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Exercises For Beginners To Lose Weight At Home(The Strategic Approach)

Exercises for beginners to lose weight at home

Thank you guys for landing on this page “Exercises For Beginners To Lose Weight At Home” and in today’s article, I will tell you some deep information for a successful weight loss which you can do at home, all you need is your own bodyweight and a strong desire and will to lose weight, that’s it. This workout routine will be intense for the one who is just starting with his fitness goals but guess what, it will help them to build a strong base. I will discuss the schedule in the end so be sure to give this article a sweet read till the end.


I am not gonna use scientific and technical words which makes it difficult for most of the audience to understand, rather I try to keep the article simple so that everyone could understand it better.


So, let’s start!


What Actually Is Weight Loss?


In short and simple wordings Weight loss is nothing, but losing the overall weight from the body in a specific period of time is weight loss. That’s right Na. But do you know that? Why we should never ever do weight loss. Curious why? You can still do any weight loss remedy which is linked to proper nutrition in a guided way.


As the definition speaks, it is the process of losing the overall weight of the body. For losing a kilo we train hard in the gym or in the home, working hours and hours in training. Is that the right approach. What do you think, Yes or No? In my opinion, NO!


Let me explain my words in detail. To start the actual piece of information. I want you to think and absorb the things in an open-minded way i.e. don’t assume anything in advance. If I sound logical and make sense, then and only then follow the full body workout routine to do the weight loss.


Accept that losing weight is a little challenge which is not going to be easy. First, understand the word “WEIGHT LOSS”, it means losing the weight.YES! But if take a deep look at the meaning, it suggests that weight which includes fat weight, obviously and also the muscle weight, that’s how the overall weight will drop quickly. Perform all the exercises for beginners to lose weight at home which I am telling you later in this article and follow the proper nutrition and you will be in better position.


Losing weight is a good thing, but at the same time, losing the muscle is the problem. Let me explain.

Why do we go to the gym? We go to the gym either for doing fat loss or for gaining muscle mass.

And if don’t, we train at home with a basic and primary focus to either build some muscle or to lose some fat. My point is, when we try to lose weight we lose muscles also, hard-earned muscles. Which needs to get fixed.


What Is Fat Loss?


It is the process of losing weight from the overall body, not the muscle weight but that weight which is in the form of FAT. This means that we are doing the same process of losing weight but in a strategic way. We are losing the weight, but at the same time saving the muscles, hard-earned muscles to get break down.


So don’t aim for WEIGHT LOSS, aim to FAT LOSS!

But, this comes with exception of two:


1. Training under expert


If you are doing training under an expert level coach or fitness trainer, and he knows what he is doing and had mastered the skill of how macronutrients and micronutrients work in our body. If he suggests you to do the weight loss, he will probably adjust your diet accordingly in the next workout program so that you can gain the muscle fast. You can go with his advice and guidance. Totally ok!


2. Rapid-Cut


It means that if someone is extremely over-weight and he/she wants to lose weight fast, then it is the best choice to do a proper weight loss. Because in that case, it doesn’t matter that if the weight which wants to lose is in the form of muscles or fat. In that case scenario, the core goal is to reduce the number on the weighing scale. You can go with that it’s completely ok to do so.


Do not follow all those programs that suggest “lose 10 kg” in a week. Mostly they are going to make you lose weight for a specific period and you will gain all the weight back. Ayurvedic ones can be considered. 


Exercises For Beginners To Lose Weight At Home


So, this is the workout routine which you have to follow for a minimum of minimum 3 months. Do train 6 days a week. This is because to do a proper FAT loss, we need to eat less and train more so that we can burn more calorie. We must consume less intake so that our body uses and loses stored fat as a fuel to generate more energy. So this workout is completely going to be bodyweight based which means, no equipment required at all.


To start with this full body workout routine, first of all, measure your weight, actual weight now. Note it down somewhere where you can see it later or remember.


Secondly, if you are really fat, make sure to check your cholesterol medical report. If it’s ok, calculate your FAT percentage(it is optional). and lastly, click your current picture before starting with these weight loss exercises at home.


Do The Proper Warmup In The Beginning


The warm-up can be done in many ways.


1. Basic rotator cuff stretches, Internal and External rotations of the shoulder.


Stand straight, lift both of your arms like you are about to do bicep posing. Make sure when you do the posing, the angle from the wrist to the elbow to shoulder is 90 degree. That’s the position.

Exercises for beginners to lose weight at home

Now you have to lift small 1 kg dumbbells. If you do not have the dumbbells at home, it’s completely ok. Grab any small bottle 600 ml or any 1-liter bottle fully filled with water. And rotate your shoulder to the front and back while at the same time maintaining that 90-degree angle with your elbow. Do 15 reps each arm.



2. Shoulder rotations in circles. 

exercises for beginners to lose weight at home


Shoulder rotations are considered effective because it increases the flexibility and helps the joint to be flexible. The basic aim of doing the warmup at first is to create smoothness in the joints. Because when we do the main exercise afterward, the smoothness can actually protect the joint and prevent injury. Rotate both of the shoulders 15 times each on the front and back.


