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17 Easy And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Pain Completely At Home

Neck pain sleeping

17 Easy And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Pain After Sleeping: So you are looking for how you can get rid of neck pain after sleeping. Today In this article, I will tell you 15 easy and effective ways that will help you to get rid of the stiff neck pain from sleeping wrong!


If you add some of these things into your daily routine, you will surely see the stiff neck pain from sleeping will be decreasing in a few days.


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Let’s see the ways to get rid of neck pain from sleeping!


17 Ways To Get Rid Of Stiff Neck Pain From Sleeping


Sleeping is difficult when you have a neck pain or a stiff neck from sleeping or otherwise in general! 


These 15 ways are so effective that it will help you to get a better sleep with a stiff neck and prevention. 

And further resources to get rid of sharp and annoying neck pain.

Let’s start!


1. Say Good Bye To Pillows


I know how you love the pillows in the nights.

But, to move in the right direction to get rid of the pain.

The very first thing is to get rid of the pillow!


Our body has a natural posture and that’s how it is aligned.

Neck pain from pillow is common.

Because, If anything comes in its way, that becomes a hurdle for the spine and the neck to breathe properly.

Therefore, most of the time,

These small things get repeated on a daily basis.

And creates issues with the neck and promotes stiff neck pain from sleeping itself!


Instead what you can do is.

Choose a small cushion or something soft enough which gives the neck the support it requires.

And at the same time do not hurt the natural posture.

I would say avoid using pillows if you can!


Neck pain sleeping


2. Use Ice Therapy


Ice therapy is very effective to eliminate any kind of pain or spasm in a particular area.

What ice will do is.

It helps in sucking out all the pain.


The best approach to get rid of the neck pain from sleeping.

Is to get one or two ice cubes.

And wrap those ice cubes in a towel or something even thinner like a small hankey.

And then start to rub or touch on the area where the pain is generating from.


One therapy hardly takes 8-10 minutes to end.

Make sure to keep the ice on the area for a minimum of 1 minute.

Let the ice completely melt there.

Do 2-3 times a day regularly!

Really effective in stiff neck pain.


3. Avoid Sleeping On Stomach


If you would ask how to sleep with neck pain?

Take it this way.


When you are in deep sleep.

You cannot change your position because it is not in your hands to do so!

Rather what you can do is.

When you are about to sleep(without that favorite pillow)

Get in a natural position in a way you like.


What that will do it.

Try sleeping on your back.

As it will keep your spine and the neck straight.

First of all,

It will eliminate any kind of unnecessary pressure from the neck in sleeping wrong.

Hence preventing stiff neck!


Wrong in the way that.

Suppose if you had a deep sleep on stomach.

If you take a look at the neck.

It can only go in two directions either it will turn to the left or to the right.

Instead, the pain will get itself easily multiply due to a small thing called sleeping wrong.

Either way, it will create unnecessary pain in the neck when you wake up.

You see that!

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4. Do Necessary Stretches


Now, this one is really important far from anything to get a better sleep with a stiff neck.

It is a long-term approach to stiff neck treatment!


Neck exercises and stretches help in supplying more blood to the area which is stiff and causing pain.

When you stretch the area.

More blood and oxygen will be going there naturally.

As you know, blood contains all the necessary nutrients which we intake in the whole day.

So, it will naturally recover really fast.


Also, what we supply to the body in the whole day is very important.

If the blood doesn’t contain the nutrients which will boost the natural process of repairing.

Then, it will only delay the process.

That’s what we don’t want.

Neck Exercises And Stretches For Pinched Nerve(All)

Which brings me to the next point which is:


5. Eliminating Food With No Nutrition!


Nutrition is very important for everybody.

In the previous point when I told you about blood carries all the nutrients.

So, what we have to do is.


Focus on a balanced diet of proper macronutrients

Which is crucial and further do not forget about the micronutrients like vitamins and minerals and omegas!


Try to cover up these things from the natural diet.

Or if you lack some of these things to cover the diet.

Mostly micronutrients,

You can always add supplements.

It will also help you to get rid of neck pain from sleeping.


6. Adding Cinnamon


We are talking about inflammation and stiffness, how can we forgot cinnamon!


Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory agent which helps in clearing up any kind of inflammation from the body.

Also, it has many other benefits which are priceless.

The neck is paining, it means there is inflammation there.

Therefore, all you have to do is to add one little pinch of cinnamon to the meals you eat throughout a day.

Cinnamon also has many other benefits which you can always check out here.


7. Eliminating Neck Jerk


What jerk means bro?

It means that if you want to move your head in a particular direction,

Instead of looking immediately in that direction.

Try to look in a slow or what we say a natural head rotation or movement.

Because immediately moving to a direction in a neck pain can create immediate sharp pain, nerve pinch, you never know!


8. Avoid Gymming(For Few Time)


I know how important are all those gains in the gym as I also love gymming.

But man, for some time it must be avoided.

The basic aim is just to boost the natural recovery process to get rid of the pain.

Above all, I must suggest that if you recover completely.

Also then it would be the best decision to avoid doing heavyweights for a while.

Mostly going heavy in exercises like shoulder presses…


Go with medium weights and not at your maximum strength capacity.

Neck pain is generally associated with overhead movements, especially by doing shoulder presses with dumbbells or barbells.

It creates a spasm in that area.

Hence, a lot of pressure on the neck and also on the spine.

It would be considered best if,

You warm up properly and do the stretches in the gym before workout effectively.

Some people will suggest you increase the physical activity of running as it is very healthy.

Man What?

How To Deal With Neck Pain If You Are A Gym Goer!


9. Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is a must in case of neck pain from sleeping.

Generally, it helps in increasing mobility and make joints more flexible.

It will increase the strength of the neck muscles and make them more flexible.

Doing physical therapy for 3 days or 4 would not make any difference.

It should be added to the daily routine.

Using These Physical Therapy Exercises For Neck Pain


Neck pain sleeping


10. Massage


Massage is really good for the neck muscles to go in relax mode.

But, be mindful of things!


As you know that you have added ice therapy to your routine.

Don’t do massage right after the ice therapy as it would not make any sense to do that!


The best way is to massage in the mornings.

And rest of the things later as it would make a great difference and would contribute to a really effective strategy!


11. Practice Good Posture


Good posture is very important.

Because some people walk looking down and other’s practice sitting on the desk for long hours focusing on their important office work.


Try avoiding looking down for longer periods of time.

Take breaks in between frequently.

If you had this sharp nack pain from sleeping.

This small thing can stop the stiff neck pain to get multiplied.


Always walk with both the shoulders retracted and spine straight.

Try practicing a good posture by looking yourself in the mirror from a side pose.

It will disclose any kind of posture corrections to be taken care of!

How To Improve Your Posture


12 Use cell Phone less 


Using a cell phone is not a bad thing at all!

But straining the eyes and looking at the screen all the time in the curved neck direction will definitely create an issue in the neck vertebrae.


The best approach is to first realize the next time when you are looking at your phone’s face in a wolfie way.

And then correct the angle of the neck to relieve the tension.

As simple as it sounds!


13. Practice Meditation To Avoid Stress


In today’s world,

There is too much stress in the work and other stresses from family, relationship etc.

I don’t want to go deep in this.

As a result, to avoid stress, practice meditation with jam sessions.

What does that mean?


These days there are too many apps on google play store about meditation.

Try using an app for meditations in the mornings!


And jam sessions mean practice one focus at a time and complete the work and then move on to the other.!

It will give you the satisfaction in completing the work more efficiently which will result in avoiding high-stress levels.


14. Keep Computers On Eve Levels


One most common cause behind neck pain is.

That you always tend to turn your neck down to screens and computers.

Keeping the computers directly straight on eve level will help the neck muscles to relax.

If you can’t do so like.

If you have a laptop, then you have to look down.

Instead of staring at the screen constantly.

Try facing to normal face position facing front in every 10-15 minutes.

It will also eliminate the chances of facing neck stiffness!


15. Acupressure


I am not much into acupressure, but I heard that it is helpful in curing any try of pain.

Through different pressure points in the body.

It’s the body self-healing points if pressed correctly, can heal the pain real fast.

You can check the acupressure points for neck pain while sleeping here.

