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How To Get Big Arms In 2 Weeks(Really!)

How to get big arms in 2 weeks

Thank you for landing on this page and in today’s article, we will discuss in detail about how to get big arms in 2 weeks. What are the main and important steps which are required to grow arm muscles in the minimum time? If we want to grow our muscles, we must look after it’s anatomy. Nowadays, a lot of people want big arms as it looks very impressive and doing dumbbell workouts for arms all the time. Is it really possible to get big arms in two weeks? So, we will look after the anatomy of arm muscles and other things later in this article. So be sure to give this article a complete read. Here we go!


Arms Muscle Anatomy


Arms mainly consist of two muscles i.e. biceps and triceps. It is very simple to know the muscle anatomy of arms which goes like.

Biceps has the word “Bi” in the beginning which means 2 i.e. it has 2 muscles in the biceps.

And triceps has the word “Tri” in the beginning which means 3 i.e. there are 3 muscles in triceps.


Exactly, How To Get Big Arms In 2 Weeks


The first and the basic thing to start with is to check out your regular routine i.e. hows your diet is going on?  from the beginning itself. If you miss out the basics, you will delay your results a long time.


How to get big arms in 2 weeks



Tip 1. Add protein before going to the gym


When you are about to leave your home for the gym, add a little bit of protein source to your pre-workout meal which must include 25-30 grams of protein. You can have it before 30 minutes or if you are an advanced lifter, add any pre-workout supplement (optional for beginners).


The basic aim of adding 30 grams of protein before the workout is to feed your muscle as they are your building blocks of protein. Also by adding protein, the muscles remain in the anabolic state(muscle building phase).


Tip 2. Do the warm-up


Most people skip warm-ups and stretchings before starting the workout and ask how to get big arms in 2 weeks? It is the biggest mistake I feel people make in the gym.


By doing a proper warm-up, you are telling or sending signals to your body that you are about to start intense training ahead, which helps your body to increase your heart rate.


Do basic treadmill for 5 minutes, stretch your shoulders(basic rotator cuff stretch) and most importantly give your arms(biceps and triceps) a good stretch.


Add a lightweight set(one set) of dumbbell workouts for arms curls and tricep kick-back with high repetition(above 20). Do perform a lightweight set at the beginning for sure.


Tip 3. Train Intense


I see a lot of people training in the gym training with the super heavy intensity which is actually a good thing, but with very wrong form. I always think, when they are doing exercise wrong, ahh man… that’s the reason they are not growing and still looks pretty much the same after several months.


My point is that, train with heavy intensity but choose that weight with which you can perform the exercise in the best form possible.


In the gym train like a beast and destroy yourself completely with increasing weight in each set. You can only feel two things tomorrow i.e. feel the pump and enjoy or have a normal day feeling that you have done nothing yesterday.



There’s a saying that “If a person cannot tell the difference between when you go in the gym and when you come out”, then you’re training it wrong.



Tip 4. Proper Nutrition


With proper nutrition, I don’t mean only post workout nutrition. Although that should be on point, the overall nutrition must be balanced and align with your goal.


Most people make the mistake of eating crappy food and training intense and expect that by doing it consistently, they will grow. No guys, things just don’t work that way.


When you train intensely in the gym, that’s a good thing but the real game starts when you are outside the gym. When you are training in the gym, it’s only just 1 hour, what you do in those 23 hours, that matters.


Provide proper nutrition so that the tears in your muscles or arms can be recovered. Providing proper nutrition will not only grow your muscles but also contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Understand that nutrition is not a few months process, it’s a lifestyle.


Nutrition is not a few months process, it's a Lifestyle. Click To Tweet


Tip 5. Rest Rest Rest


Now you are doing the exercise right and with progressive intensity, your nutrition is good. In the last stage, it’s the rest which makes you grow really fast, its the rest, the real growth is in resting. The reason is that when you train like a beast to increase the size.


Let me explain you this way- when you train your muscles, you create little tears in your muscles and when you give rest to your body, it repairs those tears. When those tears get recovered fully, it results in the increased size and strength as simple as that.


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A Little Bonus


For the maximum growth, first of all, train with heavy intensity and destroy the muscle fully and completely. And then with proper rest, high protein diet, increased water intake(3-4 liter per day) and being in the caloric surplus i.e. consuming more calorie than maintenance calorie.


You will boost the recovery process. If you do these things daily and add them to your regular lifestyle, believe me, you will grow a lot faster and see a massive change in your arms size.


To get big arms in 2 weeks? While training the biceps, exercises won’t matter(in case of biceps only).


It’s the grip that matter. For example, when you do barbell curls, your grip can be neutral(shoulder width apart) or can be a little wider or can be a little inside while holding the barbell. Your grip decides which muscle you are targeting. 


Train your arms twice a week. An example can be – Monday and Thursday. Make sure there should be minimum 2 days rest in between.


If you don’t have a workout schedule specifically for arms(Biceps and Triceps) or you find it boring to train the same way you training from months or reason can be anything that you have hit your plateau which means, you have stopped seeing results from a long time.


Then it’s a great time to try something new or break that daily chain in which you are repeating the same exercises daily. Add something new to your arm workout or try this specially designed workout routine to build arm muscles.


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Dumbbell Workouts For Arms


When we look at how to grow big arms, we look for the size, and size comes when we train the Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber. It is a topic in itself, I will cover it in some other article in detail.


But for this, note that to increase the size of arms, we have to train the fast twitch muscle fiber which means training in the range of 6-8-10 repetitions which targets fast twitch fibers and increase the mass.


You can add 4 sets of 3 different bicep exercise for the mass with maximum 10 repetitions.


So to answer the question how to get big arms in 2 weeks? You can follow the following workout. This workout is short and super intense, I want you to go heavy on the weight with your maximum capacity to the limit you can handle on the biceps.


