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Digestion And Absorption Of Protein: How To Build More Muscles Really Fast

Digestion and absorption of protein

How To Increase Your Digestion And Absorption Of Protein To Build Muscles: So, you are finding it difficult to get more muscle mass and you have heard somewhere that to build muscles, you need to increase your digestion and absorption of protein in the stomach.


And now you’re confused that how protein absorption and digestion takes place in the body?

How you can increase the absorption and digestion of protein?

Basically, how to increase protein intake?

So that you can increase your muscle mass quickly!

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How Much Protein A Day To Build Muscle


All of us are the same but have different bodies.

But to keep the things simple and easily understandable I will give you this simple thing to know how much protein you actually need in a day.

It is really simple to calculate

Though everything you get to know even after applying the crazy formulas and stuff that you may see people using to calculate protein.

All you get is just an estimate.

It depends on various factors like body type, your muscle maturity, you goal like muscle building or fat loss.

The general estimate I can tell you is that aim to get around 120-190 grams of protein per pay, eliminating the fact that what goal you are on or that type of stuff!

You can increase the protein dosage to a high level than this depending on your goal and keeping the muscle maturity in mind.

How Much Protein In A Day To Build Muscles Fast.


Minimum Dosage Of Protein


There is no way that I also become one of those who says and explain difficult formulas and calculations.

I mean you can do that if you need more of an accurate answer to per day protein intake.

The thumb rule of hand is that don’t consume less protein in a day which is less than your own body weight, let me explain.

If your weight is 70 kgs, then by all means and forms, at least try to get a minimum of 70 grams of protein in the whole day.

There is no way you have to get less than that.

If you go less than that, you will find it really difficult to build muscles.


How Much Protein Is Too Much?


Now there is a myth lying around on the internet that your body can only digest 25 grams of protein per meal if you are taking like 50 or 60grams of protein you are just wasting protein, is that true?


Is taking massive amounts of proteins can hinder the digestion and absorption of protein? Is it true?

Let ride deep into it and let me give you the right and the complete information.


First of all, our body is really smart. It will not waste anything nonetheless you do something extreme.

Let me explain,

It is a fact that your body can properly digest and absorb 25 grams of protein per meal!


But it is only true for beginners.

Understand this way,

The body can absorb 24 to 55 grams of protein.

It really boils down to the muscle maturity, advanced lifters have great physiques and have mature muscles.

So, their body can easily absorb 50- 55 grams of protein per meal.

If you are a beginner and you think that you can absorb the protein of 50 grams per meal.

It will not gonna happen!

Because of the reason that your body is not capable of doing this till now because of the reason that you have less muscle maturity.

You are wasting protein and utilizing protein at the same time.

Few amounts of proteins are getting digested to which the body is capable of and another remaining amount is getting wasted.

Further things go in more details that how much protein you need if you want to gain weight or lose fat or maintain weight etc.




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Digestion And Absorption Of Protein


You already know that there are 20 different types of protein, some are essential and some are non-essential.

Protein is a very large nutrient that’s made up of smaller substances called amino acids.

There are 20 amino acids, but your body can only make 9 of them.

The other 11 are called essential amino acids, and you can only get them through your diet.

There are a lot of protein benefits like I think I don’t even need to explain the benefits of protein, you already know that it helps in building muscles etc.

Check out this if you want complete information on the benefits of protein.


Let’s See The Various Protein Digestion Steps.


When you eat something that contains protein.

As soon as it reaches the stomach, the digestion process starts.

An enzyme is responsible for digestion and breaks down of the protein called pepsin.


After that, when the same food goes into the small intestine.

It gets further break down into smaller molecules of amino acids.

And when this process gets finished, all the protein is absorbed.


Now the question comes that how to increase the digestion and absorption of protein to build more muscles.

Let’s discuss now!

How Protein Is Digested In Body(With Science)


How To Increase Digestion And Absorption Of Protein


1. Add Probiotic


Sometimes what happens that the bad bacteria increases in the gut.

