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How To Take Mass Gainer Properly For Best Results(Works Quickly)

How to take mass gainer

How To Take Mass Gainer Properly For Best Results(Works Quickly): So you are a skinny male or female and purchased a mass gainer and wondering how to take the best advantage of weight gainer shake so that you can grow really fast by using this box of mass gainer. 


Today, I will cover how to use mass gainer properly and effectively, the best time to take, the best way to take, should I take a mass gainer or not if I’m skinny etc.

In this article, I will tell you how to take a mass gainer properly for best results.

Precisely, you will get to know each and everything about the mass gainers!

So, Thank you for landing on this page “How To Take Mass Gainer Properly For Best Results(Works Quickly)”

Let’s Get Started!


How To Take Mass Gainer Properly


How to gain weight fast for skinny people especially!


If you really had a burning desire and want to transform yourself.

Then follow the exact strategy I am telling.

It will give you an exact blueprint.

Basically, about how to and what to do next to gain muscle mass if you’re skinny!


People take mass gainers just because of a simple fact.

That it contains a lot of calories in a single shake or smoothie.

You can take any protein supplement after your workout.

But unless

You’re not eating enough.

You will not gonna gain the weight.


If you have a sweet bend towards supplements like mass gainers.

Here we go!


How to take mass gainers in a strategic way for skinny people.

In cooperation with your goal!


Let’s face the truth.

Mass gainers have side effects.

If you use it in a strategic way, only then you can gain weight using weight gainers!


Start this strategy of consuming mass gainers.

Basically a smoothie rich in protein.

Because this is the safest way to consume a weight gainer shake.


Best Way And Time To Take A Mass Gainer


It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym in the mornings or evenings.


If you are a morning person.


When you wake up early in the morning,

Have some bananas just to add a little energy to the body.


After doing the workout properly.

In the post-workout meal.

You have to take the mass gainer.


How to take mass gainer


If you are an evening person


Take your mass gainer prior 2 hours going to the gym.

And work out really intense with heavyweights.

So that you can actually burn excessive calories you are taking from the gainer.

After getting the workout in.

Take the mass gainer again.




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Should I Take A Mass Gainer Or Not?


I don’t recommend using mass gainers to gain weight.

Your primary focus should be your diet and nutrition.

It’s your choice that if you want to use it or not.

If Yes, then.


2 times a day is good enough!

No need to take 3 or 4 times.

It will result in side effects.

Taking a gainer is best before going to the gym where you can share your calories off.


I would say take a gainer only one.

Which is in either post workout or in pre-workout(2 hours before)


Because adding too many carbs and sugar content.

It would make no sense to take that many calories any other time anyway.


If you do.


I can assure that you from my experience.

You will not feel hungry for a minimum 3-4 hours.

As it will take a lot of time to digest!!


Which Mass Gainer Brand To Go With?


It Depends.

Search out online on google and find out what is the best weight gainer shake.

And pick one that suits you.


I don’t endorse any brand.

There are various brands available in the market.



ON serious 

Shinew Nutrition

Muscle Tech



Muscle Fit etc…

Choose the one which works with you!

Check out Top 10 Brands For Gainers


An alternative can be,

Take home-made mass gainer shake instead!


Homemade Mass Gainer Smoothie


Try consuming homemade shakes.

As it will be a better strategy.

Also cost-effective!



I know there are a lot of people out there.

Who don’t prefer to add supplements to their diet!

Like gainers.

And are skinny and also want to gain weight…

What they will do?

I got you covered!


You can make many homemade weight gain smoothies.

Though it is one of my favorite.

It is very simple to make.

All it needs is the following ingredients.


  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 Glass Milk
  • Peanut Butter
  • 1 Mango(small)
  • Dry Fruits
  • 1 scoop Whey Protein(Optional)
  • Honey/Chocolate Syrup(Optional)


Making Your Own Protein Shake At Home

More Weight Gainer Shakes Recipes


Mix all these stuff in a mixer-blender.

Your homemade high-calorie smoothie is ready.

That Simple!


Drink this delicious smoothie only once in a day.

That too prior going 2 hours going to the gym.

Just to take the best advantage of this home-made mass gainer.




Eat a lot and build up a massive appetite.

Drink protein shakes and provide good food to your body.

Basically, food which is high in protein.

The pattern of your training should be low reps with heavy weight.

Avoid doing cardio too much if you are skinny male or female!

To sum up all the above stuff right.


My Honest Opinion!


I personally don’t recommend consuming weight gainer shakes.

It contains nearly 1000-1500 calories in a single damn smoothie.

Home-made gainer would be much better


I have personally used taking mass gainers for 4 months.

And it did not give me what I was looking for.

You can check my 4 months experience with mass gainers.

Are Mass Gainers Worth Spending?


And Then,

What I learned from my experience is what I explained above to take mass gainer right!


If you really want to consume weight gainers.

I don’t use mass gainers now.

But I thought of uploading a blog on this.

So that you can take benefits from mass gainers the right way.

And reduce the side effects!


Further, it is your choice that if you still want to go with using gainers in the long term.


Thank you for giving this article “How To Take Mass Gainer Properly For Best Results(Works Quickly)” a sweet read!

Though, I hope you had received the information you were looking for on how to take mass gainers for best results.

If you enjoyed reading it, share it with one person to whom this information can help!

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Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


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