fat.

What To Do?


Simply decrease the carbs intake.

If you are consuming 250-300 grams of carbs in the whole day.

Decrease that to 100 grams or nearly around that.

This process will slowly empty the glycogen tank full of energy.

And start to work out regularly.

The muscle glycogen tank will deplete and that stored energy in terms of fat will be used.

Because you are in caloric deficit, you will now start of burn FAT!

Also, while remaining in medium protein.

You will soon melt the extra fat while storing the hard earned muscles!

This will continue to work as long as you are in caloric deficit.

You understand that!


Complex Carbohydrates Food List/Complex Carbs List:


Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Pasta

Brown Rice


Whole Wheat Flour


Sweet Potatoes


Kidney Beans



Black beans



Red lentils

Whole Grain Bread


Etc…The List Goes On And On…

This complex carbohydrates list is really important, try to add these foods to your daily diet!

Of the whole list, the best complex carbs would be.

Oats, whole wheat bread, brown rice.

These things are easy to make with high nutrition value!


Fiber Targetted Foods















Etc…The List Goes On And On…


What is the role of fiber in the body?


Fiber helps in slowing down the digestion.

And if the food is digested slowly, it means you will control blood sugar.

Which is actually a good thing.

It also helps in building a bowel movement.


Question And Answers On Simple Carbs Vs Complex Complex Carbs


These are most frequently asked questions that some of you guys have sent me through email and few of them I have picked from Quora.

Let’s start the QnA!


What if I consume more complex carbohydrates, what that will do to the body?


Why It is hard to lose weight if you eat a high amount of complex carbs throughout the day?


The answer is simple!

If you are consuming more complex carbohydrates, more than your body needs for the whole day.

It will depend on and something like this will happen!

Firstly, the body will go to the energy tank(glycogen tank) where glucose, all the energy is stored.

If you are physically active and do regular workouts and movements etc.

It means that you regularly use your energy and most probably the energy will be refilled by the complex carbs you had consumed.

Then you will sooner or later gain weight.

Working out or any physical activity during the whole day balances out everything!


Are Complex carbs better than simple carbs in fat loss?


The answer is Yes!

Complex carbs are like an all-rounder.

It doesn’t matter if you want to gain weight or lose weight.

The supply of good carbohydrates should be a must.

If you need to differentiate between consuming a list of good carbs and bad carbs?

Then you must add 90 percent of good carbs and 10 percent of bad carbs in the diet without any issues in the weight loss.

Just don’t forget to be in caloric deficit when you want to lose weight!


Are the carbs in fruit simple carbs or complex carbs?


The carbs present in fruits like apple, banana, etc are simple carbs.

But it will not hurt the body as much as the list of bad carbs, pure simple carbs will do!

The reason is simply that,

As you know that simple carbs are like empty calories with no nutrition.

In contrast, fruits have vitamins and minerals and most importantly fibers.

The fiber makes them digest them slowly in the body and that’s why it is healthy.



Have you ever heard from someone that I will not add fruits to my diet because these are simple carbs?


What are the foods that are high in carbs that I must avoid to lose weight?


The answer to this is, just avoid going in the deep information.

There are no such foods!

It doesn’t matter if the food is high in carbs or low in carbs as long as the food is healthy.

You don’t have to focus on eliminating high carbs foods.

You have to focus on being in caloric deficit and avoid overeating.

The good carbohydrates foods Oats, brown rice etc,

All the good sources of carbohydrates will remain the same.

You only have to decrease the quantity of these foods.

That simple!


Are Carbs making you fat or are Fats making you fat?


It’s your unhealthy eating habits that are making you fat.

Actually, they both can if you don’t have a strategy and blindly eating them in high amounts.

If you are eating healthy and all the calories are coming from healthy fats and complex carbs.

You will become fat only if you are consuming them in high amounts.

If you overpass your daily caloric needs from the food.


Fats are high in calories and makes stomach full.

There is no need to be in the high-fat diet as a normal lifestyle.

Fats have their specific functions so do Carbs.

Increasing one of them or both will result in a caloric surplus and you will start to gain weight.


Do I cut carbs if I have Diabetes type 2?


No, there is no need to cut carbs completely from your diet!

The only types of carbohydrates you have to cut from the diet which is simple carbs.

Because of simple carbs, the insulin level shoots high.

And that is the reason that you have diabetes.

Day by day, week by week and months by months…

You have consumed simple carbs and shooting the insulin, again and again, has resulted in diabetes.


It would be better if you consume best carb sources like Oats, sweet potato, brown rice.

In return adding these foods will help you to cure diabetes.

So, there’s no need to cut out carbohydrates completely.

Rather, I would suggest that if you want to eat carbohydrates.

Just consume 100 percent of the carbs foods with good carbohydrates sources.


I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or something though.

You must address the issue with nutritionist or dietitian for the right guidance!


Can I take Simple carbs after working out?


The answer is yes!

It is the best time you can have the simple carbs.

Because of the reason that you have worked hard in the gym.

Sweat a lot.

Now, the glycogen tank(energy tank) is empty.

You can have complex carbs to provide instant energy.

After you have consumed the simple carbs after work out like a banana.

You have to now provide a proper meal which contains.

Proper high protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats added with multivitamins.

It should be your proper post-workout nutrition!


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Conclusion On Simple Carbs Vs Complex Carbs


So, there are two types of carbohydrates.

One is simple carbs and another one is complex carbs.


Simple carbs are generally high in calories and contain no nutrition.

No vitamins, No minerals, No fibers.

High in sodium, High in cholesterol, High in trans fat.

Examples of carbohydrates of the simple molecule are pizzas, burgers, cold drinks etc.

Simple carbs digest quickly in the bloodstream promoting fat storage and diabetes down the road!


Complex carbs are generally low in calories and contain the best nutrition.

The best nutrition that human body is designed to go for.

High in vitamins, High in minerals, High in fibers.

Low to NO sodium, No cholesterol, No trans fat.

Examples of carbohydrates of multiple molecules are Brown rice, whole grain bread, quinoa etc.

Complex carbs digest slowly and provide energy for the long term.

Also helps in curing type 2 diabetes!

There we go.


The whole list of carbs, both simple and complex carbs is given above!


That’s it guys from this article “Everything You Need To Know About Simple Carbs Vs Complex Carbs”


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