3. Jumping 

Do 10-15 jumping with a basic aim to increase the heartbeat, which signals and prepares the body to go into workout mode.




Exercises For Beginners

These exercises can make you lose weight at home in a week. The exercises for beginners to lose weight at home are-


1. Push-ups 


All-time favorite pushups. It is one of the best exercises which you can perform anywhere. It targets your complete chest. If you have never done this exercise before, I got you covered.


Instead of doing regular push-ups. Make the same push-up position, but this time do the exercise with the knees i.e. instead of foot touching the floor, this time your knee will touch the ground which makes the exercise easier. Once you build up the strength do this exercise with regular form.


2. Reverse crunches


exercises for beginners to lose weight at home

Earlier I was thinking that there’s no need to add this one, and instead of adding this to the workout routine, Then I realized that if anyone has to lose weight and is already heavy, going intense from the beginning may create pressure on the abdomen, this may create a problem with the midsection. Then I added this exercise to the schedule to create a strong base starting from the abdomen.


Positioning – Lay on your back on any plain surface and place both the hands just below the lower back. Bring both the legs up and down in a controlled motion and really feeling the abdomen area. This exercise will give you a great pump your lower abs.


3. Regular Crunches

exercises for beginners to lose weight at home


Positioning – Lay on a plane surface can be a bed. But this time, we don’t need to raise both legs up. This time the upper area, the chest area will go up. This exercise will mainly focus on the upper abs, it may be difficult for most. But performing abs exercise will create a strong base which is most important to be really fit.


4. Squats 

This is a very wrong position to perform squats.


exercises for beginners to lose weight at home

Old school squats with own bodyweight. Best exercise at home for beginners to target quads muscle. It is called best because when we squat, our body naturally releases male muscle building hormone called testosterone. What can I tell you now, the benefits of testosterone are so many that I can write on and on. If our body naturally releases testosterone, it automatically starts to build more muscle mass and strength and it also boosts the repairing process.


The correct position of performing squats.

exercises for beginners to lose weight at home

Positioning – Stand straight with the toes as shoulder width apart, don’t need to go less than shoulder width but can go a little wide. Slowly go down without arching the lower back and maintain spine straight during the whole movement.


One most important thing to remember that when you are coming down, don’t exaggerate your knees far beyond the toes, the thing to notice is that if you let your knees go beyond toes, it will create unnecessary pressure on the knee joint.



If You Do Any Excercise Wrong It Won’t Feel In The Beginning, But As The Time Passes It Will Create Problem In Future. So Better Try To Fix The Exercise Form As Soon As Possible In The Beginning.


5. Squat Hold


This is an intense exercise which creates a lot of pumping in the leg muscles. Believe me, this one gonna be intense. This exercise is also very crucial to ruin if done incorrectly. If you do this exercise in the correct form possible then my friend, the goal you are after to lose weight can be easily achieved. Just hold that squat position and really feel that pump, that intense PUMP.


6. Plank Hold 


Another intense exercise for most of the guys. This exercise will target your whole abdomen, your upper abs, lower abs, and side obliques.

exercises for beginners to lose weight at home

Positioning – In planks, only your toes and both elbows should touch the ground. Keep the spine straight. What most people do that, they tend to bend their spine either to the upper side or they bend it really down. Both the positions are incorrect. The spine should be neutral. Try to squeeze the abdominal muscles which will increase the blood flow to those abdominal muscles and you will be sore next day with a great pump.


Download the workout PDF Sheet


These are all weight loss exercise which you can perform at home to see results in 1 week. Print this as a hard copy and start your weight loss journey. You can perform other workouts also or any other best weight loss program. But avoid all those which suggests “lose weight without dieting”, because you have to be in caloric deficit to achieve the goal.


And one most important thing in last that focus on the nutrition and take care of the diet, Weight Loss With Green Coffee is also effective, but what you eat in the whole day matters. You can try the keto diet plan.


Most guys make this mistake of doing the hard work and taking no care of the diet and assuming that if I would do it consistently on a regular basis, I will achieve my goal of losing ‘n’ weight in a month. No. Consume less calorie and burn more calorie. That’s how you will lose weight.


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I hope you get the information, try out the workout routine and tell me in the comments below how you felt after completing this full body workout routine for weight loss. 


If you find this article helpful, then be sure to share it with your friends and family. This will motivate me and I will continue to post these helpful articles so that you can achieve your fitness goals with the right information efficiently.


So that’s it, guys thanks for giving this article“Exercises For Beginners To Lose Weight At Home” a sweet read and if you made it this far, don’t forget to check our Fashion Store where you can find various custom text gym hoodies and t-shirts, Casual clothes and outfits for the gym and outside.

Good Bye And Stay In Touch


Avneet Singh is the author and founder of the website AsFitnessTips.com. He is not a fitness guru or expert, rather he shares his knowledge and experience which he gained during his journey on road to fitness on a single place called "AsFitness".

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