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Best Protein Powder: 7 Best Protein-Rich Supplements(All Covered)

Protein powder which is best

Protein Powder: 7 Best Protein-Rich Supplements From Whey To Vegan(All): So you are looking for protein powders, which is the best protein powder for you when are bulking or when you are losing weight.

Plant proteins or whey proteins?

Casein protein or Whey protein?

Lactose intolerance or Vegan?

In this detailed article, I will tell you the 7 best daily protein-rich sources from supplements so that you can choose which is the best whey or casein or plant protein powder for you according to your goals!


Protein Powder Which Is Best?


Most commonly there are three types of protein powders available in the market:

As you know that whey protein is made up of milk.

These are the three types of proteins are extracted after the processing of milk.

I will also leave a link so that you can actually check out the price of different protein powders and compare yourself the difference!


The Whey Protein Powder Concentrate


It is the first form of whey protein extracted just freshly from milk.

In the market, it is sold a lot just because of the simple fact that it is not that much process and it had quality protein with other ingredients like carbs and some fats.

As this protein contains fats, carbs, and sugars, it is sold cheap and a lot of people buy this as it is much affordable as compared to other forms of protein as it does not require much processing to make.

If you process whey protein concentrate more, it will convert into whey protein Isolate which is the next form of protein after concentrate.


The Whey Protein Power Isolate


It is further processed and in this type of whey protein, carbs, sugar and fat elements are eliminated to a maximum extent.

Thought some content of these elements is still present somehow in the whey protein Isolate.

But not as much as it was present in the whey protein concentrate.

As the result of further processing of the protein firstly from milk to concentrate and furthermore to isolate, the cost of production is increased and therefore if you check out the price in the market of any whey protein Isolate, it will be always higher than the whey protein concentrate.

Isolate Whey protein powder is best for building muscle as it shows the optimum results.

Having said that, let us now go to the next form of protein which is the whey protein Hydrolyzed.


The Whey Protein Powder Hydrolyzed


This is the final type of whey protein available in the market.

The making of this protein is when the whey protein further gets processed and in this process any remainings of sugar, carbs, and fats that were still present in the Isolate form.

All these pieces of ingredients are removed and it is the purest form of whey protein available in the market till now.

In this final product of whey hydrolyzed, there are zero carbs, fats, and sugars. Only pure and high-quality protein!

Due to the reason that it is more processed from the previous form which was Isolate, the cost of production shoots up.

So, if you check the price of any whey protein hydrolyzed in the market, it will always be higher than any other whey product available in the market.


Concentrate vs Isolate vs Hydrolyzed, which is best?


Benefits Of Protein Powders


There are a lot of protein powder benefits, a few of them are listed below.

Muscle Gains


It is for sure obvious as muscles are made up of protein and if you provide protein from any source, as it doesn’t matter if the protein is coming from eggs or supplements or plant proteins.

There will be muscle gains if you exercise regularly.

If you do not exercise daily or regularly, your muscles will be getting stronger every day and so on.

It is not like you need to get the size to have strong muscles.

You may have seen a lot of people who do not exercise but they still have good muscles. It is because they are providing proper protein intake to the body on regular basis.

Procuring your daily protein intake is really good and have a lot of health benefits, the muscle gain is just one of a lot more pending to write.

Let’s jump to other protein benefits like immediate recovery.


Protein powder which is best


Immediate Recovery After Workouts


When you workout hard in the gym or do any bodyweight workout at home, you get little tears in the muscles.

This is because you have used the muscle to the extent that you do not as normal days.

The best time to get the immediate recovery is through protein powders.

Of all these the main thing is, those tears in the muscle gives you the sensation of a hardcore pump.

And you want to get to provide the protein from any source like from whey protein, eggs or plant protein immediately so that the protein can go actually into those torn muscles and making you recover really fast.

So that protein can give you immediate recovery!


It Is A Convenient Source Of Protein


Now after the workout, instead of landing to your home looking for preparing a meal which is high in protein.

