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5 Easy And Actionable Tips To Get Big Arms Fast In Weeks

How to get big arms in 2 weeks

5 Easy And Actionable Tips To Get Big Arms In Weeks: So, you want to get big arms fast, today in this article I will tell how you can get big arms fast. These insanely actionable tips will help you make your muscles grow faster!


This article will help you with actionable insights with getting big arms in minimal time possible. All you need to understand is the muscle anatomy of arms and boom. You’re good to go!


How To Get Big Arms Fast?


Nowadays, a lot of people want big arms as it looks very impressive.

They are doing dumbbell workouts for arms all the time.

But still not pop-in those gains!

Hey man, I know you are doing those Bicep and Tricep workouts.

The arms curls and everything.


The difference here is understanding the arms muscle anatomy.

It is to get to know how many muscles are present inside that meat.

When you have the complete information about the arms muscles.

Then you can grow really fast.


Because you will have the right information backed up with science.

Lets quickly understand the arms muscle anatomy!


Arms Muscle Anatomy


Arms mainly consist of two muscles which are biceps and triceps.

It is very simple to know the muscle anatomy of arms which goes like:


Biceps has the word “Bi” in the beginning which means 2 i.e. it has 2 muscles in the biceps.

And triceps has the word “Tri” in the beginning which means 3 i.e. there are 3 muscles in triceps.


You can find the complete information here:


Bicep Muscle Anatomy

Tricep Muscle Anatomy


Tips To Getting Big Arms Fast


The first and the basic thing to start with is to check out your regular routine!

Which means.

How is your diet going on? 

If you miss out the basics, you will delay your results for a long time.


Big arms fast, How to get big arms in 2 weeks


Tip 1. Add Protein Before Going To The Gym!


When you are about to leave your home for the gym.

It is the best time. For what?

To hydrate those muscles with protein.

Don’t know what are the best protein sources.

There We Go!


Add a little bit of protein to your pre-workout.

Having 25-30 grams of protein is a good way to go. 

If you are an advanced lifter, add any pre-workout supplement (optional for beginners!).


If you are having right before the workout.

Then 30 minutes window is great.


If you are having in your pre-workout meal then 1.5 hours(90 minutes) is a good window.

The reason is that:


People generally take a proper meal containing proper ratios of protein, carbs, and fats.

Fats take time to digest.

And you don’t want your stomach to be filled with food as you workout.

That’s why 1.5-hour window!


The basic aim of adding 30 grams of protein before the workout is to feed your muscle.

As they are your building blocks of protein.

Also by adding protein,

The muscles will remain in the anabolic state(muscle building phase).


Tip 2. Do the Proper warm-up


Most people skip warm-ups and stretchings before starting the workout and ask how can they get big arms? 

It is the biggest mistake I feel people make in the gym.

Which is, not warming up! 


By doing a proper warm-up.

You are telling or sending signals to your body.

That you are about to start intense training ahead, which helps your body to increase your heart rate.


Do basic treadmill for 5 minutes.

Stretch your shoulders(basic rotator cuff stretch)

And most importantly give your arms(biceps and triceps) a good stretch!


Add a lightweight set(one set) of dumbbell arms curls.

And tricep kick-back.

Touch the high repetitions.

It should be above 20 reps to lead to proper warm-up!


Tip 3. Train Intense


I see a lot of people training in the gym.

With super heavy intensity which is actually a good thing.

But with the very wrong form.

I always think,

Ahh man… that’s the reason they are not growing.

And still looks pretty much the same after several months.


My point here to getting big arms is:

Train with heavy intensity, that’s a good thing.

But choose that weight with which you can perform the exercise in the best form possible!

This will get you big arms fast.


In the gym, the goal should be like:


Train like a beast and destroy yourself completely with increasing weight in each set.

And, you can only feel two things tomorrow which is,

Feel the pump and enjoy or have a normal day feeling that you have done nothing yesterday!


There’s a saying that:


If a person cannot tell the difference between when you go to the gym and when you come out, then you're training it wrong Click To Tweet


Tip 4. Proper Nutrition


With proper nutrition, I don’t mean only post workout nutrition.

Although that should be on point.

The overall nutrition must be balanced and align with your goal!


Most people make the mistake of eating crappy food and training intensity.

And expect that by doing it consistently, they will grow.

No guys, things just don’t work that way.


When you train intensely in the gym, that’s a good thing.

But the real game starts when you are outside the gym.


When you are training in the gym, it’s only just 1 hour.

What you do in those 23 hours, that matters!


After the workout routine, provide proper nutrition

So that the tears in your muscles can recover fast.

And you can get big arms fast.


Providing proper nutrition will not only grow your muscles,

But also contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Understand that nutrition is not a few months process, it’s a lifestyle!


Nutrition is not a few months process, it's a Lifestyle. Click To Tweet


Tip 5. Rest Rest Rest


Now you are doing the exercise right and with progressive intensity.

Your nutrition is good.

In the last stage, it’s the rest which makes you arms grow really fast.

Its the rest, the real growth is in resting.

The reason is that when you train like a beast to increase the size…


Big arms fast, How to get big arms in 2 weeks
I know this pic should not be here. But who cares he is resting there! Somewhat relatable!


Let me explain you this way!

When you train your muscles, you create little tears in your muscles.

And when you give rest to your body, it repairs those tears.

When those tears get recovered fully, it results in the increased size and strength as simple as that.


Training is important, but to recover from that damage super important for the growth. Click To Tweet


A Little Bonus(Tip 6.)


Train with heavy intensity and destroy the muscle fully and completely.

And then with proper rest is what you read in the above tips.


For the maximum growth:

High protein diet.

Increased water intake(3-4 liter per day)

And being in the caloric surplus

Which is, consuming more calorie than maintenance calorie.


You will boost the recovery process.

If you do these things daily and add them to your regular lifestyle.

Believe me guys, you will grow big arms a lot faster and see a massive change in the size.


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End Thoughts On Getting Big Arms Fast


People are posting articles by giving the title “Do this exercise to increase 2-inch arms in 2 weeks” or “How to get big arms in 2 weeks”


Guys, be smart about what you are reading.

There is no way you can increase your biceps in 2 weeks by 2 inches,

That’s just impossible!


I don’t know how this type of information came out.

Or who is posting without thinking?


#Not promoting steroids


Even if you would take steroids, best steroids available on this earth.

You cannot grow 2-inch bicep in 2 weeks. 


2 inches of bicep growth is considered amazing.

If achieved in a 1-year time frame.


And if you want to make a good big body.

It will nearly cost you 2 months to see the results of your hard work.


2-inch arms in 2 weeks.

Refer to This Video For More Information!


If you want to follow someone.

Assure that he/she has a scientific backup behind it.

Do not follow unnecessary advice from everyone.


Listen to the person and find that, if this statement or solution has any logical deduction behind it.

If no, do not follow that advice.

And if yes, you are good to go.


There is no shortcut to getting big arms.

To achieve big arms fast or to grow any other muscle fast.

You have to put consistent hard work on a daily basis

And go through the pain.

Only then you build muscles!


That’s it guys from this article “5 Easy And Actionable Tips To Get Big Arms Fast In Weeks”

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