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Complete List Of Warm Up Exercises Before Going To The Gym!

List of warm up exercises

List Of Warm-Up Exercises Before Going To The Gym(Upper Body): So you are looking for a systematic list of warm-up exercises before the workout.

Today In this article, I will give you my best list of warm-up exercises that I do personally before going to the gym.

These basic warm-up exercises before the workout will help you to get in the zone to lift heavy weights without any fear of getting an injury.

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Let me first start with the importance of warm-up and cool down exercises!


Importance of warm-up exercises


More than 15 million injuries occur in the world on regular basis.

Stretching is really important for your flexibility.

If you are into working out, especially a beginner in a gym.

What happens that as you are a beginner.

There are a lot of reasons that you will receive an injury from nowhere.

Your joints are immature, the stabilizing muscles are not strong etc.

There can be many reasons that you must add a warm-up and cooldown sessions in your workouts.

Warm-up stretches are not only for beginners, but it is also for everybody!


Basic Sign Of Low Flexibility:

Have you ever noticed that whenever you sit for 20-30 minutes in a certain position your muscle gets tensed?

Or maybe a subtle joint stiffness.

And getting into normal position is a little uncomfortable? 

It is a sure sign that you are not flexible enough!


What warm-up exercises before the gym can do for you?


Warming up properly before going to the gym can do these things right.

Few of them are explained below:


Improved Flexibility


As I discussed in the importance of warm-up exercises section.

I can’t emphasize that enough that what is the importance of warm-up exercises!

A lot of people are not flexible just because of a simple and daily regular lifestyle they have.

No physical movements, no outdoor activities, none!

Nowadays, a lot of gym people are also not flexible.

As big muscle leads to low flexibility.

It is crucial that you must add warm stretches before a workout.

For the sole reason that you getting flexible over time, which brings other good benefits like:


Improved Blood Flow


Our bodies are really interesting!

When something is stretched or when something is flexed.

It will always result in increased blood flow.

Now you are like what would be the benefits of improved blood flow to the muscles?

It’s priceless!


As you know that blood carries all the nutrition you eat in a day.

If you have a good diet with proper vitamins and minerals.

This will help you to get recovered from any injury really fast!

Doing warm-up and stretching exercises increases the blood flow.

Have you ever noticed?


That why people put warm water packed in a little pillow to the inflamed area? Why?

Because it increases blood flow to that area.

And blood carries all the oxygen and nutrients which leads to a fast recovery.

That’s why warm-up exercises are soo damn important!


More Room For Muscle Growth


Who doesn’t like that they will fastly get huge?

When you are doing stretching exercises for flexibility.

You are actually stretching the muscle fiber.

The muscles will grow fast because you are stretching them.

It creates more room for new muscle fibers to pop out.

Daily stretching means a new room is created daily.

Which leads to increased muscle growth in a much shorter period of time!

Fewer Chances Of You Getting Injured


An injury is the opposite of growth.

Your gym buddies and the trainers will always say go heavy.

A heavy lifting means more muscle tear.

And more muscle tear means more growth.

Doing basic warm-up exercises before a workout will drastically decrease the chances of getting injured.


Adding a basic warm-up session of 5-10 minutes will help you to avoid any muscle pull, extreme stretch while doing any exercise.

At the end of the day, we are playing with Iron rods and dumbbells.

It can be dangerous too.

So safety first and precautions first.

And heavyweights and results later!


The Tendency To Put More Stress On The Muscles Increases


If you do heavy workout often as most people do!

You will notice one thing after doing a basic fitness warm up.

Which is, week by week and month by month.

Now, you will be able to handle heavyweights much effectively with less prone to injuries.


Sometimes what happens that,

For example,

You will actually feel this.

When you be doing your bench press without a warm-up.

You will always feel that your joints are also being used to complete a regular bench press movement.

And the muscle is not properly being used!


At the same time,

Once you are done with the list of warm-up exercises.

You will be in a much better position to target and hit your chest muscles properly and effectively.

No feeling that the joint working and being used.

Instead, pure muscle work will be done!


What To And When To Do These Warm-up Stretching Exercises?


The warm-up can be done in many ways.

Like if you want to do weightlifting exercises in the gym, there would be a different warm-up.

And if you want to do a sprint or running, there would be a different warm-up!


