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How To Get Rid Of Neck And Shoulder Pain On Right Side

neck and shoulder pain on right side

Thank you guys for landing on this page “Neck And Shoulder Pain On Right Side” and in today’s article we will discuss in detail about neck and shoulder pain, what targets the pain to go up, what is the problem which is arising in the neck and fueling sharp pain in the shoulders and how can we reduce the pain through exercises and stretches in last I will give you some exclusive tips which you can do from now onwards to heal and boost the recovery process fast so that you command immediate action to the injury in the early stage possible. So let’s start.


Neck And Shoulder Pain On Right Side(My Story)


I will try my best to provide you with the complete information.

So, I remember when my brother had started going to the gym with full passion and dedication, after 4 months of doing regular exercise in the gym he started feeling pain in the neck muscles and on the shoulders.

That time I cannot relate how much his neck is paining or is the pain really intense?


Then, later when I joined the gym.

I had this same problem in my 1st month because of training wrong.

I feel it on my shoulder and in the neck, especially when doing shoulder presses with rod and with lat pull down.

I talked about this with my trainer that I am feeling a bit sharp pain in my shoulders from few weeks, he suggested that it would be nothing but a simple muscle pull and adviced me to rest at home.


Then guess what, I went to my home and grabbed my cell phone and started researching about stuff online. I wanted some neck and shoulder pain exercises and stretches.

I was resting in my home and watching videos and articles that how can I get rid of my pain.

But oh man, I was really scared and a little shocked to hear stories from these guys online and realized that I really messed-up my shoulder and neck. 


I took a month break from my gym and when I felt that my neck is ok and I can go back to the gym for training.

I started doing regular exercises and within 1 week I felt the same pain which I used to experience earlier, I again talked with my trainer about this topic and this time he suggested me that, the pain will continue to pop-up again-n-again, you better try doing warm-up exercises and stretches at home.

He said that only by doing warm-up and stretches, you can recover fast.


I somehow managed my scared soul and started following the exercises and stretches given by him to warm-up my neck and shoulders.

I tried doing that for four weeks and I started feeling better and this time I actually felt that, by doing those exercises, now my joints are in better condition and had made progress so far.

I recovered my shoulder and neck back after 6 weeks of doing warm-up daily.

Sometimes it felt so bad that why this neck and shoulder pain on right side is irritating me a lot.


Neck And Shoulder Pain Exercises And Stretches 

Neck and shoulder pain on right side

First of all, understand that the pain. The main problem is in the neck from where the pain is transferred to the shoulder and arms. So cure the neck and it will solve the problem on the shoulders.


1. The most important stretch which is effective in a pinched nerve in the neck is:

  • pick up a small ball, tennis ball and then stand near a wall.
  • Put that ball in that area from where the pain is being generated and let your neck move around so that the ball can move and release the pressure from the neck or release the pinched nerve.


2. Massage your neck with soft hands with oil. Oil will also help in sucking the pain out. Massage 4 times a week, any day any time doesn’t matter. Make sure to do all these things for a certain period. Then and only then your neck and shoulder pain on the right side will be going to decrease.


3. Look to the left and while holding that position, look down and stretch the right side muscles on the back of the neck and give them a deep stretch in a controlled way. Similarly with the other side. Look at right and then while holding that position look down which will give you deep stretch in the muscles on the left of the back of the neck.


4. After doing that, put an ice on the neck and let it melt there for 5-7 minutes so that it can suck the pain out. Do this in the last after completing the above.


Note: Don’t do these tasks in a row. For example, you don’t need to apply ice after massaging the neck. It won’t make sense at all. Do any 2 in a single row in the morning and remaining two in the evening. You have to use all these neck and shoulder pain exercises and stretches in a strategic way.


