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How Many Calories Should You Be Eating To Gain Weight?

How many calories should I eat

Well, thank you for landing on this page “How Many Calories Should I Eat To Gain Weight” and in today’s article, we will understand in detail that how can you do a successful transformation of gaining weight at home by understanding the concepts of the calorie surplus. How many calories are actually required to gain weight? After absorbing the full information, I am sure that you can do your own transformation at home. Excited! Having said that and without taking much of a time, let’s start. 


I will make this article in the simplest words as possible so that everyone could understand it better. I realize that most of the guys who have a burning desire to transform their body search online with words like calorie calculator or something like how to calculate calories.


And then after filling the necessary body details, a random number comes which states that you need to eat ‘this much’ calorie to maintain the current weight, and then after knowing the exact number, that’s it! What to do next after knowing that number nobody tells us in the first place.


Before we start I want you to absorb as many as possible so that this article can become that last article in research of how many calories you need to eat to gain weight.


Basic Understanding

How many calories should I eat to gain weight

As you want to gain weight, I am considering that your body has a natural tendency of losing weight just like this and finds it difficult to put on muscle weight. It means that your body is most probably comes under the category of Ectomorph.


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First of all, I need you to accept that our body is very smart. People say like it is not in our hands to gain weight, our body does for itself the process of gaining weight. If you are a hard gainer and if you make up your mind to ask out your close friends, family or gym buddies, they will tell you to eat more in a day heavily.


And I know that you have tried eating everything in the past and that too resulted in no gains. So what is going on? Why the body is not putting up weight. What are the reasons behind it?


As I said earlier that our body is very smart. It does the same thing what we signal the body to do. From now I will try my best so that you can get a clear understanding of how many calories should you need to eat to gain weight. 


To answer that question that how many calories should I eat to gain weight?


Let me tell you the truth that to do a successful transformation, you don’t need to be an expert or a nutritionist, you only need to follow a small thumb Rule of 500. What does that mean? After knowing the exact number of your maintenance calorie which you are required to consume in a day.


All you have to do is to add 500 extra calories to your diet or nutrition which you take in the whole day. After adding extra calories, your body will catch the signal that you are telling to increase the weight.


To gain weight, you only need to understand what calorie surplus means? In simple words, it means that if the calorie which you are consuming in the whole day exceeds your maintenance calorie number then, all those calories that you have consumed extra will come under the category of the calorie surplus. 


And if you think that ohh I am not gaining weight, I must go with the weight gainer shakes. Hmm, I really don’t recommend anybody to go with this option as it seems to be costly in terms of what we get.


Let us understand with the help of an example. If your maintenance calorie number is 2000 and you are consuming 2500 calories in the whole day through your diet. Then, 500 calories which you are consuming extra will be covered as calorie surplus. 


And if you become consistent in your eating habits i.e. if you daily eat 500 extra daily then, you will gain 1-1.5 pounds per week.


I want to make this point clear from now that those 500 calories you will be putting into your body should have to come from the good sources of carbohydrates which are brown rice, whole wheat brown-bread, sweet potato, oats etc.


If you jump outside the 500 calories limit like 800-900 calories for example and is a hard gainer which means that your body finds it difficult to put up muscle weight so due to the presence of excess calories.

How many calories should I eat to gain weight

You will start to gain weight on your stomach in terms of fat, because you are consuming extra calories number 1 and number 2 you are not able to burn those calories(energy) and eventually it will gather up in the space where fat is generally stored i.e. stomach.


In case, if you are eating extra 500 calories and still not gaining weight, then I will suggest you that do not eat big in a single meal. Because I had made that mistake in my past when I was struggling to gain the muscle weight which is eating too much in a single time. And if someone uses or drinks weight gainer shakes as a skinny guy, then it will only kill your metabolic system and by doing that it will upset your stomach. 


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So instead of eating all the food at once, try to eat 5 meals which means if you are targeting 2500 calories then, 500 calories in a single meal. And workout hard to digest the extra calories so that you can get muscle weight in your body. If you are not working out and consuming extra calories daily, it will result in stomach fat. Keep that in mind. 


Most people will give you this advice that if you are skinny, you are blessed and you can eat anything which includes soda, soft drinks, junk foods etc. and by eating these you will become heavyweight. Really bro! 


Ignore all who are giving you all these types of advice. Your body is working with you from the time you have learned to walk, it deserves good food.


That’s it guys from this article “How Many Calories Should I Eat To Gain Weight” I hope you learned something new and got the information what you are looking for. And If you find value in the content I put up and made this far, then make sure to smash that share button so that it can reach as many people as possible which will help us to create a strong family of “Fitness Lovers”. 


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