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How Many Calories Should You Be Eating A day To Gain Or Lose Weight.

How many calories should you be eating a day

How Many Calories Should You Be Eating A day To Gain Or Lose Weight: So you are looking for how many calories should you be eating a day, In this article, I will cover everything related to how many calories should you be eating a day?


So in this post, I will try my best to make you understand everything about calories so that this post can become the last post in research of how many calories should you be eating a day to achieve fitness goals. 


The benefit of knowing this is, You will get in-depth knowledge about calories and how you can manipulate them in a way that it becomes easier for you to achieve your fitness goals. That’s it!


Thank you for landing on this page “How Many Calories Should You Be Eating A day To Gain Or Lose Weight“, let’s get started!


How many calories should you be eating a day


Basic Understanding On What Are Calories In Food


I will make this article in the simplest words as possible so that everyone could understand it better. 


In simple terms, calories are a form of energy.

The energy which human body receives from the food.

To work properly on daily basis.

Like a car needs petrol to work properly.

Our body is also a machine.

It needs calories to work properly.

Calories play a very important role in the way we look.


Different food has different calories.

Calories in banana should always be different from that of Peanut butter.

Because they have different content and ratios of.

Protein, carbs, and fats!


How Many Calories Should You Be Eating A Day?


This is the most common question which pops up in the mind.

Especially after knowing that we only need to adjust the calories.

To gain or lose or maintain weight!

In all these three case scenarios, you need to manipulate or adjust the daily calorie intake.

In order to achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

A question arises that.


So exactly how many calories should you be eating a day?

It actually differs according to the activity level that you have in a day!


If You Are Really INACTIVE:


An average person who is not doing daily exercise.

Then his calorie need is probably less.

Because this average person is not using his body for physical and performance activities.

So what’s the point should he be consuming more?

The only physical work you do is just walking around, traveling, shopping etc.

So no need to consume extra.

The daily calorie requirement you need is around 2200 calories.




At the same time, a person who is physically active.

Doing cardio on a regular basis.

Doing exercise and taking a lot of work from his body.

You burning more by doing heavy weight gym intense workouts.

In general, the activity level during the whole day is very high.

Then his calories requirement during the whole day is also high.

Because this active person has an active daily routine set.

The calories you need for the whole day is more.

The daily calorie requirement you need is around 2500-2900 calories.




This category is for those who are athletes and train very intensely!

Long hours training sessions plus cardio running sessions.

The people in this category are burning more than the other two categories.

So they need to be on heavy packed up nutrition full of calories!

The daily calorie requirement you need to provide 2900+ calories.


Now you know an estimate on how many calories should you be eating a day!


How To Calorie Count With A Demo Meal


Now you know that you just need to adjust the calorie intake.

According to the level of activity in the day.


Where are calories come from and how to calorie count?

Those calories come from MACRONUTRIENTS.

Which are,

Protein, carbs, and fats!




1 gram of PROTEIN contains 4 calories.

Which means if you are consuming 30 grams of protein from a meal.

Then, you are consuming 120 calories from only proteins.

Really SIMPLE!




1 gram of CARBS contains 4 calories.

So, if you are taking 50 grams of carbs from a meal.

Then, you are consuming 200 calories from only carbs!




Now, fats are little different.

1 gram of FAT contains 9 calories.

If you consume 10 grams of fat from a meal.

Then, you are consuming 90 calories from fats!


That’s why you have felt that after consuming a little fat.

Through peanut butter etc,

Now you know!

Why our stomach fills up pretty quick!

So, the total calorie count of this demo meal containing:


30g Protein means 120 calories.

50g Carbs means 200 calories.

10g Fats means 90 calories.


It comes to a total of 410 calories from this demo meal.

That’s how calories are counted per meal!


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Let’s see calorie intake to gain weight…


How Many Calories Should You Be Eating A day(To Gain Weight)


How many calories should you be eating a day
I don’t know why I added this pic, but I really liked it.


How many calories should you eat a day to gain weight?


After absorbing the full information.

I am sure that you can do your own transformation, excited!

Having said that and without taking much of a time.

let’s start how many calories should be eating a day to gain weight!


Most people generally say.

That gaining weight is typically easy and losing weight takes all the effort.

That’s just not true!


I am considering that your body has a natural tendency of losing weight easily.

If you ask out your close friends, family.

About how to gain weight

They will tell you to eat more in a day heavily!

It means that your body is most probably comes under the category of Ectomorph.


I know that you have tried eating everything in the past.

And eating heavily resulted in no gains!

So what is going on?

Why the body is not putting up weight.

What are the reasons behind it?


You might have done this!


Most guys who have a burning desire to transform their body generally search online.

How to calculate calories?


Then, after filling the necessary body details.