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Understand that if you are feeling pain in the neck, there can be 2 big possibilities:


Possibility 1- Minor Pain


If you do not go to the gym and do not lift heavy weights, you stay at home with little to no movements which mean that you are not physically active that much and you are feeling sharp pain in the neck and shoulder, it means that your body is just telling you to add some warm-up exercises or little joint movements.


Our body is just like a machine, if you do not use it, it will start to show rust in it. In real life then, this is just a minor pain which has nothing to do with the shoulder. In most cases, this suggests that you have 2 different issues which are not interconnected with each other. Whereas,


Possibility 2- Major Pain


If you do go to the gym and you know that I was lifting pretty heavy recently or with an improper form of exercise. Then, these 2 pains in the neck and the shoulder can be interconnected with each other. It can be because most of the times gym lifters face this type of problem to the extent of pushing their limits too far.


Like, impingement of a tiny nerve creates pain in neck and shoulder radiating down the arm. The pain can go anywhere from neck to shoulder pain on the left side or right shoulder and arm pain.


For eg: due to the impingement in the neck, you may feel pain in the shoulders either left or right. Then, you must be thinking like I am a gym person and in almost every other exercises the involvement of shoulders are common, I must eliminate the pain in the shoulders by doing various shoulder warmups.


No, the pain will not go because the main problem is in the neck.


Whenever you feel pain in the neck and shoulders, start doing the warmup for the neck in the mornings and in the evening for the shoulders with minimum 2-3 ice therapies in a day. And warmups must be added to the regular routine, it will keep you on the safer side.


But if you still feel the pain after a month or after. I must recommend attending a personal meeting with your physical therapist, not the doctor.




1. First of all, whenever you feel pain in the neck, never ever make jerk for example, when you move your head to the left and it triggers a pinch of pain then move your head slowly in motion and it’s ok if you feel a bit pain, but never ever jerk or do it in a fast pace thinking if I do it in fast pace it will eliminate any resistance in between which is causing the pain.


2. In most cases, if there is a pain in the neck and you had not taken any actions to cure it, it will transfer either to the left shoulder or to the right. It really depends on which side the nerve is being pinched in the neck. If it is being pinched from the left side of the neck, it will create pain in the left shoulder or sometimes to the whole arm and vice versa.


3. Avoid using a pillow under the head while sleeping because it will create pressure on the neck muscles and it will in return increase the pain and the condition will go from normal to worse. So avoid using it. If you really want to keep a pillow under. You can take a small and soft one if that’s what makes you sleep better but I still suggest you to avoid using it.


4. Most people think that “let’s go to the doctor”, the doctor will give the medicine and the pain will be ok. Let me tell you a logical truth. The pain you are experiencing is nerve pain(if the pain is in the neck and you are also feeling it in the shoulder and arms) or doesn’t matter if you have pain in the joints. The doctor will give you medicine and painkillers which means that it will give you temporary relief for two to three days and after the effect of the pain is finished the pain will return back and it’s like before, the same condition.


5. The doctor can only do two things that:

  • firstly, he will give you the necessary medicines and painkillers which will kill the pain for 2-3 days, but the pain will come back because the painkillers are the temporary solution to the neck pain.
  • lastly, he will do the surgery.


Instead of going to the doctor, seek help from a physical therapist, a professional therapist who can actually guide you or can help you by providing physical therapy. The above-mentioned neck and shoulder pain exercises and stretches are physical therapy. Physical therapy is most effective in these cases.


Note: This is not medical advice. This is my experience and knowledge which I gathered, how I dealt with my injury and how I recovered by following my trainer’s advice. It made me somewhere around 40 days to recover. Before following any of the above advice, consult your doctor or physical therapist. “AsFitness” is not at all responsible for the misuse of the information.


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I recommend that rest at home take 2-3 days off form the gym, if the pain is still there, then take a month off and do the necessary neck and shoulder pain exercises and stretches and if the pain is still there, then it is best to see a physical therapist.


That’s it guys, do comment down below if these tips helped you to get rid of neck pain fast and I will be more than happy to read those comments.


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