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Calories: How To Calculate Them In Foods The Easy Way (Calorie 101)

Calories how to calculate

Calories: How To Calculate Them In Foods The Easy Way (Calorie 101): So you are looking for how to measure calories in food and calculate them. Today In this article, I will tell you in full detail that how to calculate calories from proteins, carbs and fats and other foods!


I will show you how you can calculate calories from different foods like banana, apple etc.

So that you can calculate the calories from different food once you know the macros(Protein, carbs, fats)


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How To Calculate Calories In Foods


First, let me tell you that Calories are king!


Though it is scientifically and by us impossible to calculate calories, the exact number.

Of exactly how many calories present in a particular food.

But we get a broad line for what we are looking for!


From Where Calories Are Coming? 


Calories are coming from food.

because every food has its own calories present in it.

In general, calories come from protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Which are present in the food we consume on a daily basis.

Now that’s ok!

But how many calories are present in the protein, carbs, and fat?

The answer is.


A gram of protein contains 4 calories

1 gram of carbs contains the same 4 calories, whereas

1 gram of fat contains 9 calories.


So, for example,


Let’s look at a banana.

How to calculate calories in a banana,

There are:

22 grams of Carbs.

1 gram of Protein.

Fats nearly 0.


Generally, if we go by the numbers.

A banana contains,

22 grams of carbs.

And 1gram carbs=4 calorie


(4*22)=88 calories from carbs!


And protein content is 1 gram.

It means (4*1)=4 calories from protein!


In total, 

If we calculate total calories from protein and carbs.

There are nearly 90 calories in a banana.


So, what are calories in food?

Calories are just a number. They come from Macronutrients.



If we take another look at an example of Apple.

Calculate calories from Apple.


Calories how to calculate


The macros of apple are:


Apple contains 13 grams of carbs and,

nearly 0 grams of protein and fats.


So, it contains (13*4) which is 52 calories.

So the total calorie calculates of apple is 52 calories!


These are just basic calorie calculates from protein and carbs.

Let’s look at a dummy meal here!

For example,


you get to the store to buy something.

And you find something really interesting to eat.

So, you turned the packet around.


And you found that it contains,

60 grams of carbs

20 grams of protein

10 grams of fats in it. 


As you know that,

Proteins and carbs contain both 4 calories/gram each.

And fats contains 9 calories/gram.


For this dummy meal, the calories calculate will be:

60*4=240 calories from Carbs.

20*4=80 calories from Proteins.

10*9=90 calories from Fats.


Calories how to calculate


The total calorie calculates of this dummy meal is 240+80+90=410 Calories.

Pretty Simple Na…

That’s How you can calorie calculate in any food if you got the nutrition label.


The Main Thing Is


These numbers are not the exact numbers. 

But still,

You got the idea what you are looking for.

By using this you can find calories in anything.

Like in an apple, egg, mango, grapes etc,


If you have a nutrition label.

Then you can calculate calories in anything!




How Many Calories You Should Be Eating A Day

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This thing is constant that.

If you need to gain weight, you need to increase the calorie count.

And if you want to get rid of the extra weight, you need to do the opposite by decreasing calorie count.

It is very easy to count calories in any food.


Conclusion On Calculate Calories


If you want to calculate calories in foods for fun.

It’s ok.

But if you feel that.

What you are consuming from now will be exact measurements.

Basically, how many calories are going in my body and what not?

Don’t do that!

It is just making things more complex.

Let’s, hypothetically says that your goal is to gain weight.


Think it this way.

Are you really going to calculate calories in each and every meal?

This has this many carbs and all that.

It is just making things more complex!


It is the job of a nutritionist.

Basically, to calculate calories in each and everything.

And after that,

Making a specific diet plan for a particular person.


If you want to gain weight.

Just start to eat small and eat more frequently.


And if your goal is to lose weight.

Just start to eat less and exercise a lot.

Keep Things Short And Simple!



I hope you got the complete information on how to calculate calories in food!

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