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Leg Press For Glutes: Bigger Glutes Using Leg Press Machine

Leg Press For Glutes: Bigger Glutes Using Leg Press Machine

Leg Press For Glutes: Bigger Glutes Using Leg Press Machine In this article, we will discuss in detail getting bigger glutes using the leg press machine. Using the exercise named Leg Press for glutes is certainly not considered the primary one to target the butt area. But if you do it in the way I am about to derive, you will definitely feel the exercise Leg Press for glutes muscles. 


I don’t know why but I used to hate leg press in the beginning,

but as I get to know more about the proper functioning

and the variation that the leg press machine can bring.


I am like ah, leg press for glutes became one of my favorite movement.

By using the different variations and angles, you can target your whole leg

covering different muscles groups like Quads, hamstrings, and glutes.


In today’s article, I will explain how you can use leg press for glutes.

Leg Press For Glutes: Bigger Glutes Using Leg Press Machine

Using Leg Press For Glutes In The Right Way


Actually, the exercise leg press is really good for focusing primarily on the quads(front side of the leg)

and the hamstrings(back side of the leg). 


The main thing in doing any exercise is to just feel it. 

As in our case, we need to feel most in the glutes area.


Let’s see the variations that you can bring by adjusting the form here and there.


The major variation you can make is in the foot placement.

Your foot placement decides that where you

are to be feeling the coming tension by the heavyweights!


Notice this when you are next time is about to do the leg press.


When you put your feet placement in the center of the pad.

You will feel all neutral pressure.


By neutral I mean, the weight pressure will get equally divided by all your leg muscles.

i.e front quads(big time), hamstrings(feel working), glutes(little to no)


If you do a little variation by changing the feet placement to the lower of the pad.

This adjustment will make you feel the weight of the leg weight machine mostly in the front quads area.


However, one thing to notice about this is to

avoid putting your feet placement far down to the pad.


The reason behind this is when you do a proper movement

Your knee will be going far ahead from the feet which will be a problem.


What that will do is, it will create immense pressure on the knees and at the same time working the quad muscle.

I mean, there is nothing wrong in placing the feet a little down to the pad as long as your knees don’t outrun your toes.


And you know there will be no benefit if you have to compromise your joint to build any muscle


Practically, you will not feel the pressure light weights(on knees) but when you go heavy which you will do for sure which is essential for the wear and tear in any training, it will create a problem in the knee joint.

As you can see in the picture that the knees are going much more forward than the toes.

Leg Press For Glutes: Bigger Glutes Using Leg Press Machine

And lastly, if you do place your feet a little upward on the leg press pad.


This is an interesting one,

By placing your feet a little up what you just did is

The hamstrings came into a stretched position.

And when you will do the press which is by lowering the weight, it will force the stretch in the glutes muscle.


I personally don’t use the neutral position for the leg presses, rather I find this exercise position much more effective and burning when I place the feet a little upward on the pad.

This is what you will call a leg press for glutes.


One thing to notice is that,

Most people have tight hamstrings which means they are not flexible enough.

Try having a good stretching for the hamstrings because when you change the feet placement to a little upward.

There are much higher chances of rolling the back.

Try to avoid rolling the spine inward.


What you can do to avoid that

is to just stick your butt tight down the floor on the machine.

And then don’t move once you unrack the weight. 

That will be a good leg press for the glutes covering everything in a smooth way.

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Final Words


Most people who are at beginners level or intermediate level don’t find their glutes working in the leg press machines. It is all about the leg and the feet placement. 


Shifting the normal leg press movement to a feet placement on the upper side of the pad will be more engaging and more effective in targetting more muscle fibers and especially glutes.


The things that I have explained in the article is solely based on my experience and how I feel about Leg press for glutes. Try to implement and use the stuff you just have read.


Also, If you want me to make an article on a specific topic.

Mail me at [email protected]

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


Avneet Singh is the author and founder of the website AsFitnessTips.com. He is not a fitness guru or expert, rather he shares his knowledge and experience which he gained during his journey on road to fitness on a single place called "AsFitness".

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