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13 Easy And Fast Exercises To Lose Weight At Home Effortlessly

Fast exercises to lose weight at home

Easy And Fast Exercises To Lose Weight At Home Effortlessly: So, you are looking for fast and easy exercises for beginners to help in losing weight at home effortlessly. You are at the right place to get the complete information.


Today I will tell you what are the weight loss exercises at home that will help to lose weight in the fastest pace.


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So without taking much time, let’s go right into fast exercises to lose weight at home!


Fast Exercises To Lose Weight At Home


Before I will put the list of weight loss exercises.

I will first say that add a little warm up.

It will help you to avoid any type of injury.

Generally, doing warm-ups are also good for basic strengthening.

First, let’s see what are the exercises in warmup routine.


1. Basic rotator cuff stretches, Internal and External rotations of the shoulder.


Very Simple!

Stand straight, lift both of your arms up like you are about to do bicep posing.

Make sure when you do the posing, the angle from the (wrist to the elbow to shoulder) is 90 degree.

That’s the position.


Fast exercises to lose weight at home


Now you have to lift small 1 kg dumbbells.

If you do not have the dumbbells at home, it’s completely OK.

Grab any small bottle 600 ml or any 1-liter bottle fully filled with water.

And rotate your shoulder to the front and back.

While at the same time maintaining that 90-degree angle with your elbow.

Do 15 reps each arm.


2. Shoulder rotations in circles


Shoulder rotations are considered effective.

Because it increases the flexibility and helps the joint to be more flexible.

The basic aim of doing the warmup at first is to create smoothness in the joints.

Because when we do the main exercise afterward, the smoothness can actually protect the joint and prevent injury.

Rotate both of the shoulders 15 times each on the front and back.


Warm-ups are done before workout and stretches are done after!

There are more stretches you can check out here with complete list:


Coming back to the actual topic of fast exercises.

These are all bodyweight exercises at home.


Here is the list of fast exercises for beginners to lose weight at home:


1. Sumo squats


2. Push-ups


3. Squats


4. Jumping jacks


5. Mountain climbs


6. Skipping


7. Burpees


8. Squats Hold 


9. Regular Crunches


10. Plank Hold 


11. High Kick 


12. Calf raises


13. Reverse Crunches


All the above exercises are really easy and still effective for beginners to lose weight at home fast!


1. Sumo squats


This exercise primarily focuses on inner quads.

Besides the regular squats.

It is of more benefit.

Because of the foot placement.

As, core muscles, hamstrings, glutes, and various muscles get involved.

If you don’t have dumbbells, its ok.

Grab a school bag or anything heavy.

Otherwise, you can do it bodyweight.

Fast exercises to lose weight at home


The position of this exercise is like.


Place your toes wider than your shoulder.

Go slowly down to the point where the inner quads get stretched.

Generally when the legs go completely horizontal to the floor.

Slowly come up while contracting your legs.

Make sure that the spine should be straight all the time in the movement.


2. Push-ups 


All-time favorite pushups.

It is one of the best exercises which you can perform anywhere.

It targets your complete chest.


Fast exercises to lose weight at home


Instead of doing regular push-ups.

Make the same push-up position, but this time do the exercise with the knees.

Which means,

Instead of foot touching the floor, this time your knee will touch the ground which makes the exercise easier.

Once you build up the strength, do this exercise with regular form!


3. Squats


Old school exercise, named bodyweight squats.

Best exercise at home for beginners to target quads muscle.

It is called best because when we squat,

Our body naturally releases male muscle building hormone called testosterone.

What can I tell you now,

The benefits of testosterone are so many that I can go on and on…

If you have high testosterone in your body. 

You will automatically start to build more muscle mass and strength.

It also helps in the repairing process.


The Positioning is something like this.

Stand straight with the toes as shoulder width apart.

Don’t need to go less than shoulder width but can go a little wide if you want.

Slowly go down without arching the lower back.

Maintain the spine straight during the whole movement!


One most important thing to remember is.

When you are coming down, don’t exaggerate your knees far beyond the toes.

Because it will create unnecessary pressure on the knee joint.


4. Jumping jacks


Another high energy consuming cardio exercise.

Best for sweating or increasing the heart rate standing in a single place.


The positioning is like.

Stand straight and relax your hands.

Make a big jump and flare out your legs wider than the shoulders.