These are micro bacterias that are naturally present in our gut.

If these small guys are absent from the gut, you may feel bloated after consuming a meal.

Also, these are helpful in many ways like eliminating the issue of diarrhea etc,

Check out here the benefits of probiotics in the diet.


The percentage of good bacteria should be more than that of bad bacteria.

Like it is somewhere around 80 percent good bacteria to 20 percent bad bacteria.

If the good bacteria is getting less.

At the same time the bad bacteria is there in high quantities, then you may feel the problem of food indigestion.

The digestion and absorption of protein also affected.

Your body will not be able to do the proper digestion and absorption!

To avoid this process

Add yogurt, a supplement of probiotics, etc.


2. Always keep Switching Your Protein Sources


It is because of this simple reason that some proteins are absorbed more quickly than others.

There are many sources that are there to provide you lean protein like chicken breast, eggs, whey protein etc.

Different supplements of protein powder[like whey protein powder, casein protein, pea protein, plant protein etc.]

There are different types of protein.

These all have different digestion and absorption of protein at a different rate in the body.

You may be having protein from dairy like from paneer or curd etc.


Digestion and absorption of protein


Are you selecting your protein powder smartly or not?

A lot of people have the issue of lactose, fully called lactose intolerance.

In this what happens is, their body find it difficult to digest protein.

If you are taking a protein which is a blend, means has more concentrate and less isolate protein.

Concentrate protein has high levels of lactose and if you have the problem of lactose intolerance, you will not digest and absorb protein.

Isolate protein is more refined after further processing, so it results in less quantity of lactose.

Add isolate protein to your diet if you are into supplements to solve the problem of lactose intolerance.


If you are a natural lifter and you don’t take supplements!

And you want to increase the protein absorption.

Whey protein absorption is the fastest and then eggs and so and so.

This is how the list goes…

Protein absorption rate is different to each and every source of protein present out there.

And as you are not using supplements.

It is good to use other protein sources as well.

Do not stick to only one source. Add protein from multiple sources like:

Dairy, eggs, sometimes from the meat of chicken, sometimes from veg sources like kidney beans etc.


3. Add Enzymes In Your Diet


Enzymes are the push button to digestion.

If you have the issue of like mal-absorption.

And you are seeing consistently that you are not properly able to do the proper digestion and absorption of protein.

Adding a good supplement of enzymes is the way to go.

It will eliminate the issues in stomach disorders.

And you will also be more satisfied that at least you are not wasting the protein and other foods that you are consuming.


4. Add Glutamine Supplement For Fast Digestion


Now, what is glutamine?

It is a nonessential amino acid that our body produces on its own.

We don’t require glutamine that much.

Because we get this from food like kidney beans, chicken, meat etc.

But helps the body to properly digest other protein in the body.

We need glutamine for the fast recovery process.

The best dosage of this supplement is 5 grams, one time in the day.

We don’t need glutamine all day, we only need after the workout.

Maybe add this1 hour before going to bed, there are no issues whatsoever.

A majority amount of people don’t have glutamine added to their diet.

Increasing the glutamine will help the body to increase the digestion process.

And if the digestion improves, ultimately you will get more protein absorbed in the body.


5. Add spinach To Increase The HCL Levels


When we eat food, it reaches the stomach where acid is released called HCL(Hydrochloric acid)

Every person have different digestion and the production of this acid can be high in one person or maybe this acid is produced less.

If this acid is produced less, you may feel indigestion of food.

Ultimately the protein absorption and digestion is not good in this process.

Consuming spinach 2-3 times a week will help the body to release more HCL.

Which means good digestion.

The overdose of anything is prohibited!


Digestion and absorption of protein


6. Add Supplementation


Vitamin B6 shows the way to amino acids to get properly absorbed in the body.

Maybe you have an intense workout and the next day you are all sore.

The vitamin B6 will help the body to point out that these are all the muscles where the protein is needed.

Instead of adding a specific B6 supplement.

The best way is to add a specific multivitamin supplement.