The question is WHAT TO DO in a warm-up?

This will be covered later when I am sharing the list of List of warm-up exercises.

In that list of warm-up exercises,

There will be all the stretching exercises I will give you that you can do in the gym!


The next question is WHEN TO DO these warm-up stretching exercises?

This goes like.

Generally, it is done in 2 ways:

Either you can do these warm-ups at your place before going to the gym.

Or can be done at the gym itself.

You have to do warm-up strengthening exercises daily.


The main thing is:

You don’t need to do full body warm-ups daily.

Like if you have chest day today.

So, before going to the gym, only do the warm of chest and shoulders.

Because these are the muscles that will be used in the chest day.

No need to do leg stretching, calf, that would not make much sense!

and so on…


How To Do Warm-up Exercises Before Workout Properly?


For example, it’s your leg day today!

So stretch the quads, your hamstrings, and calf with some spine stretching.

Because lower back is also involved in leg workouts.

Do a good muscle stretch and hold it in the stretched position for 10-15 sec.

This way, do the warm-up exercises for 10-15 minutes.


After the stretching exercises are done!

Then, add some lightweight sets like 1 or 2 sets.

The aim is just to keep the muscles in good blood flow!

Also, on changing from one exercise to another, use stretching.


The next day, when you are at home and the muscles are sore.

Again use a good muscle stretch!


This is the proper and perfect way to use stretching exercises for flexibility!


When You Don’t Do Warm-up Exercises, What Will Happen?


Stretching makes us less prone to injuries.

If you don’t do the stretching,

What will happen?

An Injury!


Tight muscles and stiff joints.

Big muscles lead to Less flexibility.

And less leads to stiff joints!

A sensation of rust in joints etc are some common issues you may face.


Let us start the list of warm-up exercises before the workout!


Before I start I want to tell you that.

There are 3 main joints you have to always take care of.

Which are Shoulders, Spine, And Knees!

Over-exercising is the common reason for any type of injury.

If any of these joints get injure it will be difficult for you to workout.

If all three things are messed up, you’re done!

Bed rest can also be prescribed if you mess up!

So, do these warm-ups daily and regularly.

Prefer being on the safe side.

How To Prevent Shoulders, Spine And Knee Joints!


I will be covering both upper body warm-up & lower body warm-up exercises.

Let’s start!


List Of Warm-up Exercises(Upper Body)


Shoulder Warm-ups


Shoulder warm-ups are the main one.

Because shoulder injuries are most common among gym goers.

So, how to warm-up them the right way?

Let’s see some examples of warm-up exercises for shoulder stretches:


Firstly, Arm Circles


It will eliminate any mobility issue you may have.

Simply stand and extend both of the arms to the side.

Start with doing small circles and slowly increase to full complete circles.

15 arm circles from both arms.

Do these clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Use a lightweight dumbbell of 1kg to add some resistance if you want.


Secondly, Shoulder Stretches Rotator cuff


These are also very effective shoulder stretches for making the rotator cuff strong.

Grab a small 1kg or 2 kg dumbbell.

Arms flared out in 90degrees with the elbow.

Make the position as you are about to do a dumbbell shoulder press.


List of warm up exercises
Something like this


Rotate the dumbbell forward while maintaining the elbow position to 90degrees.

Do like 15-20 rep for 2 sets.

This one is a few of the best rotator cuff exercise!


Some extras:


Grab on a pull-up bar and be hanging there for 10-15 seconds.


Thirdly, All the way shoulder rotation


A rope is required, can be a skipping rope.

Or a resistance band.

Grab it to the ends and make the rope go all the way from the head to the lower spine while still holding the rope.

This will really stretch the shoulder, so don’t put near hand to hand grip.

Make a decent large grip and go from all the up to down!

This exercise will make the shoulder joint much flexible and eliminate any kind of mobility issues.


Next, Normal P.T


1. Stand straight and lift your both hands to the front to the shoulder level and,

then up straight and bring back to forward again,

and back to the starting position!


2. Stand straight and flare both hands to sides to the shoulder level and,

then straight up and then bring back to the sides again,

and back to the starting position!


3. This one is like the combination of (1&2)


Stand straight and lift both hands to the front as of shoulder level,

then straight up and then bring back to the sides,

and back to the starting position!


