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How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny People(Complete Guide)

How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny People

How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny People(Complete Guide): So you want to gain weight fast and you’re a skinny guy. Today, I welcome you to an ultimate and complete guide on how to gain weight fast for skinny people.


In this complete guide on “how to gain weight fast for skinny people”, I will give you an exact blueprint on how to and what to do next to gain weight and muscle mass if you’re skinny. 


Thank you for landing on this page “How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny People(Complete Guide)”


And let’s start the complete guide on how to gain weight fast for skinny guys.


How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny People(Introduction)


So, I know how it feels to be skinny!

I have been to that situation too.

I am sure that you also feel the same that, why I am a skinny guy?


While most of the people want to lose weight.

There is also a part of the population like us, who are looking for how to gain weight fast?

And the thing is that if you tell someone that you want to gain weight.

They just don’t take the thing seriously.


Ohh gaining weight is too easy and losing weight is the difficult thing in the world

This and that…

Are the words from their mouth!


Having a skinny body is just too embarrassing for females or boys or anyone for that matter!

Being underweight is just not acceptable.

People start making jokes about the matter.

And all of a sudden it starts to hurt sometimes that why is my body not putting weight?


If you are like 70 percent who finds easy to gain weight and find it harder to lose weight, then this article is not for you.


So, my friend if you made up your mind that you need to change your regular lifestyle.

And maintain a healthy fitness regime.

This is the complete guide for you on how to gain weight fast for skinny people from scratch!

From now onwards, you have to move forward in a strategic way.


You don’t know how big you can achieve results by just getting this information all absorbed.

The stuff I am about to explain to you how to gain weight fast for skinny people has no limitation whatsoever.

Like only boys can do this or any girl cannot follow this or that.


This thing works and it will always.

If you understand and apply it right!

Let’s get started!


How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny People(Guide)


In a broader way.

If you want your results to be smooth,

You only have to take care of three things.

Which are the type of Training?

And The Nutrition.





How to gain weight fast for skinny people



The type of training you have to execute in the gym is compound lifts.

The pattern of your training should not focus on isolation exercises.

In which only single muscle is used at once. 


In simple words,

It is a type of training in which there is more than one muscle is involved in the whole movement.

I mean you can perform isolation movements.

There is no bad thing to do so.

But engaging and recruiting more muscle is the point here.


If we take a small look at how compound movements work in gaining weight fast for skinny people!


When it comes to workouts, you should be doing more of heavy compound lifts.

Like bench press, squats, shoulder press, lunges etc.

So, if your whole training schedule is designed and focusing on isolation movements.

Like bicep curls, the muscle which is being used is the only biceps!


If you want to gain and get the maximum benefits from your pieces of training.

Then, the focus of the training should be towards compound movements.

Because it will engage more muscles by doing one exercise at a time!


Add little to little isolation movements to your workouts.

And if you’re feeling that some muscles are not covering up on the schedule and lagging behind.

Only then add little isolation movements. 


The schedule should be like filled with the most amount of compound lifts.

And minimum isolation movements.

Also, covering all the muscle groups.

After designing or making up your workout schedule.


Isolation Movements vs Compound Movements


Pattern Of Your Training


In this complete guide in how to gain weight fast for skinny people.

You can try out two types of training

Based on your training level and muscle maturity level.


Pattern 1


You can follow this.

If you are training for a while now.

Which means that you are going to the gym and It’s now over a year or so.

And you’re still struggling to put in some serious weight,

Hence, still skinny

You lie in this category!


Instead of doing and following the same old advice.

Which is, going to the lightweights first.

And then medium and then to the heavyweights…

Reverse the circle.

Go with reverse pyramid exercise!


If you’re going to the gym.

You know how it feels to finish the last set when there is no energy left in your body.

To gain weight for skinny people, basically muscle weight.

Instead, this time, what you have to do is.

Start with the heavier sets first.

You can perform better in recruiting maximum muscle fibers!


