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Bodyweight Workout For Mass And Strength

bodyweight workout for mass and strength

Well, Thank you for landing on this page “Bodyweight Workout For Mass And Strength” and in today’s article, we will start from what are bodyweight exercises, what are the benefits of doing bodyweight workouts on a daily basis, how can they actually help us to lose weight by doing only 20-25 minutes in a day. Further, we will cover other aspects in detail in this article and in last I will provide you a free bodyweight(calisthenics) schedule from which you can start your daily exercises at home so, give this article a complete read. Here we go.


Bodyweight Workout For Mass And Strength-Is It True?


Bodyweight exercises aka Calisthenics. In simplest terms, any movement or exercise you prefer to perform with your free bodyweight is covered under this category.


Yes, we can build mass and strength but most of us, we don’t know what type of workout schedule to follow. People think that going to the gym is the only solution. And if they made up their mind about home bodyweight workouts, still they end up buying a pair of dumbbells to start with.


Bodyweight exercises are all about basics and can be performed anywhere. I see a lot of people in the gym as a new bee, they grab heavy weight dumbbells in the first week. While at the beginning of training we have to start with bodyweight exercises to built a solid base for future intense training.


The basic and simple goal of bodyweight training is to, first be able to handle your own bodyweight so to ensure a solid base of power and strength so that it can help us later when we shift our schedule from bodyweight to heavy intense training. You can actually perform these exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment.


We can still perform our calisthenics routine with our own weight once or twice a week if had crossed the threshold from beginner level to intermediate. If someone is a beginner, I recommend he/she must perform bodyweight movements at home for minimum 1 month prior joining the gym for heavy weight training.

Benefits Of Bodyweight Workout


Although there are a number of proven benefits of doing bodyweight exercises, and some of the top benefits are given below :


1. Improves Heart Health


The heart is a muscle just like any other muscle in our body. Bodyweight training helps in pumping more blood throughout the whole body and if the heart pumps more blood in the body, it eliminates the clogs in the arteries which in return helps the heart muscles get stronger over time. which means no risk of heart disease.


2. Joints Get Stronger


Most people have stiff joints because they have limited range of motion as a normal life in a day or they never care about their health at all. Move your body little bit for 30-60 minutes in the whole day. If you do not move your body on a daily basis.

Then, you will feel like a sensation of rust in your joints which then overtime in-return creates a big issue. Let me tell you something if you don’t do weight training, it’s ok but if you don’t do bodyweight training, it’s not at all OK. There has to be some sort of body movement in the whole day.

3. Increase Flexibility 


When you exercise, your muscle gets stretched, and when it gets stretched it gets tears in it which means it is now a little damaged than before and when it gets damaged it produces lactic acid in it which makes our muscle sour.


Then the repairing starts which makes our muscle get fixed in its normal position. But now this time that muscle which gets fixed gets stronger and in simple words, it can perform those movements which it cannot perform earlier by becoming more flexible over time.


4. Reduce Risk Of Diabetes 


Diabetes occurs when we eat unhealthy food(which people eats most of the time) such as foods which have simple carbohydrates and has high sugar content present in it and it gets digest easily which shoot out our insulin levels to go on peak immediately and then it drops rapidly which is called power crash. By doing exercise on daily basis it reduces the risk of getting diabetic and helps to maintain not only our insulin(hormone) balance but also our other hormones get balanced as well.

5. Core Gets Stronger

Understand this way. Core helps you in your posture and stability. As bodyweight exercises are performed without weights so it can actually help you to engage your core and help get it stronger. If you have weak core muscles, you better start doing your calisthenics routine daily and as early as possible.


Exercises To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Equipment


There are no specific bodyweight exercises for strength or endurance or power etc. If you are performing any exercise with your own bodyweight in the gym or in your own house. You are focusing on all aspects of strength, power etc. Yes, you will increase your strength, you will get stronger over time if you perform these exercises daily and regularly, in the long run, you will get the results. That’s for sure.

  • Wide grip push-upsBodyweight workout for mass and strength
  • Close grip push-ups 
  • Diamond  push-ups
  • Clap push-ups
  • Normal pull-ups
  • Wide grip pull-ups 
  • Chin-ups 
  • Side crunches
  • Leg Raise
  • plankBodyweight workout for mass and strength
  • Normal bodyweight squats
  • Jumping squats 
  • Sumo squats
  • Lunges
  • Jumping Lunges 

Bodyweight Workout


So I have designed a three-month workout routine that anyone can perform daily and it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced athlete. Anyone can do this workout in the gym or even at home. Have a look.

Beginner Level


  • 15 Push-ups
  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 15 Lunges
  • 15 Bodyweight squats
  • Plank(Minimum 1.5 minutes)

Intermediate Level


  • 25 Push-ups
  • 15 Pull-ups
  • 25 Lunges
  • 20 Bodyweight squats
  • Plank(Minimum 3 minutes) 


Advance Level


  • 35 Push-ups
  • 25 Pull-ups
  • 30 Lunges
  • 30 Bodyweight squats
  • Plank(Minimum 6 minutes) 


Perform these exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment because these all exercise are performed with own bodyweight. You can download the PDF of the workout routine here. If you are serious about your results. Go download the PDF now and after printing the sheet as a hard copy, mark the starting date on the calendar and after 3 months later, check back on your strength levels.