It is always good to have a protein powder drink in a bottle when you workout.

You can instantly provide essential amino acids to the body and it is doesn’t require much effort and preparation time.

The teenage body needs more protein as they are in the beginning stage and their body is in the developing stage.

So it is always handy to have a protein powder drink to get the work done efficiently!


Protein powder which is best


More Benefits Of Whey Protein


Covering on the topic the benefits of protein powder, one most commonly a question is asked by many people which goes like:

“Is Protein Powder Bad For You??”


“Is There Any Hidden Protein Powder Side Effects??”


The answer is NO!

The protein powder is not at all bad for you!

Protein is made up of milk, is milk bad for health? NO!

The only way the protein powder is bad for you in a situation like are you getting the right and authentic supplement from a genuine supplier in your area or from online?

Because there have been many cases that the protein was fake and landed the person that had taken the protein drink to the hospital!

If you are getting the supplement right and authentic, you don’t have to worry about anything.

There have been several studies that back up this that there are no protein powder side effects.


Protein powder which is best
Quick Tip: Notice any kind of stomach pain right after having the protein drink to get to know if the protein is fake or not?


If you are lactose intolerance in which you find it difficult to digest dairy.

In only this case you may find protein powder bad for you!

Only the whey protein concentrate is bad for you as it is not that processed and may contain lactose.

Other two types like Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Hydrolyzed are completely fine.

These whey protein powder supplements are completely safe for you!


How To Tell If The Protein Is Fake or Not!

Fake Whey Protein Side Effects


7 Best Protein-Rich Supplements


1. The Whey Protein Powder


It is the most common protein powder which is consumed all around the globe.

The whey protein powder is the fastest and the best source of protein for anyone who is into fitness.

As it has high protein availability and absorbed in the body at a much faster rate than any other protein source available.

It contains all essential amino acids which make the protein profile of whey protein strong.

Considered a complete source of protein all over and gives a feeling of fullness.

When athletes go through any type of muscle pull or tear. Whey protein powder helps in getting it recovered as fast as can go back to normal.

Besides this,

Because of the fast absorption of whey protein, it gives the maximum results if taken after any intense training on regular basis.

It is also good for people who completely avoid any kind of non-veg foods such as chicken breast or meat in general. Even eggs!

They go completely vegan, so how they will provide protein to the body.

Yes, you guessed it right! It is through whey protein. 


Check the price on Amazon


2. The Casein Protein Powder


The casein protein is also the outcome from milk.

Both whey and casein protein is made up of milk.

The casein protein is also a complete source of protein, means it contains all the essential amino acids which make the protein profile of casein strong.

Though we generally say that the milk contains casein protein.

The only difference between whey protein and casein protein is that casein protein is a slow digesting protein.

Actually, milk contains portions of protein which are fast digestion and as well as slow digesting.

The whey protein gives the body the instant recovery whereas the logic of Casein protein is that it provides a continuous supply of protein to the body up to 7 hours.

It is much of a protein that helps in preventing muscle breakdown and to supply and support the muscle with essential amino acids are needed and necessary.

The best timings to consume casein protein is when you are going to sleep and it the by far the best time to provide the body with some casein protein.

This protein gives necessary amino acids to muscles whole night, giving you some good gains!

Whey protein and casein protein are the same in terms of providing results, the only difference being is casein is a slow releasing protein.

Also, do not go by the brand in terms of best casein protein powder, actually go by the quality of it.


Check the price on Amazon


3. Protein Blend


As the name suggests, it is the blend of proteins from different sources.

Any protein can be called a blend if:

In nutrition, if you are having a meal in which the protein is coming from different sources like eggs, chicken breast etc. It is called protein blend.

In supplements, the protein blend is called when two sources of protein are mixed together.

Like Pea protein and rice protein etc.

Nowadays people called the mixture of whey and casein a blend protein.

Logically it is not, as both are the byproduct of the same source called milk.

