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7 Days Extreme Weight Loss Diet Plan PDF For Instant Transformation

Meal Plan For Flat Stomach

Well, thank you for landing on this page “7 Days Extreme Weight Loss Diet Plan PDF” and in today’s article, I will provide you with a proper meal plan which can get a leaner and a fat-free flat stomach within one week. So let’s dive right into it.


7 Days Extreme Weight Loss Diet Plan


Before we start anything I want to make sure that you have to adopt a right mindset before following extreme weight loss diet plan. 

Nowadays, soo much food is present in the outside market to eat which tastes delicious and calls out most people to have a quick small snack. At that moment controlling can be difficult because after seeing such delicious and tasty food at all once makes an urgent urge in the stomach. And at that time we listen to our brain and make a decision to eat roadside fast food.


And after tasting and satisfying the urge the first time, our body demands more of that food due to the presence of some picky ingredients present in the fast food that we eat on the roadside which sticks in our brain. From then on, a small cycle starts which forces a person to consume fast food or food with no nutrition daily and as time passes, this thing becomes a habit.


And when something becomes a habit, we tend to make decisions more often and quicker. In the end during the continuation of that habit, it doesn’t matter what we eat because it satisfies our brain and a want to eat fast food gets encouraged and completed on a regular basis.


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But we do not realize what that food is giving us in return. Always remember the thumb rule of fitness that if you eat good food, you will look good and your body will thank you for that and if you eat fast/cheap food, you will look the same way as your actions may result in.


There are lots of people who listen to their brain while making any decision regarding their health or eating habits. Let me tell you something, a bad eating lifestyle will not at all affect anything in the beginning but, it will surely and definitely make you out of shape or give you health issues with long-term relations in your hand.  


A conclusion to the whole explained above is, if we take decisions from our mind for our short-term satisfaction then it creates a long-term problem to face later in the coming days.


Dear reader, you must be wondering that why I had put the above explanation instead of giving the actual weight loss diet plan pdf in the beginning without starting the actual content is because it is very important to create and evolve a strong mindset, especially around food we eat.


So Now, let us see the vegetarian diet plan for a flat tummy.


Meal no. 1

Early in the morning on wake-up. one glass lemon juice, no need to add extra sugar or not even salt. Only lemon water without any extra ingredients.


Meal no. 2

1/2 Oats with 1/2 peanut butter and some dry fruits.


Meal no. 3

An apple and a banana chopped in a bowl with 2 glass of water with 4 egg whites.


Meal no. 4

1 orange and 1 pear with 2 glass of water.


Meal no. 5

1 Bowl watermelon only.


Meal no. 6

A bowl of Onion, cabbage, cucumber, and carrots.


Meal no. 7

1 glass of cinnamon(only one pinch) water.


Extreme Weight Loss Diet Plan PDF.


One thing to keep in mind to get a flatter stomach that this vegetarian diet plan is not a long-term strategy. You can follow this diet for seeing instant weight loss even from first 2 days and see some prominent results in a week which can go up to even 5 kg in a week.


Bonus Tip: Drink a lot of water.


I must recommend that after following this diet plan for a week, you must continue with the normal diet which consists of proper proportions of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Because this diet is not designed for a long-term process. It is designed for seeing instant weight loss. 



Extreme weight loss diet plan pdf

You must understand that there is a difference between a proper fat loss and be doing weight loss. 

In weight loss, we follow a temporary diet which cannot be followed for a long time and is used to see instant and booming results in a shorter period of time but,

In a fat loss, it is a sweet game which is played with a long long-term strategy in which you have to follow a proper diet and a proper hardcore workout plan. 




How to get a flatter stomach in 2 days? Following any weight-loss diet plan is not a sustainable long-term process, it must not be followed for straight months. And when you are done with seeing your results of following a proper diet plan for the flat stomach in a week. You must continue to the regular fat loss diet plan which is a long-term sustainable strategy. 


Little to no exercise is required to do a weight loss. But I must recommend that you must go for a little jogging or fast pace walk to see instant results. Doing that will not only good for your health but it will also boost up the digestion process rather than sitting in a single place.


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That’s it guys from this article “7 Days Extreme Weight Loss Diet Plan PDF” and if you find value in the content I put up, then be sure to smash that share button and share it with your friends and family members so that we can make a strong family of fitness lovers who love to read content on fitness. 

Until Then,

Good Bye And Stay In Touch


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