Not adding these regular exercises is what causes tight shoulders!

Remember these are the common shoulder warm-up exercises and not are the shoulder exercises for pain.

If you have pain in your shoulders, you may consult your physical therapist for a consultation.

Having said that,

These are the shoulder stretches that I do before my chest, back and shoulder workout.


Neck Stretches


Neck Circles


This one is simple, like really simple!

Move your neck in circles.

The only thing you need to take notice of that,

avoid bending the neck to the front.

That’s it!


Neck hold


Straight neck, bend it to the left side and then hold it for 10-15 sec.

Again then, bend it to the right and then hold it for 10-15 sec.


If you have the problem of neck pain or an issue of the pinched nerve.

I already published an article for it.

Check it out here:


Simple And Quick Neck And Shoulder Physical Therapy At Home

Quick Neck Exercises & Stretches For Pinched Nerve At Home


Next, the list of warm-up exercises for the lower body.


List Of Warm-up Exercises(Lower Body)


In this, I will cover leg stretches before leg workouts.

Let’s start with the spine stretches!


Spine Stretches


Now, this one is an important one, you can’t miss this.

Spinal injuries are also most common and are often most difficult to heal!


List of warm up exercises



Lay comfortably on the ground.

Stretch your legs like more near to the chest.

Push both the legs to the left completely.

Giving a deep stretch in the spine.


Again, back to the normal position.


Now, push both the legs to the right completely.

Giving a really deep stretch in the spine again.

You may hear some popping sound coming from this stretch.

It’s ok to hear that!


Another one,


Cobra Stretch


List of warm up exercises


Lay on the ground on the stomach.

Put both of the hands in shoulder width apart position.

And stretch the spine just by lifting your body up!

Check Out More Spine Stretches


Quad stretches


Leg Pullback


Stand straight and grab your left leg with your left hand.

And pull the leg back to the stretch the quad.

Give it a deep quad stretch for 10-15 sec.

Just like this:


List of warm up exercises


Same with the right leg.


Check Out More Quad Stretches


For Hamstring Stretches


In hamstring stretches, please don’t that typical stretch.

That we all do from the beginning.

Like touching the ground!

Unless you are really flexible or into yoga or something.

Because if you are not that flexible,

Doing that hamstring stretch will compress the lower back.

Which triggers lower back pain.

Avoid doing that.

Instead, do this one:


Find a plain surface where you can put your leg, can be a chair or bench etc.

Put your leg there completely straight and then try to touch your feet while maintaining the spine straight.

This will do the same thing that touching the ground will do.

The difference is that you are here in a much more safe position!


List of warm up exercises


High Kicks


It is considered good if your leg is coming to the head while doing high kicks.

If it’s not, you need to work on your hamstrings flexibility.

How to do?

Stand near a wall and grab it so that you won’t get imbalanced.

Shoot a high kick from one leg making sure that it is coming up at the same level as your head.

Do 15 of these in one row from one leg.

And same with the other leg.


More Hamstrings Stretches


Calf Stretches


I see calf muscle stretches are not done mostly by anyone.

It looks something like:


Stand in front of a wall just like you are about to push the wall.

Put your one feel back to which you want to give deep calf stretch.

Next, with another feel.

Try with both feet and stretch it!


More Calf Stretches


Glutes stretches


Pigeon Stretch


Stretching the hips is really important.

Lie comfortably on a mat with one leg crossed in front of you.

This will give a deep stretch in the glutes area.

Same do this with the other leg.

Hold the stretch for min 30 seconds both sides.


List of warm up exercises


If you have flexibility or mobility issue,

or find it difficult to do the pigeon stretch.

You can also do this hip stretch which I am telling you now using a chair or a bench.

Sit back relaxed and put your left leg on top of the right leg.

The foot of your left leg will touch the knee of the right leg.

Same hold the stretch for 30 seconds both sides.


Check Out More Glutes Stretches






It really depends on your choice that which exercise makes you feel a good warmed up legs. 

Get 2 bodyweight sets of squats and lunges done.

Because it will get the blood flow moving in the legs.

Jumping squats and lunges are for advanced lifters.


These are not only stretching exercises for beginners, anyone can do this just to avoid mobility and flexibility issues.


So that’s it guys from this article “Complete List Of Warm-Up Exercises Before Going To The Gym” 

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