Do perform 2 lightweight sets of warmups in the beginning.

After that, straight outta jump to the heavy sets.


Benefits Of Reverse Pyramid Training


Pattern 2


For the reason that you never have gone to the gym before.

Or it’s been a few days that you been hitting gym recently.

You being a complete beginner to the game.

You lie in this category!


First of all, let’s start with the pattern in the training.

If you are a complete beginner.

Obviously, I don’t say that you need to lift heavy in the beginning.


For the first month,


Do the mix workouts.

Which means, training all the muscle groups.

After you done with that.

You then focus on training heavy with double body part a day.

As you build some strength, you can start with the intense training.

That’s how you gonna gain weight, basically muscle weight!


What Pattern Of Training You Choose From Above, This Thing Is Constant!


The thing here is.

You don’t have to visit the gym all days in a week to take advantage of every penny you are spending.NO!


I know my mom used to say that.

Why you are not going to the gym, why you are wasting our money:’)

I always say What!!


Rather, what you have to do is.

You only have to train 3-4 days in a week to burn calories and training muscles!

You have to do low reps training but focus more on heavyweights.

With minimum to minimum cardio.


Doing the exercise in heavyweight is important.

Also, but doing it in a proper and right technique is more important!

Always look at the exercise form to make sure you are doing it right.


By doing heavy weight training.

It will destroy the most amount of muscle.

Which is the important thing to do to gain weight if you come in the category of skinny people!


It is very important to work in the right direction, many are going fast in the wrong direction. Click To Tweet


You have to destroy the most amount of muscle fibers.

And then provide the nutrition soo good with high in protein.

Then it will automatically result in the most amount of gains,

Basically, Clean Gains!!


How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny People(At Home)


If you do not go to the gym.

Or if you are not willing to go to the gym to workout.

You are saying basically that you only need to do bodyweight workout at home.

And staying fit that way. If I’m correct!

What to do then?


I must say that.

Continue to follow all the above stuff and the stuff you will learn in this article.

I have already posted an article on the benefits of bodyweight workout at home.

There is all the list of bodyweight exercises.

You can go through here.


But, I still put more emphasis on going to the gym and doing the intense workouts that way!


Understand This Is Really Important!


Because you’re a skinny dude.

It is very easy for your body to burn calories.

That’s the reason why you’re not gaining any weight!


We have to do the opposite.

You have to focus less on the training.

That’s why we are training only 4 days a week.

And focusing more on the nutrition!


In conclusion,

Your workout should not be more than 40-45 minutes. 

It should be short and super intense on point!


Boost Your Gains With This


How to gain weight fast for skinny people



I want you to go a little heavy on the legs if you are underweight.

Legs are the base of your body.

I have seen people skipping leg days.

And showing more interest in exercising other body parts.


If you’re a natural lifter and also a skinny guy.

You got to go heavy to the point which you can handle!


By doing leg workouts especially heavy.

Your body naturally releases testosterone which is the male muscle building hormone.

And there are a lot of benefits for going heavy on leg days for females too!


To build muscle, you have to train the legs so that growth hormone can release more and more.

To get bigger, you got to go heavy on legs.


So, this is the first part.

The type of training is very important for you.

Which is Compound Heavy Lifts…


This is the part 2 where the nutrition part comes!


Nutrition On Gaining Weight For Skinny People


Nutrition is another important factor in determining the way you look.

I know that now you will say that.

Hey man, I am already used to eating a lot.

I know, in gaining weight skinny people are always used to eating a lot.


Yes, I know you are eating a lot.

But I want to tell you that.

Have you ever noticed the type of food you put into your body?

Is it healthy food or just a type of food which has no nutritional value in it?


Eat As Clean As Possible. 


I want you to clean up your diet as soon as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you want to gain weight or have any other fitness goals.

Because if you will eat crap.

It will reflect in your body.


Eliminate any kind of saturated fat and simple carbohydrates from your diet.

It means that you need to look at your diet.