And at the same time, moving your arms above head.

After that, go back to the starting position as you are about to do it again.


Complete Form Of Jumping Jacks




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5. Mountain climbs


Another really fast exercise to lose weight.

This one covers most on the front side of the body which are:

The chest, abs, obliques, quads, shoulders etc.


Position is.

Make the same form as you are just about to do regular pushups.

Then, move your left leg towards the chest and again with the right leg.

Do it fast by each leg one by one.

That’s how it’s done.

Complete Form Of Mountain Climbers


6. Skipping


The best part about skipping is that you can burn calories like really fast.

I mean really fast, it’s like 300 calories in just 20 minutes.

And you will sweat like crazy.

It works on almost every body part.

Fast exercises to lose weight at home
I generally don’t add these type of pics to my blog but don’t know why I added this pic :-p I think you get the idea what the exercise looks like…

I think we all know how to do skipping.

There’s no need to explain to positioning.

So, the next fast exercise to lose weight at home is:


7. Burpees


Burpees is another high-intensity cardio exercise.

Doesn’t require any equipment, just your bodyweight.

Mainly covers all big muscle groups.

So, it’s best to burn maximum calories in the minimum time.

Fast exercises to lose weight at home

The position is.

Stand straight with no movement and fully relaxed breathing.

Then, change the position into a squat,

As you move down and put your hands forward and do a push-up.

Once you throw the push-up.

Then, move your feet towards the chest.

Generating pressure from the legs, jump as high as you can.

It’s a basic burpee.

Complete Form Of Burpees


8. Squats Hold


This is an intense exercise.

It will create a lot of pumping in the leg muscles.

Believe me, this one gonna be intense.

If you do this exercise in the correct form possible.

My Friend, the goal you are after will be easily achieved.

This exercises will help you lose weight fast at home.

Just hold that squat position and really feel that pump,

That intense PUMP!


9. Regular Crunches


Really fun and intense exercise for most people.


Lay on a plane surface can be a bed.

This time the upper area, the chest area will go up.

Do not go completely up like touching the head to knee.

As doing that will hurt the spine.

Go halfway up as shown in the picture.


This exercise will mainly focus on the upper abs,

it may be difficult for most.

But performing abs exercise will help you to melt that stomach fat really quickly!


10. Plank hold


Another intense exercise for most of the guys.

This exercise will target your whole abdomen, your upper abs, lower abs, and side obliques.


Fast exercises to lose weight at home


In planks, keeping the spine straight is the main part!

Only your toes and both elbows should touch the ground.

Because, what most people do that.

They tend to bend their spine either to the upper side or they bend it really down.


Both the positions are incorrect.

The spine should be neutral.

Try to squeeze the abdominal muscles which will increase the blood flow to those abdominal muscles.

And you will be sore the next day.

Another Really Effective One!


11. High Kick


This is much of a cardio exercise to increase the heart rate.

The regular and basic aim of this exercise is to get you in sweat.

It also helps in increasing the flexibility in the hamstrings.

You can definitely try this out in fast exercises to lose weight at home!


12. Calf raises


This exercise solely focuses on the calf muscles in the leg.

The positioning of this exercise looks something likes this.

Stand straight on the floor or any edge of stairs.

Raise your feet from the edge to be on the tiptoes.

And come back to the starting position feeling a nice stretch in the muscles.

It’s that simple!


13. Reverse Crunches


It mainly covers the lower abdomen area.

Most people have weak core muscles

This exercise is really effective in strengthening the core muscles.

It will create a strong base of strength.

The form of this exercise is really simple!


Lay on your back on any plain surface.

And place both the hands just below the lower back.

Bring both the legs up to the point where it is straight up.

And bring down in a controlled motion.

By really feeling the abdomen area working.

This exercise will give you a great pump your lower abs!




Circuit training is best for instant sweat.

And, cardio is really effective in weight loss.

But, if you don’t want to do these exercises or find it difficult to do at home or whatever the reason is…

It’s completely ok!

Maybe your goal is normally just to lose weight.

You can do various things like:




Who doesn’t love skipping?

It is somewhat rated highest in increasing heart rate.

Skipping with a rope will help you sweat more.

Because it is all high-rep bodyweight movement.

Actually, it has been seen that.

Doing skipping at home burns even more calories than running.

You need to go out to run on the streets.

