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Neck Exercises & Stretches For Pinched Nerve At Home

Neck stretches for pinched nerve

Neck Stretches For Pinched Nerve: Thank you guys for landing on this page “Neck Exercises & Stretches For Pinched Nerve” and in today’s article, I will tell you what are the reasons which cause neck muscles soreness, what are you doing wrong that you are feeling strange pain this in the neck. What can we do now to minimize and get rid of this neck pain instantly and make it back to normal. So without taking much of a time, let’s get started!


Neck pain is common for most people. I also had an injury to my neck when I am a new guy in the gym and learning to perform exercises in correct form. I got recovered by doing these neck stretches.

Generally, people get depressed when they feel pain in any area and often wonder what they did in the past wrong that today they are feeling pain. So following are some of the reasons what can be wrong.


Some Reasons Behind Neck Pain


1. Sitting For Long Hours

Neck stretches for pinched nerve

In today’s world, everything is computerized and most people do their work in the office on the computer, they do long hours shifts.

Going to the office and doing the job has nothing to do with the neck pain but sitting on the chair with neck down or nearly curved down and doing it daily on a regular basis for months and years creates the problem in neck muscles.


Sitting for long periods on a chair also not at all good for the spine. The neck pain will slowly and gradually multiply to shoulders and then targets the arms also.


It would be better if immediate actions would be taken in the early stage, once the pain gets multiplied, it can actually go out of control. It is very difficult to cure the pain once it goes out of control.


How Can You Avoid?


You can avoid sitting on a single chair for a longer period of time. Try to have small breaks after 1 hour or two and take few small rounds outside the room.


If you have to do important work in the office and you don’t have the permission to move around, then constantly after 30-40 minutes stretch your neck to minimize the pain. You can do head circles. It has to look normal and not like really fast. Perform in a slow pace for a minute and let it rest.


2. Doing Over Head Exercises In The Wrong Form


This is also a big reason that why most people receive sharp pain in the neck. Overhead movements can be very risky if done with improper form and especially without the warm-up. Doing exercise is a very good thing but doing the exercise in the wrong form will create the problem.


I see some of the people lifting heavy, super heavyweights within weeks just because their friends are lifting heavy. That’s the logic they carry in their heads. They forget that it can be very dangerous. When we lift heavy, it creates immense pressure on the neck, also on the whole spine as an immature joint strength.


How Can You Avoid?


If you have neck pain and you are doing an overhead heavy movement, I recommend you to stop doing them immediately because it will not only multiply the pain in the neck but also it will transfer the pain into the shoulder and then in the whole arm.


Avoid performing overhead movements. Doing overhead movements are dangerous and can hurt your joints very easily. If you still want to do, first do a proper 10-15 minutes warm-up and especially stretch your neck and supply more blood to it. Make sure it is properly warmed up and do perform the movement with light to medium weight only. Don’t go heavy.


As blood carries all the nutrients you consume in the whole day so I must recommend that doing warmup 2 times a day would be great for the fast repairing of the neck stiffness.


The best approach you can follow is you must avoid doing any shoulder movements because, in almost every exercise, the neck is involved or even better take a one month break and follow the tips that are given later in this article to eliminate neck pain instantly. Follow these tips daily and regularly up to one month. I am sure you will see a big difference.


3. Poor Posture


Standing in a posture with neck bend, too many people look into there phone all the time. It just creates compression on the disk. It will create the issue in the neck muscles and make it sore.


Because of the whole pressure of holding the head comes on a single place. It is not like our body can’t handle the pressure of the head when the neck is in bending position, but it like doing the same thing repeatedly over and over again and most of the times sticking the same position for hours. 


4. For No Big Reason


Sometimes neck becomes stiff due to no reason, the neck is an area just like any other. It starts paining due to sleeping on one side or using a big pillow under head overnight or instant turning of the neck or taking jerk. There is no need to worry too much about this. It generally fades away within 3-4 days.


How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain Instantly

Neck stretches for pinched nerve

Now, what can you do to minimize the pain instantly?

The first and foremost thing which you have to do is to feel and discover the pain which means locate the pain around the neck. Is it in the neck muscles? or in the neck bone? (vertebrae-c1,c2,c3,c4,c5,c6,c7).