What you are consuming for the whole day?


If you are consuming.

White bread, white pasta, pizza, burger etc,

All these food are simple carbohydrates!


Generally, these foods digest in the stomach too quickly.

And instantly give you an energy rush.

You will feel that your stomach is full.

And after 2 hours, it feels like low energy.

Because of the simple carbs that had been taken into the stomach which gets digested too quickly!

All these things like butter etc.


Keep your complex carbohydrates intake and protein intake high.

Also, don’t forget to drink a minimum of 3 liters of water per day.


Avoid Dirty Bulking At Any Cost.


Things that are high in saturated (bad fat).

Because these bad fats will make your stomach full by eating very less food.


People will tell you that you’re skinny.

You can eat pizza, burger, noodles and other stuff around the same category, same food.

It will only make you skinny fat.


Which means you will gain weight.

But not in the means of lean muscle,

Rather in the form of fat.

And that too on the stomach.

Because it is the most preferred place for the body to store fat!


People will say to you, drink enough protein shakes and you will start to put up muscles. How?


First, you need to make your macronutrients right which I will cover in a second.

Gaining weight from protein shakes is not possible.

I am talking about muscle weight, lean muscle weight.

Until you do’not provide your body the nutrition it requires in surplus!


Mark my words:


If you provide garbage food to your body, it will look like one. Try to stick with the whole foods! Click To Tweet

Now, what you have to do is:


Understand How Macronutrients Works


It all depends on the food you put in from your mouth.

And take it into your stomach.


If the food which you are consuming is good food,

Your body will thank you for providing that.

And if it is a crappy food.

It will show the same in the results!


If you are not gaining any weight, just eat more. 

Stick with the basics and try to eat less in a single meal and eat in every 2 hours.


Try to eat 7-8 small meals in every 2-hour time frame.

What that will do is.

It will increase the calories you put in your body.


And if your body requires 2000 calories.

To just maintain its current bodyweight.

Then you can consume anywhere around 2200-2500 calories.


You have to create the calories surplus from foods.

It will help you gaining weight fast if you come under the skinny people category.


Calorie Calculate Now

How Many Calories To Consume In A Day


Adding The Right Foods For Gaining Weight


How to gain weight fast for skinny people



Brown Rice

Whole Wheat/Multi-grain Bread

Sweet Potato


Eggs(2-3 Whole in a day and as many egg whites to cover up the protein requirements)

Chicken Breast


Peanut Butter

Chia Seeds

Homemade Protein shakes

And the list goes on-and-on-and-on…

What you eat, What you become! Click To Tweet

It is scientifically impossible why you can’t gain weight.

You just do the part right as I’m telling you if you are skinny.

Consistently, if you are eating more.

Your body has to increase the weight.

Because there is no option left otherwise.


Best Muscle Building Foods

What To Eat After Workout For Clean Gains


Now, In My Experience.


I have seen that if you keep on eating on-and-on after 2 hours.

There are chances that you may be not able to digest too much food.

And it happens. I have experienced it too.


For that, what I am telling you to do is.

If you have to take 2000 calories to maintain the current body weight.

In the initial days by consuming small meals.

Cover up to 1800-2000 calories.

Now you may be thinking why?


Do’not listen to the advice of Eat Big, Get Big.

If you do not build up a large appetite for eating a lot, Eating big at once will not do any good to you.


You are thinking that consuming less will not create that extra supply of 200-500 calories.


Take it this way,


Because you don’t have that large appetite to digest everything yet.

So, for nearly 2 weeks, consume nearly 2000 calories.

That way your body will build an appetite to digest.

And absorb the most amount of nutrition.

It can get from the food you provide.


And as you start small in proving small meals to the body to get the thing digested.


After building a certain appetite.

You can supply big meals on your way.


That’s how you solve the problem of eating more.

And at the same time getting the food digested!


You will automatically feel that whatever you are putting into your body.

It will start to digest and that too in the minimal time possible.

After achieving that stage,

I want you to play your cards right.