Acupressure To Kill Neck Pain


“Acupressure” and “increased water intake” and “yoga” can also be considered if needed…


God knows, from how long you were searching for how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping.

Drink water now to follow at least 1 way out of these 15 immediately:-)


16. Increase Water Intake


Mostly, our body is made up of water.

What happens that sometimes when we drink less water.

It creates dehydration, in muscles as well.

Muscle cramps are also common in this.

So, it is better to be in high water intake throughout the body to avoid problems related to water.

You can check the complete information here.

Dehydration And Neck Pain


17. Try Doing Yoga Poses


Yoga poses can also be done to avoid neck pain.

Complete information on yoga poses to relieve neck and as well as shoulder pain is given here.

Yoga For Neck Pain


How To Sleep With A Stiff Neck Pain


Do we love to sleep, who doesn’t?

We all are human beings,

Sleeping beings love to sleep and spend around 20-25 years sleeping!


When we sleep,

Consequently, our body goes into relaxation mode and our hormones are released.

The muscle repairing process starts.

And various other works starts at the back end for the proper functioning of the body!


What happens that sometimes we sleep with a pillow under the neck.

It creates compression on the disk in the neck which creates stiffness.


Let me explain in detail!


The neck is a part of the spine and in the whole spine,

There is a soft jelly type material between each vertebra.


When you put a pillow under the neck and the head.

At the time of going to bed.

It creates a small pressure on the neck vertebras especially c3, c4, c5.


Avoiding pillow is the best and simple solution to it!


Simple Stiff Neck Treatment


Now, this is the main thing.

I know I had covered this point earlier and it is worth focusing again.

When you are about to sleep.

Don’t make this mistake of sleeping on the stomach, if you have neck pain/stiffness.


Sleeping in any case in these positions will not only create an issue with the disk present in the neck.

But also, if you have an existing pain in your neck.

It will increase the pain!


And the important part is.

If you do’not stretch your neck muscles, the pain will gradually increase and come up with an injury!


So, avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Rather, what you can do is.

You have to develop a habit of sleeping with your natural posture.

In which your spine can breathe and stay straight!


I can’t stress that enough how important it is to stretch out the muscles present in the neck because it is that area where all the nerves contact each other and regulate proper functioning!


When to see the doctor?


Neck pain from sleeping wrong is an issue which is faced by many millions out there.

It becomes an important thing to know when seeing the doctor to get rid of the neck pain.


If the pain is still there after a month or more.

It is good to see a physical therapist.

Why Physical Therapist??


Generally, most people will tell you to take over the counter medicine or something like the painkiller.

I don’t get the point of recommending that?


Medicine or painkiller is given in case of some fever or immunity issues.

This is neck pain,

If you will go to the doctor, he or she has the proper degrees and certifications of medical background.

It means they have studied medicines.

It is quite logical!


They have not studied joints pain or neck pain or something related to that.

They have studied medicine.

Means, which medicine is given in case of joint pain or any other pain.

And we all know that consuming medicines is just a temporary relief!


Because doctors can only do two things.

Either they can give you painkillers which is a temporary relief for neck pain.

Or they will do the medical operation!

We neither want these two things.


Furthermore, if the matter is pretty serious.

That it is very difficult for you to even turn your neck around.

It is hurting a lot doing that.


The Best Approach


Then you can consult a doctor for an x-ray.

And give that report to a physical therapist

Or a professional chiropractor!


These guys are trained to adjust the pain and joint mobility issues with their hands.

As these are the professionals who have studied in this field!


Conclusion On Neck Pain From Sleeping


Firstly, try out some of these measures or solutions to get rid of neck pain.

These should not be for a day or 2.

Better continue to do these for a few time.

If the pain is minute,

It may take 2-3 days to recover.

It is little more than that.

Probably it will take a long time like around 2-3 weeks to get recovered.

The key is to just be consistent with the things!


Though, I hope you will be in a better position to find the solution to your problem to assist with your stiff neck in a smarter way.

If these ways help you,

Do let me know in the comments section below!


That’s it guys from this article15 Easy And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Pain After Sleeping

Also, I hope got the complete information on how you can get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong!


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