In contrast, skipping can be done anywhere at home.

Do 20 times with 2-3 sets.





Normal jumping or jumping jacks, it’s up to you.

What you want to do.

It is also a high energy-draining exercise.

Which can be done anywhere.

The higher you jump, the more energy will be used.

High energy means more sweating.

And that’s what we want!




Who doesn’t love dancing?

Basis goal in mind which is,

more sweating means more calories burned.

Really effective!

If you don’t know how to dance.

Very Good!

Now it will be more fun.

Play your best soundtrack and move your body like no one is watching.

It’s that simple!


You can mix things up like:

You can do these on alternate days.


Some days high intense training in which you can do all the above 14 easy and fast exercises to lose weight at home.


Don’t do all of them.

Choose a few like 5-6 exercises in a circuit.

And other days high cardio.

Like fast morning walk, running, outdoor activities etc.

And other days like a brisk walk and jogging in the mornings.

You can do like this so that it can be more of a fun to lose weight.



So, besides focusing on fast exercises to lose weight at home.

Nutrition part should able be on point.


At Home Nutrition


One most important thing which is to focus on nutrition.

And taking care of the diet.

It’s really important when focusing on weight loss exercises at home.


Weight Loss With Green Coffee is also effective.

But what you eat in the whole day matters.

You can try the keto diet plan.


The keto diet is not for a long period of time!

But definitely, you can lose weight in the fastest pace.

It’s up to you!


Most people make this mistake of doing hard work and taking no care of the diet.

And assuming that if I would do it consistently on a regular basis,

I will achieve my goal of losing ‘n’ weight in a month.

No, it will not work!


You have to take care of the nutrition up to some extent.

Consume less calorie and burn more calorie.

That’s how you will lose weight.


Losing Weight At Home(How It’s Done)


To lose weight in the proper manner,

You need to eat less and train more.

So that your body can burn more calories.

You must consume less intake so that the body uses and loses stored fat as a fuel to generate more energy.


Stay away and Avoid which suggests “lose weight without dieting”


Because you have to be in caloric deficit to achieve the goal.

There are no major changes in the diet.

But few minor changes are necessary which are:


1. Increase Water Intake


Increasing water intake is important because it will help you lose weight fast and efficiently.

If you drink more water, you are naturally flush more water.

And losing more water weight from the body means fast weight loss!

Drink around 10-12 glasses per day.


2. Avoid Junk Food And Sodas


Junk foods and sodas are worse.

Because they contain soo many calories at a single time.

And while doing a proper weight loss.

Eating junk and drinking sodas is just opposite of the goal.

Once in a while is ok but, try avoiding it.


3. Eat More Fresh Fruits, Veggies, Nuts, And Lean Protein.


Exercise part in losing weight at home is ok.

And the nutrition part should be coming from healthy sources.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, complex carbs, and lean protein.

Nuts like peanuts, wall-nuts, and sources of protein like eggs create the difference!


Here’s the truth, 

If you are working hard on exercises so that you can lose weight at home.

You need to take some care of the nutrition as well!


4. Eat Less But Eat Frequently


Eat less means the food will be really easy for the body to digest.

And eating frequently means,

Eating like every 3 hours.

It will instantly boost your metabolism.


5. Eat Whole Grain Natural And Organic Foods


Because whole grain food contains fiber in it.

And as you know,

Fiber helps in smooth functioning of digestive system.

It will keep your stomach full.

So that you can naturally avoid overeating.

And there is no best thing than providing the body with organic food.

Your body will thank you for this!


6. Sugar Is Worst


Sugar is just like a demon in junk foods.

As I said above that you need to avoid junk food.

Avoid sugar at all costs!


7. Get Enough Protein


There’s is no way to get in deep calculations like.

How much protein is required by my body as my weight is…

Keep things simple!

If your weight is 60Kg.

At least provide that much protein which is 60 grams to the body on the whole day would be great!



What you provide to the body largely affects in the way you look. Click To Tweet


The Pro Tip


If you are doing these fast exercises to lose weight at home.

Here’s is something interesting!

The more you sweat, the more you will be burning calories.

I will also suggest you have a thick jacket covering your body.so that you can sweat more.

Doing this simple trick in the exercises will largely help you to lose weight at home fast!


That’s it guys form this article “13 Easy And Fast Exercises To Lose Weight At Home Effortlessly”


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