A Random number comes which states that you need to eat ‘this much’ calorie.

To maintain the current weight.

And then after knowing the exact number, that’s it!


What to do next after knowing that number nobody tells us in the first place…

I will tell you next how to gain weight!


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Calorie Intake To Gain Weight


To build muscle you need to be in the calorie surplus.

That surplus you have to create by consuming more complex carbs.

By 2gm per pound bodyweight.


What that means is:

If your weight is 150 pounds(68Kg) so, carbs requirement is 150*(2 gram per pound)=300g.

If you cover 300 grams requirement of carbs per day.

You will definitely gain weight by being in the caloric surplus!


I want to make this point clear from now that.

Those 500 calories you will be putting into your body should have to come from the good sources of carbohydrates.

Like brown rice, whole wheat brown-bread, sweet potato, oats etc.


If Eating Too Many Calories Make Your Stomach Upset(SOLUTION)


The best is always to eat the right food.

With some added micronutrients(can add supplements if you unable to complete nutrition from the diet).

With a fiber-rich diet which is like around 25-30+ grams of fiber per day.

5 grams per meal.

And you’re good to go on the route to become a person who will start to gain weight within weeks!


How many calories should you be eating a day


The best way is to add a high-calorie homemade mass gainer shake.

Don’t go with weight gainer and mass gainer supplements.

There are a lot of these boxes available in the market

Not talking name of any brand.

But avoid using them.

Check Out Fiber Rich Foods List


Here, my 4 months experience with mass and weight gainer shakes:

Are Mass Gainers Worth Spending(My Experience)


Mindset In Gaining Weight


So instead of eating all the food at once.

Try to eat 5 meals which means if you are targeting 2500 calories.

Then, 500 calories in a single meal!


Most people will give you this advice that if you are skinny.

You are blessed and you can eat anything which includes soda, soft drinks, junk foods etc.

And by eating these foods you will become heavyweight.

Really bro! 


Ignore all who are giving you all these types of advice.

Your body is working with you from the time you have learned to walk.

it deserves good food!


Now I will tell you in detail that how can you do a successful transformation of gaining weight.

By understanding the concepts of the calorie surplus!




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#How Many Calories You Should Be Eating A Day(CONCLUSION!)


Don’t get too involved with this stuff.

If you are a beginner or even an intermediate.

This stuff is used by advanced athletes who have to compete on stage.

They calculate the calories in the whole day, from proteins, carbs, and fats.

It explained the above so that you can have an understanding.

Which is backed by science and how things work.


If you think too much like:


I need to increase the calorie intake to gain weight.

No, don’t go by this approach!

Probably you will be counting calories all day.

Rather what you have to do is to focus on eating the right food and more food.

Keep things sweet and simple!


If the above stuff cleared everything, that’s great.

But if the above stuff feels like a bouncer from the head, I am making it more simple from now for a better understanding.

Here we go…


You don’t need to be an expert or a nutritionist.

You only need to follow a small thumb Rule of 500!


What does that mean? 


After knowing the exact number of your maintenance calorie.

You just required to add 500 calories.

Which is like adding a homemade mass gainer.

Or adding an extra little heavy meal.

And if you become consistent in your eating habits.

You will gain 1-1.5 pounds per week.



Helpful Resources


You Can Add These Foods!

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How Many Calories Should You Be Eating A Day(To Lose Weight)


If we look at a similar question like how much calories I need to lose weight?


To lose weight you need to be in caloric deficit.

And that deficit you need to create from the carbohydrates only!

I am assuming that you need to lose weight in terms of that extra fat.

That extra stomach fat or at any other area that you need to cut out.


To lose fat,

You need carbs 0.5 grams per pound bodyweight.


What that means is:


If your weight is 200 pounds(90kg) so, carbs requirement is 200*(.5 gram per pound)= 100g.

If you cover 100 grams requirement per day.

You will definitely lose weight by being in caloric deficit!


How many calories should you be eating a day


The person will lose fat within weeks.

And that’s how you lose weight!


You Might Have Done This!


First, you may have thought of skipping meals.

Breakfast, lunch or fasting for a few days.

So that you can lose weight fast.

Cutting meals is actually the wrong approach.

It will result in low energy levels throughout the day.

You can try it for yourself!


Our body is just like an engine which burns calories.

If you stop feeding calories to the engine in your body.

It will stop working properly.

You may feel losing weight in 1-2 days.

But as soon as you start feeding the calories to the body.

The weight you have just lost will come back again.

And this time you will be heavier than before!


Your body is really smart.


Mindset In Losing Weight


It is really important to follow these things to do a successful transformation.


1. Stop consuming sugary foods and soft drinks


Firstly, I told you to be in caloric deficit.