Once you locate the pain:


1. Then what you have to do is place your hand on the neck and feel from where the pain is being generated, once you have that exact location of the pain. Press there firmly and all muscles around. If this process is paining a lot.


What is happening? The upper back muscles has become dominating(also thick in most cases) because we have developed a habit of looking down all the time which makes the front muscles go weak.


2. Grab an ice cube, place that ice cube on the neck and let it be there for 10 sec and just like that try moving it around for minimum 5-7 minutes. And do this 2-3 times a day. It would help in sucking the pain out really fast. The neck stretches for pinched nerve is very effective when used with ice therapy.


If the ice feels you really cold to stick in one place. Then what you can do is, with the help of a hanky, put the ice in it. And then put that hinky on the neck. It will do the same thing. 


3. Grab a small ball, a hard tennis ball and stand in front of a wall and place the tennis ball at that point where it is hurting. With the support of the wall, target the pinpoint from where the pain is generated and firmly move your neck around so that the ball can help to release the tension in those stiffed muscles.

This one is also really good for neck stretch of the pinched nerve.


4. Stretching can also be done. Stretching is good because it helps in supplying more blood to that area which is being stretched. The question is that how can I stretch my neck muscles to supply more blood so that it can be back to normal fast? The answer is simple, let me explain in detail.


Neck Stretches For Pinched Nerve


First, stand straight then look to the left completely to that point where it is comfortable and while holding that position, look down so that the muscles on the back of the right side of the neck can be stretched.


Similarly, look at the right side and face down to stretch the neck muscles on the left side. This way you can stretch both sides.


If you are a gym guy, try to stop doing exercises for trapezius muscle i.e. shrugs etc. or minimize it for some time. Once the neck is ok, then continue with it, by doing that you will recover fast.


5. For the front portion of the neck. Move your head to the left and while holding that, look up and similarly look to the right and look up. (Same as no.4).


6. When you are done with the above then, rotate your head in circles. It’s a really good exercise because it will also stretch those muscles which are left earlier.


While doing neck stretches for pinched nerve, when you do the head circles then avoid looking down as it may compress the disk present in the neck for which we are doing and following these measures.




1. If you had made the decision to go to the gym for doing regular workout sessions. Don’t go heavy with weights. If Training with medium weight creates a sharp pain in the neck even after doing a proper warmup. Stop the exercise immediately otherwise, you will find it hard to get rid of neck pain instantly.


2. There’s no need to complete the target reps even if you are on the 6th or 7th rep and you have to do 12 reps to complete the set. You don’t have to be the hero and showing others that you can do the workout and internally be hiding the pain. I see people doing that, you can injure yourself badly. 


3. Avoid using big hard pillows under your head. If will not only increase the pain but also it will ruin your natural posture from the neck. If you really want to use a pillow during sleeping, use a soft and a small pillow which can support the head otherwise avoid using it.


Note: This is not a medical advice, it is purely my experience about how I recovered from my injury early in the days. These measures helped me to get rid of the neck pain. Consult your doctor or physical therapist before making any attempt or following any of the above tips on your own.


And at last, one most important thing is to focus on the nutrition and take care of the diet i.e. what you eat in the whole day.


And add cinnamon to the diet, a pinch of cinnamon in every meal. It will also help in curing any type of inflammation in the body and have green tea daily, 2-3 cups a day.


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End Thoughts


In the end, I must say that if you choose to try the above tips or measures or what you may call it. Please be consistent with it for a minimum of minimum 30 days. Because doing it for 2-4 days won’t make any difference at all.


Because most people do it they try anything for a week and it turns them off and they think that it’s not gonna work. Try this for a minimum of a month and tell me in the comments how it worked.


That’s it guys, do comment down below if these tips or measure to get rid of neck pain helped you to get rid of pain fast and I will be more than happy to read those comments.


If you made it this far and find value in this article “Neck Exercises&Stretches For Pinched Nerve”, if it helped you in a way, then be sure to share it with your friends and family or with that person who would find this information helpful. This will motivate me to post more and more helpful content regularly.

Good Bye And Stay Connected.


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