This way you will get other necessary nutrients which have other enormous functions in the body.

That’s how you will increase the protein intake.


6. Add Fiber


Indigestion causes everything.

If you are training right and the food that you are having do not contains enough fiber.

You may face issues like constipation.

There is a long list of wrong things that I will not discuss here, but having optimum levels of fibers is a good way for the best digestion of foods.

The main part here I that you don’t want to overload the fiber at once.

The best dosage of fiber is 25-30 grams in a day.

You can easily adjust it in 5-6 meals if you take 5 grams in a meal.

In front of this, the only digestion of protein is just too small.

All the other foods are also well digested and absorbed really well!




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The most important thing to increasing digestion and absorption of protein is:



If you are thinking like my muscles are not building, I must increase the protein intake so that I can now build more muscles.

No guys, it doesn’t matter how much protein you are having on the whole day.

If your body is not able to absorb the existing levels of the protein that you are providing currently.

Either you need to follow the above tips that I just explained above to increase the digestion and absorption of protein.


Start taking small meals at once.

And protein dosage around 25 grams per meal.

This way you can consume 6 to 8 meals with really excellent protein absorption.

Also consuming small meals will also boost your metabolism.


Increase your water intake.

Consuming more protein in a day creates pressure on the kidneys only if you are not having optimum levels of water in the whole day.

Make sure that you are having enough liters of water in a day.

Like 3 liters minimum.

And if you are taking any other supplements like creatine or other pre-workouts.

Increase the water intake to 3.5 liters to 4 liters in a day.

This will be really effective for the body and as well for the digestion and absorption of protein!

Why Do You need To Increase Water Intake If You Are On High Protein Diet?


Digestion and absorption of protein


Question And Answers!


I have picked a handful of question that you guys have mailed me on [email protected]

Let’s cover each of them effectively.

Comment down below or shoot me a mail if you have any query!

Having said that, let dive right into the QnA.


Which protein should I use to build muscles?


It doesn’t matter which protein you should be taking to build muscles.

As long as you are touching your daily protein requirements!

You don’t need to just stick to a single protein source like for example chicken breast daily.

You too will find it boring to continue your fitness journey.

Have protein coming from different sources daily.

From supplements, dairy, veg, non-veg, supplements etc.

And you will be good!


Can we build muscles without protein supplements?



Supplements are not necessary to build muscles.

Supplements mean Add-ons…

They are only beneficial if you have are finding it difficult to cover your daily protein requirements.

Because supplements do not require much work to prepare, just mix a scoop in water.

And there is your protein ready!

They are just an add-on and you don’t really require them if you are completing your daily dosage from your NUTRITION.

There we go! Next,


Do improving protein absorption in the body through better digestion help with muscle gains?



If you are having 300 grams of protein and the protein is not really absorbing by the body.

It will not really work to support you as I explained above in the article.

That’s why I suggest take small meals and increase the number of meals in a day.

This way you will automatically balance different aspects without really much focusing on the deep details.

Follow the above ways that I just explained and you will definitely increase your digestion and absorption of protein!


Will the muscle build without the proper intake of protein?


Not Really.

Yes, you will be seeing some gains here and there if you are exercising in the gym.

Really minimal gains or un-noticeable.

Muscles are building blocks of protein!

If you miss the main ingredient, the results will not be pleasant.

So cover at least minimum dosage of protein in a day as I explained above.

Which is like protein intake to your own bodyweight in grams.

Though I would highly recommend focussing on your nutrition even more than training hard in the gym.

Because a perfect body is built with Pure Nutrition!


Is protein all you need to build muscle?


The answer is Yes and No, both!

Yes because muscles are made up of protein and protein is really important to build muscles.

No, because there are a lot of things involved other than focusing on protein.

Protein is just a sub-part which needs to be equally focused.

Like your training intensity matters, your nutrition as a whole, your rest periods etc.

I will encourage you to not to be just focused on protein.

Rather focus on nutrition as a whole.



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