1. Dumbbell Hammer Curls(for the long head) – 4 sets of max. 10 reps

2. Barbell Curls – 4 sets of max. 10 reps

3. Dumbbell Concentration Curls(for the peak) – 4 sets of max. 10 reps

big arms, bicep curls, concentration curls.

Arm Workout For Definition


Similarly, when we look at the workout for definition, it means we have to train our Slow Twitch Muscle Fiber. For the definition, we have to hit a range which is between 12-15 repetition.


Hitting slow twitch muscle fiber is essential for the definition and also your endurance will increase when you go above 15.


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Don’t take me wrong, but going max to max 16 or 17 reps is ok during cutting. But man, doing more than 17 reps straight in a single set and there are 3 sets more to cover is just a waste of time. Don’t go above 17 or there can be a chance of getting injured. Better be on the safe side while doing any kind of dumbbell workouts for arms.


You can add 4 sets of minimum 3 different bicep exercises for definition and add them to your workout schedule by hitting 15 rep range. The workout would be the same but now the only difference is that the repetitions would be 15(max) instead of 10.


1. Hammer Curls – 4 sets of max.15 reps

2. Barbell Curls – 4 sets of max. 15 reps

3. Dumbbell Concentration Curls – 4 sets of max. 15 reps


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Download the complete arm workout plan for mass and endurance here.


Note: The process of getting big arms in 2 weeks? Well you can add these exercises in your regular workout schedule which you are doing from months.


One more thing is that please do not add this workout routine if you already doing your full body schedule daily or 2 muscle intense training daily. This workout schedule is specially designed for those who want to see booming results in their arms specifically.


Important Thing To Remember


Now, you are thinking hmm that’s ok. But I want the peak on the top and a rounded shape of my bicep. What exercise should I do?


So for the bicep peak, try to focus on hammer curls and barbell curls with inside grip. Because by holding the barbell from the inside, the tension goes on the outer part biomechanically and for the peak, we must train the long head.


And for the roundness, try to focus on normal dumbbell curls or barbell curls with the hand grip a little outside for the tension on the short head.


Doing dumbbell workouts for arms is actually a good thing because you can actually adjust the dumbbell in the way you want. As in the barbell, you have a limited range of motion. And you have to cope up the motion of the barbell.


I think it is the reason that people face muscle imbalance because they tend to do more workouts with the barbell. 


The thing is that, when we do barbell curls, it is really very difficult to know the exact amount of work done or weight lifted by each arm.


One arm becomes dominant and mostly the right arm and as time passes, we can see a big difference.


It is better to get the routine mixed up in every 4 months and preferring the arm workouts with the dumbbells to avoid the issue of muscle imbalance in the long run.


When you do your regular barbell curls or dumbbell curls with your hand grip as same as your shoulder width i.e. you are gripping the barbell from your hands as wide as your shoulder, then your both long head and short head of biceps are coming under tension and working.


If both of your hand grips are holding the barbells just a little inside, then your tension goes on the outer part bio-mechanically. Brachialis muscle is targeted, which is the weakest muscle in most guys. And a little bit of tension goes on the long head.


If both of your hand grips are a little outside of the barbell, not too outside, just a little outside from your regular shoulder width, then your primary muscle which is being used is the short head of biceps.


The best for building any muscle is to achieving and maintaining better muscle mind connections.




Do not put your hand grip too outside or too inside while holding the barbell. I see a lot of people doing that and I don’t know what they are thinking.


By holding the grip far outside or far inside compared to your shoulder width apart, it creates a lot of unnecessary pressure on the shoulder joint rotator cuffs.


Well if you want big arms in the minimum time possibleyou just need to avoid doing all these mistakes just to grow the arms otherwise, you will delay the process of getting results.


Oh man, seriously please don’t do that. It can badly injure you within weeks. And instead of growing biceps faster, you have to face injury which will, in turn, delay your results.


End Thoughts


Most guys out there posting articles by giving the title “Do this exercise to increase 2-inch arms in 2 weeks” or “How to get big arms in 2 weeks”.


Guys, be smart about what you are reading. There is no way you can increase your biceps in 2 weeks by 2 inches, that’s just impossible.


I don’t know how this type of information came out or who is posting without thinking which is not possible.


Get The Complete Information About Triceps.


#Not promoting steroids.


Even if you would take steroids, best steroids available on this earth. You cannot grow 2-inch bicep in 2 weeks. 

2 inches of bicep growth is considered amazing in a minimum 1-year time frame. That growth is achievable in 1 year.

2-inch arms in 2 weeks.

Refer This Video For More Information!


If you want to follow someone, assure that he/she have a scientific backup behind it even if he is saying get big arms in 2 weeks, do not follow unnecessary advice from everyone.


Listen to the person and find that, if this statement or solution has any logical deduction behind it. If no, do not follow that advice and if yes, you are good to go.


There is no shortcut. To achieve big arms or to grow any other muscle, you have to put consistent hard work on a daily basis and go through the pain, only then you build muscles.


That’s it guys from this article “How To Get Big Arms In 2 Weeks(Really!)” and If you find this article helpful and find value in the content I put up, then make sure to smash that share button so that it can reach as many people as possible which helps us to grow a strong online community of “fitness lovers”.


And if you have any doubts, be sure to write in the comments section below and I will try to reply it as soon as possible. Until then, check out our fashion store where you can find custom text hoodies for the gym, joggers, stylish and casual clothes to wear in the gym and outside.

Goodbye and stay in touch.


Avneet Singh is the author and founder of the website AsFitnessTips.com. He is not a fitness guru or expert, rather he shares his knowledge and experience which he gained during his journey on road to fitness on a single place called "AsFitness".

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