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Lats Workout At Home For Bigger Back(Complete Information)

lats workout at home

Thank you guys for landing on this page and today we will discuss in detail about how we can grow a bigger back by doing lats workout at home only with just a pair of dumbbells by understanding the anatomy and functions of our back muscles so that we can target a specific muscle and force growth. If you are not going to the gym and stay home and not seeing any results, there can be many reasons behind it for example like no nutrition etc. But today, we will discuss things in detail so that you get the right and complete information altogether about the topic. So Let’s start.


If you do not want to go to the gym and want to grow bigger back muscles, there can be many reasons like in today’s world, time is very precious and important to all.


In our busy schedule sometimes we are not able to dedicate the time and energy to look at our health. Going gym can be a fun task but at the same time managing going to the gym on a regular basis is a difficult task for most guys out there.


So, we will learn that how can we build muscles (mainly back muscles) staying at home with just a pair of dumbbells without going to the gym.


First of all, as I always say that if we want to grow any muscle, we must have to first understand the anatomy of that muscle(s). In this case, we will understand the anatomy of the back.


Back muscle anatomy is very important to grow back muscles. By understanding proper back muscle groups, we can increase and strengthen our back muscles. 


Human Back Muscle Anatomy


Let’s review the names of the muscles i.e how many are present in human back to which we have to work on. To understand properly, we will not go in deep science, rather what we will do is, we will keep it simple so that everyone could understand and learn it better.

lats workout at home

1. Lats muscle, fully pronounced as latissimus dorsi also called V-taper or wings in slang language. This muscle is pretty big and divided into two parts:

  • Upper lats and,
  • Lower Lats


2. RhomboidsIt is a very small muscle just right beneath the trapezius muscle 


3. Rear shoulders – Also called delts or Deltoids.


4. Trapezius – It is located in the Upper back around the neck


5. Lower back – These muscles are supporting muscles around the lower back.


Back Muscles Strengthening Exercises


You might be thinking that’s ok hmm… these are all the muscles in the human back, but which muscle should I target which gives me the maximum growth?


To grow back bigger we should focus more on the Lats which is responsible for the width, which leads to broader back and by doing lats exercises at home, you can increase the size from both sides.


Now, understand that I am not-at-all saying that ‘lats’ gives you the maximum growth so in all the back workouts do the exercises of lats muscle only, that’s it, No.

You should target all the muscles which helps you to grow a bigger back (whether it is your rhomboids, lower back etc.) in symmetry, which is a whole topic in itself i.e. Why it is necessary to train all muscle groups to grow in symmetry?


What I am saying is that you should train the weak muscle twice a week. If you have any weak muscle, can be your lats which may be lacking behind, doesn’t matter if the muscle in the back particularly. You have to just train it often with exercises with dumbbells at home.


If you don’t have any weak muscle in your whole back then, focus more on the exercises which target most muscles around back and the main pressure is on Lats like Dumbbell rows.


When you perform dumbbell rows, you have to keep your spine straight and when you keep your spine straight, your lower back muscles get to its work of stabilizing your core which makes your core tight and,

When the core is tight, it builds up core strength and the main thing is that in dumbbell rows you can stretch your lats deeply and with proper muscle mind connection you will feel a better contraction on top of the movement.


Function Of Lats Muscle


Lats muscle is responsible for the flexion of the extended position. Whaat… hey man that’s a bouncer right there, keep it simple!

Ok, let me explain those words in some simple words. When we grab something high, it’s our lats muscle which helps and support our-self to reach somewhere high and grab something as simple as it sounds.


Lats Workout At Home


Now before starting your home workout, I request you please do the warm-up first. Most guys don’t do the proper warm-up and after a month or 2, they come up with these words from their mouth like “I am feeling pain in my left shoulder” or “my right shoulder creates a crack sound whenever I lift my arm up”.


Guys do not, I mean do not ever compromise on your warm-up session. When you are about to start the lats exercises with dumbbells or targetting any other back muscle in the workout session.


Do basic shoulder rotations, 10 with the front side and 10 with the other, rotator cuff stretches(internal and external) and little bit other warmup exercises so to increase the heart rate and some blood pumping towards the targetted muscle before the workout. Then start with the main sets accordingly as the routine guides you.


There are many lats exercises with dumbbells can be performed to strengthen back muscles. And the fun part is that you can do it anywhere without going to the gym. Take a look at these exercises given below:


For Lats/Rhomboids/Trapezius – “Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups”


lats workout at home


Guys it is one of the best old school basic exercise which you can perform at home anytime. You don’t even need a pair of dumbbells to do so. Pull-ups is such an effective exercise to build your lats. It forces growth in the upper back.


If you perform it daily, it will give you the wide V-LOOK in your back from behind. Although, while performing lats exercise at home, both trapezius and rhomboids get involved because it’s a compound bodyweight exercise. Perform 10 reps with 2 sets. 


If you find it difficult to take out time at the gym, you can always download my free Bodyweight Workout Routine which you can perform at your place.