For muscle building, it can be considered if you want to go with protein blend.

Different protein has different amino acids profile. 

As you know that some proteins are essential and some are non-essential.

In protein blend, it largely depends which type of blend protein you are using.  

It can be like you are consuming protein which has maximum non-essential proteins which are not needed and low essential protein which is needed.

So it largely depends!

In results-wise, there are several studies done and it is found that the whey protein has the best amino profile for optimum gains and fastest absorption.


Check the price on Amazon


4. Soy Protein


If you are vegetarian, you may have thought of consuming the soy protein as it is a vegetarian source of protein.

Soy protein has a weak amino profile, means it does not contain all the essential amino acids which are required by the body for the optimum levels of gains and muscle recovery process.

The whey protein and the casein protein will always be ranked first in terms of best protein amino profile, basically complete amino profile.

Also, if you are a male lifter.

You already know that men have testosterone and on the other hand female lifters have estrogens.

That’s why men and women have different characteristics because of these hormones.

I want to tell you first that SOY PROTEIN in men raises the female hormone in men.

Now, increasing the estrogen hormone in a male body is the opposite of muscle building.


Soy Protein And Testosterone(Complete Information)


I will not go in deep details, but as an overview:

If you are a male lifter, have soy protein buy try avoiding too much consumption of soy protein.

Men show masculine traits and women shows feminine traits. Little distracted from the actual topic, let’s get back to the topic.

The bottom line in consuming the soy protein is this that yes men can consume soy protein, but in small quantities just

because of the simple reason for the high levels of estrogens present in the soy protein.

As it will result not be beneficial to you if you provide high dosages of it. Keep that in mind in the back of the head!


Check the price on Amazon


5. Pea Protein


It is basically are plant-based protein and contains almost all amino acids to a maximum extent.

If you are a vegan means you don’t have enough protein choices to cover the daily requirements of amino acids.

For all the vegan’s out there, it would be considered best if you take pea protein after the workout.

Several studies have done on different groups of people and shown that taking pea protein and whey does not have major differences in the results of muscle growth and recovery.

So if you are vegetarian, you are good to go with pea proteins.

Also, if you have lactose intolerance means you find it difficult to digest the diary.

As it is a plant-based protein from source, you also can have this in any time of the day as you need.

Pea protein is the best vegan protein powder for any group of people.

Also, it does not contain any lactose in it.

So green lights!


Check the price on Amazon


6. Rice Protein


Rice, in general, is a rich source of carbohydrates, but they do contain some proteins in it.

After processing the rice the protein is extracted into powdered form.

It is a good alternative to whey protein or for people who are lactose intolerance and vegans.

If we take a look at the protein amino profile, rice protein have a weak amino profile as it does not contain all the essential amino acids in it.

Although, it should also be considered that all men and women can take it as it has no issues like the soy protein has.

You cannot compare it with the top protein powders available in the market, but it can be handy in case of vegans.

It will help you build some gains but not as effective as the whey do, it is just an alternative to protein powder supplements.

It is also the best vegetarian protein powder for any group of people or at least can be an alternative!


Check the price on Amazon


7. Mix Plant Proteins


Not every brand make plant proteins, there are a few brands that make this type of protein.

The thing is plant proteins cannot be compared to high-quality whey proteins.

As plant proteins do not contain all the essential amino acids, all 9 of them.

But as this is the mix plant protein, this is made up of mostly chia seeds, hemp seeds etc

It may or may not have complete proteins as it depends on the foods used in the making.

But almost at a stretch as it is a mix of proteins, it covers most of the essential amino acids which are essential for the muscle growth.

All the vegans and people with dairy digestion issue can effectively use this mix plant protein supplement.

You can take this protein any time as it contains fiber in it making the protein digestion slower.

In post workouts we don’t need fibers, that should be considered as well.

The results are almost the same as long as you are completing your daily protein requirements.

The best plant-based protein powder would be that one that contains all the essential amino acids.