After you have seen that you have built this large digesting capacity.

This way,

Now you can go up to 3000 calories in this way.


Suppose that someday, you were not able to create a calorie surplus.

Only then,

On that particular day consider consuming more fat content.

Just to make sure that you will remain in the calorie surplus all the time!

Tips For Better Digestive Health


This Is The Third Part In Complete Guide On How To Gain Weight For Skinny People:




Now, this is the thing that most guys don’t care about!

Resting at home is considered evil.

I don’t know why people hate resting.

And do not give it as much as it should be given.


It is as important as NUTRITION and as important as TRAINING!

When you workout at the gym.

You only destroy muscle fibers.

For the repairing and rebuilding, REST is needed!


With adequate rest, your body will gain strength.

Because the muscle which you have destroyed is better than before and stronger than before!


When Rest Should Be Considered


How to gain weight fast for skinny people



When you had training.

And after taking two days of rest in-between

Still, the muscle is sore.

Do not train that muscle. Do Not!


Give it the rest it deserves.

Once it is fully recovered.

Only then consider training the muscle again.

To the dead end of completely destroying it with heavyweights!


If you will continue to train the same muscle without completely recovering.

There is a much higher chance of you getting injured.


Why Adequate Sleeping


Adequate sleep of minimum 6-7 hours should be considered.

Because when you train hard in the gym.

Your body receives the green signal to recover you as fast as possible at the time when you are sleeping.


When you are sleeping,

Your body releases testosterone and with the help of enough protein.

The muscle building process starts.


Till now,

Most people think that muscles are built in the gym, No!

Muscles are being recruited in the gym.

And are built when you are sleeping.


By getting proper sleep in the night you can avoid laziness in the mornings.

And can stay fresh the whole day.


Take it this way,


If you are not taking enough sleep in the nights.

Chances are you may not able to perform the heavy movements to your maximum capacity.

Hence, will result in decreasing strength levels.

Or you might injure yourself.


If you are taking a good amount of sleep,

It will automatically result in decreasing a hormone called cortisol(aka the stress hormone)

Other hormones get balanced as well.


Why Resting Is Soo Important


If you focus on these three things which are INTENSE TRAINING, NUTRITION BACK-UP, AND RESTING, you can get muscles fast and can gain weight if you’re skinny. Period!


Step By Step Guide


So, if you’re a complete beginner.

You don’t know from where to start from.

These steps will guide you through.


Step1.  Click Your BEFORE pictures.


I want you to click pictures of your body that how you really look.


“How in the water you really and actually are, how much progress you have to make in the coming months”


Your exact shape and look.

Also, measure the size of your arms, chest etc.


This step is important because it will determine your exact situation at which you currently are.

After doing this step the next step is to,


Step2. Join A Gym


As you are a beginner or new bee in the gym.

Ask your trainer for workout plan and nutrition plan. 

If he is a good trainer, he must have both of them.


When you have the workout plan specially designed for you to gain size. 

I must tell you that you will see all the people lifting with super heavyweight, training intensely!


After looking at them.

Your first thought will be like if they can lift that much weight.

I must lift heavier than them too!


On the first day,

Do not go heavy at all minimum for a month.

Because what that will do is.


As you are a beginner and never performed any exercise before.

You don’t have the right technique of training in a specific way.

And you can hurt yourself in the coming weeks.

Give yourself a month time.

And that way you can progress with heavy weight.


Ask your trainer, the correct form of doing the exercises in the correct way.


For example,

That you are doing Lat Pulldown,

Ask your trainer that what muscle is being targetted by doing this?

How much weight can I lift on the first day or incoming one month?

And do the complete workout schedule without missing any exercise.




How to gain weight fast for skinny people


Step3.  Shopping


This step is really very important.

In this step,

You have to collect all the necessary required eating stuff or food which is written in the diet plan.

So that you can have a strong backup of proper nutrition.


If you miss out on the nutrition which is written in the diet plan.