And get the complete information about Bodyweight Workouts and how they can help you lose weight.


For Trapezius – “Dumbbell Shrugs”

lats workout at home

All-Time favorite dumbbell shrugs. Shrugs are best for hitting traps. You can perform in any variation, either you can hold the dumbbells in front or near your back pelvic area. Slowly by keeping your body and arms locked, only lift your shoulders and squeeze at the top.


This muscle looks very attractive from the backside when you wear a t-shirt. Perform 12 reps with little heavyweight dumbbells and 3 sets.


For Rear Delts – “Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise”

lats workout at home

Bend your upper body a little forward. Make sure you have your gym belt on to support to the core. And in a controlled way move both of your arms up.


Try to do this exercise slowly with lightweight because we don’t want unnecessary pressure.


Most people make this mistake that they do’not train their rear part of the back. This is an isolation exercise which primarily focuses on the rear delts. Perform 20 reps with 2 sets.


Lat Exercises With Dumbbells


For Lats/Rhomboids – “Double/Single arm Rows”

lats workout at home

This lat exercise with dumbbell can be performed in two ways. One is just shown in the pic and other is without the bench. But, try to avoid the second one as it creates pressure on the lower back.


But in this one, grab a bench or a hard surface support to which you can put your one leg on. Don’t have a curve in the spine, it must be straight with a tight core. This lats exercise is very effective, it mainly focuses on lower-lats and around the spine muscles.


I suggest, that if are doing this lat exercise with the dumbbells for the first time at home and have weak abdominal muscles, wear a tight gym belt is compulsory for you.


Somewhat this exercise is a little risky and controversial as it tends to damage the lower back quicker than me writing this article if performed in poor or in a wrong form. Perform 10-12 reps with 3 sets.


For Lats/Rhomboids “Bent Over Dumbbell Rows” 


Now don’t get confused between these two similar lats exercises Bent over Dumbbell Rows and Double arm Rows.

In dumbbell arm rows, you have to put one leg on the bench to support your spine.

This exercise is also done without a bench, but I will suggest you perform with a support of a bench in front.


But in the bent over double arm rows(this one is without a bench), your body should be in a resting position and laid on a bench and you have to lift both of the dumbbells at the same time contracting both the rhomboids and feel for a second and repeat the movement. Perform 10-12 reps with 3 sets.



Caution – I suggest always train under the right guidance. If you have the proper knowledge about the exercise and form only then working-out with weights at home is useful otherwise you can hurt yourself badly.



Important Things To Remember In Lats Workout At Home


  • Don’t train anything unnecessarily. we have to have a specific program or training schedule. A 3-4 months program which can actually guide you and by using that, you can make your future progress.


  • It’s always important to know the target muscle and separate it from other muscle groups. More you know about the target muscle, more you can grow.


  • Also, training in the full range is the key to increase and strengthen any muscle. For example, when you are in the starting position while doing Single arms dumbbell rows(stretch the lats all the way down)and after stretching it fully, go all the way up and squeeze hard. Make sure that you do not compromise your lower back by rolling it and making a “C” curve of the back.


  • When you squeeze hard with the help of dumbbells, you supply and increase blood flow to the muscles you are targetting and around it. And as the blood contains all the oxygen and energy, it will allow you to feel that amazing Pump after your workout.


  • You need to have a couch or a trainer who can actually tell you or guide you throughout your fitness journey, who can correct you that this exercise should be performed in this right position. Or otherwise, learn the correct exercise form.


What Common Mistakes To Avoid


  • One most important thing is that when you are training your Lats muscle or any other. You must squeeze the muscle(lats in this case) which means contract the muscle as hard you can and really working by feel, by feeling I mean to engage the muscle working instead of training without feeling the muscle which will not give you any benefits in the short as well as long run. Period!


  • It really does’not matter if you are training in the gym or at your place. If you are not feeling the burning sensation, it means that you are not really engaging the muscle and you probably not performing the movement in the right way which is required to force the growth.


  • It is not about if you are lifting the heaviest weight, it’s about you engaging and recruiting most amount of muscle fibers. It is about selecting that weight which you can actually handle and you can feel your muscle working. And lats is a muscle which most people don’t feel it. Therefore exercise must be performed with a great mind-muscle connection.


  • If you are training with the heaviest weight of your capacity and not feeling the muscle working. It is just a waste of time. Do not do the exercise, you will hurt yourself in the long run physically.


So that’s it guys from this article do this Lats Workout At Home For Bigger Back” and if you find value in the content I put up, you already know… be sure to share it with your friends and family or with that person to whom this information can help.


This will motivate me to post more and more helpful content regularly. If you have any doubt or any query, feel free to tell me in the comments section below. I’ll be more than happy to answer.

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Good Bye And Stay In Touch


Avneet Singh is the author and founder of the website AsFitnessTips.com. He is not a fitness guru or expert, rather he shares his knowledge and experience which he gained during his journey on road to fitness on a single place called "AsFitness".

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