And it is the best plant protein powder!


Check the price on Amazon




8. Egg Protein(Nutrition)


Eggs are considered the best form of protein from nutrition as they contain all the essential amino acids and are a source of lean protein.

It is a complete form of protein and it is digested in the body pretty quick. 

You can take eggs in post workout without any issues. The results of consuming egg protein are also good due to the strong amino profile it has with all 9 essential amino acids.

In post workouts, have 5-8 egg whites coming up with 25-35 grams of lean protein!

Avoid egg yolk right immediately after the workout as it contains fats which will slow down the nutrition and we don’t want that.


Daily Protein-Rich Drink At Home


If you want some homemade daily protein-rich drink, I have already published an article on Home-made Mass Gainers.

In this homemade drink, you can use any supplement, any best quality protein powder that you like or have used in the past.

Check it out here


Moving forward,

Here I have come up with some of the best protein powders from milkshakes and smoothies:


List Of Some of The Best Protein Powders


Protein powder which is best
Feel free to pin this anywhere!

These are some of the best protein powder for smoothies. 


1. Optimum Nutrition(ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder


Protein powder which is best

2. Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein


Protein powder which is best


3. MuscleBlaze Whey Protein Gold


Protein powder which is best


4. Muscleblaze Iso-zero Low-carb 100% Whey Protein Isolate


Protein powder which is best

5. Grizzly Nutrition Whey Protein With Digestive Enzymes & Pro-Biotics


Protein powder which is best


6. Plant Fusion Plant Protein Cookies N’ Creme


Protein powder which is best

7. Garden Of Life Organic Plant-Based Protein


Protein powder which is best


8. Vega Protein & Greens

Protein powder which is best

9. Olena Evolve Vegan Performance Plant Protein Rich Chocolate Flavour


Protein powder which is best


10. Dymatize Nutrition Elite Casein Powder


Protein powder which is best


Of all these protein powders, if you are confused to make a decision on choosing a protein powder for yourself, it will be for sure “the best whey protein isolate”

Go with any brand as long as it is an isolated protein.

Some of these powders are best selling protein powders in past.

If you have no idea which brands to choose, go with Optimum Nutrition.



Best Protein Powders According To Fitness Goals


Although all protein sources are good and it should be considered best if you all proteins from different sources whether it is from nutrition like from eggs, rice, paneer, chicken breast, tofu(soy protein) etc.

And from different supplements on rotation like sometimes whey protein isolate, sometimes rice protein powder and other times mix plant protein.


The goal is just to get all essential amino acids in the body from different sources and variety so that you can get the maximum benefit in terms of muscle gains, results and recovery.

So, here I have compiled different protein powders which are best according to your goals you may have!


Muscle Building / Gaining weight / Bulking

(Read this in continuation to get the logic right)


In all these three case scenarios you will be in caloric surplus means you will be having a lot of calories in the body from the nutrition.

And when you are on bulking it directly means you will be having a lot of carbs.

And carbs are the primary source of energy to the body and high energy in the body means you will be pushing heavy weights easily.

Heavyweights mean more muscle tear…

If the muscle is tearing to high pumps, it will require immediate recovery and for immediate recovery, we all know what protein do we need, it is the whey protein as it is digested and absorbed really fast in the body so use whey protein during this process!


Fat Loss / Weight Loss / Fasting


In all the above case scenarios, you will be in a calorie deficit diet means you are consuming less food, so it will be much more difficult to get the muscles in the anabolic phase.

Because of the reason that you don’t need to lose the hard earned muscles while doing fat loss or weight loss.

So use mostly casein protein to get the continuous supply of amino acids throughout the day.

It will always be there to get the muscle the all the essential amino acids it needs to be in anabolic phase altogether!


Vegetarian / Vegan / Lactose Intolerance


Supplements come handy when you are not able to get the complete dosage of proteins from the nutrition.

And if you are vegetarian/pure vegan or lactose intolerance, it is more difficult to get the protein up.