You will remain the same after putting years of hard work in the gym without proper nutrition. Click To Tweet

I have wasted my time in the beginning when I just had started workout when no one is there to tell me that:

Nutrition is 80 percent and exercising in the gym is 20 percent. Click To Tweet


Step4. Warmup And Rest


A lot of people make this mistake of going to the gym daily.

Especially who are hard gainers and want to gain weight.


If you are a hard gainer,

There is no need to go to the gym daily.

Rather what you can do is,

You can go on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat.


It is very easy for your body to burn calories as I explained above.

That’s why you come under the category of a “hard gainer”


So training 4 days a week is good enough. 

And on those days when you are not going to the gym.

And most importantly,

Warm up and stretch those muscles that you have trained yesterday.

It will help you get more intensity in coming workouts!


What stretching and warming up the muscle will do is.

It will eliminate the chances to you getting stiffed joints.

Because stretching makes the muscle more flexible.

And make it grow even faster.

Because you’re stretching and creating more room for the muscle for its optimum growth!


Step5. Be Consistent.


Consistency plays an important role in fitness.

There is no replacement for being consistent!

If you will be consistent in the right direction, you will move forward and if you will be in the opposite, you will suffer by being consistent with it. Click To Tweet

In short,

The calories you should be eating should be higher than your maintenance calories to gain weight.

And by being consistent with the caloric surplus.

You will start to gain weight fast.


Why Consistency Matters In Fitness?


Keep This Table In Mind


These are the measuring that what should be a person weigh at various height levels.


                        Height                         Weight Should Be
                       5’6    53 Kg – 68 Kg   OR  118 lbs – 150 lbs
                       5’7    54 Kg – 71 Kg   OR  121 lbs – 158 lbs
                       5’8    56 Kg – 73 Kg   OR  125 lbs – 163 lbs
                       5’9    58 Kg – 76 Kg   OR  129 lbs – 168lbs
                       5’10    59 Kg – 78 Kg   OR  130 lbs – 171 lbs
                       5’11    61 Kg – 80 Kg   OR  137 lbs – 179 lbs
                       6’0    63 Kg – 83 Kg   OR  141 lbs – 184 lbs
                       6’1    65 Kg – 85 Kg   OR  145 lbs – 189 lbs
                       6’2    67 Kg – 87 Kg   OR  149 lbs – 194 lbs


The values of this table are given by the minimum weight you should be having.

If you’re not fitting even in the minimum limit.

BRO! You need to take your health seriously. Make a firm decision and go stick to it.

Mindset Shift In Gaining Weight For Skinny People


Now, this is a big thing!

Most people don’t accept this.

So, before starting anything.

I want you to make up your mindset.


The biggest mistake a hard gainer makes is listening to their parents and family and friends those are saying too much that you can’t gain any weight!


Most of your friends may be saying that “you will be like the same because you have bad genetics” or something related to that.

Bottom Line, IGNORE THEM!



if you’re skinny always remember this thing if anyone insults you in public or in any group.

This thing is going to happen.


How to gain weight fast for skinny people
Credit: Laughing Colours


First people will laugh at you.

They will start to bring you down ending with a joke 



I want you to make up this type of long-term mindset.

And, this will happen if you are willing to make the necessary shift in the mindset.

Because results ain’t pop in right away in a week,



Fitness is all about becoming mentally strong.


Whatever the mind can believe, it can achieve! Click To Tweet

You have to make this mindset shift first.

You have to stop blaming that why your genetics are like that.

And why you’re skinny or underweight.

Accept that and start to put in the work.

Which is the only way to prove that every single person that once made you a joke!


Follow the workout plan and nutrition plan consistently.

And trust the process that you can achieve ” YOUR GOAL”…

Here Is Some Fitness Motivation For You


I hope you have found what you are looking for.

May you achieve your fitness goal by a great transformation with BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

That’s it guys from this article “How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny People(Complete Guide)”


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Thanks for giving “How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny People” a sweet read!

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