Don’t add these soft drinks and soda juices.

A single bottle of this contains a large number of calories.

Probably around 1000+ calories.


Unfortunately, these are all empty calories.

Avoid these most of the time.

You will start to gain big belly fat.

And fat around the love handles.


I want to also add this.

Once a while these things are OK.

I mean you are putting soo much effort.

Having these in 1 or 2 weeks is completely fine.

Take it as a reward.

So that the journey to losing weight is much more of a fun process!


2. Drink More Water


It is scientifically proven that.

Drinking more water helps in losing weight.

What happens is.

When you dring more water.

You are bound to flush more water.

So, when you lose the water weight.

You will feel a much more lightweight and relaxed!


3. Exercise Regularly


Exercising regularly typically means burning more calories.

And if you think like this.

That you are Exercising heavy and regularly,

Consuming fewer calories per day,

And high water intake.


If you don’t have access to the gym or whatever the reason is.

You can always try to do bodyweight physical exercises at home.

Combine with the above.


You are bound to lose the weight or sure!


4. Get Full Sleep 


As your goal is to lose weight.

You have to exercise almost 5-6 days a week.

Also, you are in a low-calorie diet.

It is pretty difficult for the body to recover from the damage you are receiving from the gym.


Still, you need to feed your body a good night sleep.

Mainly 8-9 hours of sleep to recover.

It is really important even,

If you don’t go to the gym.

5. Moderate Simple Carbs


It is also scientifically proven that cutting carbs can help in losing weight fast.

Simple carbs are for instant energy like banana etc.

You can have them in pre-workout

But it is best to add complex carbs foods like.

Oats, whole grain food etc.

They provide long-term energy and that’s what we need to perform best in workouts!




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How Many Calories Should You Be Eating A day(Maintain Weight)


If you don’t have any physical goals.

Like gaining weight or losing weight.

And you are asking how many calories should you be eating a day.

To just maintain a good health and normal lifestyle.


There’s nothing to calculate if you want to just maintain weight.

Just make sure that you are having good and healthy meals.

Probably 3-4 meals a day would be great.

Go to walk or maybe sometimes a jogging.

It’s just like.

You need to move your body in any shape or form for the proper functioning.

And you are good to go!

But still, if you want to know.

How many calories should you be eating just to maintain weight?

It’s 2200-2400 calories!



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The Whole Concept Is!

Calories IN and Calories OUT


For Maintaining weight:


If you feed your body with 2500 calories.

And on the whole day, you are successfully able to burn 2500 calories.

You will be maintaining the current body weight.

Keep everything simple and don’t go in deep calculations of BMR and everything!


For Gaining Weight:


If you feed your body with healthy 2500 calories.

And on the whole day.

If you burn, for example, 2000 calories in your day to day activities.

You will be naturally gaining weight.

Because of the excess, 500 calories remained untouched.

It is scientifically impossible that why you shouldn’t gain weight.


If you do this,

You will be gaining 1-2 lbs per week.


For Losing Weight:


If your body requires with 2500 calories.

For the proper functioning of daily routine activities.

And you burned 3000 calories.

Your body will require extra energy.

Because you provided less and burned more calories.

So it will use the extra stored fat as energy.

And that’s how You are naturally bound to lose weight!


If you do that,

You will be losing 1-2 lbs per week.




I hope I made a clear understanding of how many calories you should be eating a day in Gaining weight, maintaining weight and losing weight!

If it doesn’t then it’s ok because you don’t need to study each and everything in detail.

Because it’s a job of a nutritionist to figure out the numbers.

And make a diet which precisely targets a specified fitness goal.


Let me clear some things on the board. If you are a beginner or an intermediate.

You don’t need to care about how many calories in.

How much calories I need to lose weight etc.

All you have to be focusing is on eating good food.

Which has high nutritional value!


Don’t ask how many calories should you be eating to gain weight?

Counting calories in everything will just make things more complicated!


Rather, what you can do is.

When it comes to gaining weight.

Apply the same principle of 500 calories.

Instead of consuming 5 meals, start to eat 6.


Similarly, don’t ask how many calories should you be eating in losing weight?

Rather what you can do is.

You can estimate an overview of everything.

We know that to lose weight we need to be in a calorie deficit by 500 calories. 

You can have 4 meals in a day instead of consuming 5.

That will make everything equal!


Doing this is much more simple and easy, still effective.




One thing I want to tell you that if your body is.

In the caloric surplus or caloric deficit.

Always give your 100 percent in training!

You know what,

It will take time because a transformation is a long process.

And will not happen in days.


Last Tip:


Don’t be too rigid with your diet.

Have flexibility and be consistent.


That’s it guys from this article “How Many Calories Should You Be Eating A day To Gain Or Lose Weight”


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