As mostly all the non-veg sources contain all the complete protein and all essential amino acids.

Go with any pean protein, rice protein supplement of your choice, the main key here is to keep switching protein boxes from one to another each month.

So that you are giving all types of amino acids to the body.

Even you can add soy proteins 2 times a week to get the protein.

Studies have shown that getting 25-30 grams of protein per any two days in a week will not at all affect your testosterone levels.

Add 2 days gap in between to be on the safer side.

That’s it, I hope you got the complete information on “which is the best protein powder”


Your Questions, My Answers


These are some of the questions that you had mailed me to answer.

If you have any question that you would like to ask me.

Shoot me a mail at [email protected]


Which is the best protein powder for weight loss and meal replacement?


There is no such word as best whey protein for weight loss!

Weight loss happens when you are in caloric deficit and training hard almost every day.

There is no hard and fast rule that this is the protein powder which is best for losing weight and this is not.

In a broad look, go with any protein from the list that I had compiled on top.

And in general, protein powders alone can never replace any meal.

It contains only proteins whereas a meal contains protein, carbs, and fats, all three macronutrients.

So, if you are on weight loss goal, add some nuts and banana to replace the meal with protein powder.

If you want a more specific answer to best protein powder for weight loss?

Use casein protein for prolonged amino acids.


How Many Calories To Lose Weight Or Gain Weight


Which is the best protein powder for weight gain without side effects?


As I have earlier told in the article that there are no such side effects of consuming whey proteins on regular basis.

Any type of protein can be whey protein or plant protein, there are no such side effects on taking whey proteins.

As far as the question demands the best whey protein powder for weight gain.

Let me cover the weight gain part first.

First of all, it needs to be clear that the weight gain process doesn’t happen with consuming whey protein or any protein.

It all depends on the calories you are taking throughout the day.

If you are in caloric surplus, you will definitely gain weight, plus if you are in caloric surplus with high proteins, you will gain some decent muscles with it.

Actually, there are a lot of things come into a place like getting quality foods, proper rest, right training etc.

To be specific about which is the best protein powder on the market, I would say it is of Optimum Nutrition.

Now, if you want to gain weight, I highly recommend you to read this article on gaining weight.


How To Gain Weight If You Are Skinny


Conclusion/End Thoughts


People ask me like which is the best protein powder when losing weight.

Or something like

Which protein powder best for weight loss?

And my answer to them is always like there is no best or worse!


Your body needs protein whether your goal is to build muscles or losing the weight.

You got to provide protein in some way shape or form.

If I suggest a particular one that this is the best protein powder and leave the rest of the proteins untouched.

It may or may not be suitable for everyone.


Like some, to answer that what protein powder is best for weight loss, I’d say casein protein. So this will not be satisfied with all of the people reading this article.

Few people may have lactose intolerance and their goal is to weight loss, or maybe some cannot afford to pay that much on a single protein box. 

I hope you get the point that I am trying to make across!


Sometimes the goal is just not like which protein powder is best for weight gain?


Instead of going in the deep details like I need whey protein during muscle building.

Focus on the nutrition first!

If you got the nutrition on point. There is no way that you will not get the muscle building results that you desire. 

The body is really, I mean really smart.

Your work is to provide the protein and it will not let it waste.

In some shape or form, it will utilize it to cover the needs.


Yes, these protein supplements help to get things done faster.

But if your nutrition is not on point, you can take the best supplements available.

It will not make you a single gain. PERIOD!

In my experience, these protein supplements are just the cherry on top of a cake. If you do not have the entire cake (which is the nutrition), look how good would be a single cherry(only supplements that people are more interested in!) will look in an empty plate.


Best protein shake recipes(Must Read)


So, what do you think which is the best protein powder? Tell me in the comments!




That’s it guys from this article “Protein Powder: 7 Best Protein-Rich Supplements From Whey To Vegan(All)”

I hope you enjoyed reading it and found out which is the best protein powder for yourself!

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