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How You Can Count Calories At Home In Anything As Calories Are King

calories are king

Thank you guys for landing on this page “How To Count Calories In Any Food As Calories Are King” and in today’s article, I will tell you how you can calculate calories in any food and with that calorie counts, use them in your favour to either gaining or losing weight as per your preference. So let’s start.


How To Calorie Count In Foods


Calories are king! Let me tell you that, it is scientifically and by us impossible to calculate the exact number of how many calories present in a food, but we get a broad line for what we are looking for.


But, this thing is constant that if you need to gain weight you need to increase the calorie count and if you want to get rid of the extra weight, you need to do the opposite by decreasing calorie count. It is very easy to count calories in any food.


From where calories are coming? 


Calories are coming from food because every food has its own calories present in it. In general, calories come from protein, carbohydrates, and fats which are present in the food we consume on a daily basis. Now that’s ok, but how many calories are present in the protein, carbs, and fat?


1 gram of protein contains 4 calories

1 gram of carbs contains same 4 calories, whereas

1 gram of fat contains 9 calories.


So, for example, let’s look at a banana. How to calorie count in a banana, there are:

22 grams of Carbs.

1 gram of Protein.

Fats nearly 0.


If we go by the numbers. A banana contains (4*22)88 calories from carbs + 4 calories from protein.

In total, there are nearly 90 calories in banana.


So, what is calories in food?

Calories are just a number. They come from Macronutrients.

calories are king

If we take another look at an example of Apple. How many calories are present in an apple?

Apple contains 13 grams of carbs and,

nearly 0 grams of protein and fats.


So, it contains (13*4) which is 52 calories.

An apple contains 52 calories.


Point to cover is that, these numbers are not the exact numbers. But still, we got the idea what we are looking for. By using this you can find calories in anything, an apple, egg, mango, grapes etc, anything! if we get to know the macronutrients present in the food.


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Calories Are King


That’s ok but I need to achieve my fitness goals. What can I do? How can I manipulate calories to gain weight or lose weight?


Firstly, Gaining weight


Now, absorb the things in an open-minded way, Bro! Read them and catch the logic behind the things. Maybe, few people won’t agree.

Now when it comes to gaining weight and even losing weight, calories cover up most of the part. Each and everything works through manipulation of calories in a different way.

Stay away from that information who say that you need to consume dirty if you are skinny which includes everything like a burger, pizza, etc stuff in the daily diet to gain weight.

Get things clear in the first place, that what are calories in food. if you want to gain weight, you need to consume all these foods which I am listing down below and start to add them to your diet and eat them on daily basis.

Apple, bananas, kiwi, eggs, cereals, oats, peanut butter, non-fat milk, chicken breast, almonds, chia seeds, all veggies for micronutrients etc.

If you add dirty things in your diet to eat, you will start the dirty bulk up. What does that mean? You ain’t clearing things up. Ok, I got you, Bro!

Dirty bulk means that, yes you are consuming more food which is high in calories. And the thing is yes, you will achieve your goal of gaining the weight by consuming more calories in food.

But the weight which your body put up is in terms of fat on the stomach. Do you want that? No!

Pick up these foods from any shopping center and be creative about things. Start to add these foods to your diet.

Try to eat more food and in workouts try to go heavy with the weights with high intense and quick workout. You know what am talking about. All lean and clean gains.

Because we don’t need to burn more calories in the gym. 

We need to get more amount of good calories in the body from good food and burn fewer calories through a short and intense workout.

That’s how we gonna gain weight.

Now, as it is sure that calories matter, it is not the point to see everything on the internet that how many calories are present in this food or that food or seeing calorie charts and stuff like that, avoid that and focus on eating right and increasing the overall calories intake through.

If you want to gain muscle weight, it means that you are surely on bulking. you need to consume food just to make sure that you are consuming enough and providing enough through calories in food to the system.


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Secondly, Losing weight

calories are king

Once you understand that how calories work. Losing the weight is also done in the same way, calories are considered king because you can manipulate in a way to make your progress and things work that way in your favor, but there are little somethings which need to take care of. So, let’s just dive right into it.

To lose weight, you also have to eat the same food, but in overall calorie count, it should less than your maintenance calories. Calculate your maintenance calories now.

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Now, to lose the weight, you need to be a little strategic. Because you can lose the weight in many ways.

The way which I feel best is to just keep your protein intake and with water intake high because what that will do is. It sends a signal to your body that you are consuming less food and keeping protein high. 


The body will start to get rid of the fat content as due to the presence of high protein, you will save your muscles to get break down and the fat will get used as the primary energy source.

In workouts, try to focus on medium to heavyweights and around 1 hour to 1h 15m in the gym max to max.

That will be great.

Calories in food matter, but here’s the thing to catch up on.

If you will consume fewer calories and burn more calories, your body will automatically start to lose the weight.



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End Thoughts & Conclusion


Most people want, what they consume has to be in a proper measure of one another, means the exact calorie figure in each and everything.

Don’t be calorie counter in everything. Yes, calories in food matter.

You will find online various calorie chart online who tells you the exact calorie count.

I feel that it is the work of nutritionist. Those who compete in competitions and most fitness models do that.

They count calories in each and everything with proper measurements.

There’s nothing bad in counting the calories present in a food, but I am saying that it makes things just more complex.

Instead, of just calculating calorie count, start taking actions in clearing up the diet. Counting just makes too many delays in the process.

You will also feet that if you try to calculate everything on a daily basis. There will be no fun in doing that.

Take a broader idea of everything and make your steps in the right direction instead of counting calories in food.

I hope you got the right information and had caught logic behind everything.

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That’s it guys from this article “How To Count Calories Anything As Calories Are King” and if you find value in this article and it helped you in clearing things up, then be sure to smash that share button so that it can reach as many people as possible which in return makes our “AsFitness” community stronger.

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