Above calisthenics routine/PDF in detail.


So, in total there are 2 rounds in which you have to perform each exercise. Example, when you do all the exercises from push-ups to bodyweight squats that should be counted as 1 round completed, and after completing all the 2 rounds. In the end, you have to do planks.


Note: You don’t have to do the planks again and again after completing each round. You just have to the do the planks in the end only one time as a finisher.  


Once you start then there is no rest period in between which means no rest periods when performing pushups till bodyweights squats. And after completing the first round, you can have maximum 3-5 minutes rest break. You have to all these exercises daily.


And what you have to do in that rest period is to stretch your muscles. Stretching the muscles are very important, it makes you flexible and less prone to injury in any case scenario.


Alternative(Beginners Only)


If you are a complete beginner and if it feels very difficult to do the bodyweight routine given at the beginner level, then start the push-ups with touching your knees on the floor instead of normal push-ups,


For pull-ups have a chair behind you and touch your toes on that chair so that you can lift yourself up or even better, you can have someone stand behind your back, can be your gym buddy or your family member to support you. 


Also, most people find it difficult to do planks, so what you can do is split the one minute to 30 seconds each which means after completing the first round, do the plank for 30 seconds and same after the 2nd round. Once you develop some basic strength, start with the same repetition as stated in the exercise plan. 


Perform this routine exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment for 3 months consistently and you will be completely blown off by seeing the difference between your previous level of strength, endurance levels and after 3-month strength and endurance levels.


The only difference is that only the advanced players have to complete 3 rounds instead of 2. And also remember that planks should not have to be performed after each round, rather it is the finisher of the circuit training and you have to do only one time in the end.


That’s it guys, give this bodyweight circuit training a shot and tell me in the comments below how you feel after completing your sessions.


Complete Information To Lose Weight Using Bodyweight Training


Now read carefully, the information I am about to tell you can actually do wonders if you use it in the right way and exactly how I am telling. First of all, understand that your body is very smart. It works exactly the way you treat and orders. As our core goal is to lose weight which can be done in the following ways:


Either by losing the body-fat which builds up when we consume extra calories daily which is more than our maintenance calorie, which is known as the Fat loss.


Removing the Fat content from the body and Muscle mass, which is known as Weight loss.


A lot of people remain confused that, to lose weight they have to avoid fats. According to them fats are making them huge and bulky. That’s just not true.


Now the question is How Can It Be Done? How To Actually Lose Weight Fast? 


The answer is simple!


For Proper Weight Loss, Remember this Rule, the blueprint for your diet should be like this:




And your overall calorie intake should be less than your maintenance calorie. For example, if your daily maintenance calorie is 2500 and the calorie you are consuming in a day is 3000 then guess what, you ain’t gonna lose weight rather you end up gaining more weight.


So in this case, you have to consume 300-500 calorie less than your maintenance which is somewhat around 2000-2200 calorie should be your daily intake. And you will lose weight in a matter of weeks. Because you just have signaled your body to do so. 


In your diet, cut all the sugar or packed content or processed food like packed juice, soft drinks, soda, and food which gets digested easily like white bread, white pasta, noodles etc. After cutting these things you have to add foods which have complex carbs, lean protein and unsaturated fats present in it.


Everyone is talking about that if you want to lose weight, you have to train more or add extra one-two hour cardio after your workout session. Actually, the truth is that this answer is partially true. Yes, you have to train more, but things don’t work by only training more. You also have to add some extra changes to your diet.


The transformation is done by adding some intense exercises and making some changes in your diet. To lose weight we have to adjust our diet to signal our body so that it can show the effect of the change in the nutrition in the way you look.


Our body understands this by the content we put up in our body in a specific ratio. Remember the rule which I explained earlier for the weight loss. Similarly, the rule for Losing Fat is.




And the overall calorie must be less than your maintenance calorie. Your body will automatically understand the signal.


And with proper diet and by following the rules according to your goal, I can assure, if you completely understand and follow the above rules to lose weight. Then, my friend, there’s no reason you will not get the desired results.


Do not compromise the diet at any cost and stay consistent with the bodyweight workout for mass and strength to achieve your goal of losing weight.


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Download Workout Plan.


That’s it guys from this article, I tried my best to explain to you everything about how you can staying at home doing bodyweight exercises and by following proper nutrition can transform yourself and hope you have understood the science behind when a body loses its fats and how a body loses its weight.


And in the end, if you find value in this article or it helped you in a way, be sure to share it with your friends and family or with that person to whom this information can help.


This will motivate me to post more and more helpful content regularly and if you made it this far, check out our fashion store for gym custom text hoodies, joggers, stylish and casual clothes to wear in the gym and outside.


I believe you had received a blueprint to transform your body by reading this article “Bodyweight Workout For Mass And Strength”. So what are you waiting for, start working out from tomorrow morning? If you have any suggestions regarding next article, tell me in the comment below. Until then,

Good Bye And Stay In Touch


Avneet Singh is the author and founder of the website AsFitnessTips.com. He is not a fitness guru or expert, rather he shares his knowledge and experience which he gained during his journey on road to fitness on a single place called "AsFitness".

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