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Best Bicep Workout With Cables In The Gym For Clean Gains

Bicep Workout With Cables

Thank you for landing on this page Best Bicep Workout With Cables In The Gym” and in today’s article, I will tell you how can you grow the size of your biceps by training in a different style and doing a different type of arm workout which you will be working out in the gym with cables and it will give you a decent expectancy to see booming results within weeks by breaking any type of plateau which is hindering your growth. We will discuss in detail about bicep workout to increase size, one of the best workouts for biceps. So without taking much of a time, let’s get started.


Craze For Big Biceps 


Working out biceps is the best part for most of the gym goers. Most people love to work on their arms as it looks very attractive. I remember when I was a beginner and just had joined the gym for the first time, I had these two questions from the first day.

Bicep Workout With Cables

How can I grow these skinny pipes? Will they ever grow? These are the question I used to ask myself. I used to train daily and regularly. I had never missed any single gym day when it comes to training these pipes. Even, when it’s not the day to train them, I still used to work them. All I want is the big peak on my biceps.


Working Out Beginner To Big Biceps


At that time, I don’t know anything about training. The only thing which I do know is that working out your muscles makes them stronger and as the time passes, they will look good and bigger and that too, my gym buddies told me. 


I trained my arms for 8 months straight and did every exercise as I always wanted the size, from dumbbells to rod. I tried every exercise to grow my little arms but I was not seeing the results which I was looking for. Best of training 8 months my results were very below average.


I had seen pretty amazing growth within the first 4 months in my biceps peak and suddenly my results are kind of started to shut down. I stopped seeing any growth. My arms size is still the same to the 8th month, little-to-no improvement.


I asked my trainer for the training and explained everything that I need to increase my biceps size and did everything, but nothing is happening. So, my trainer asked me that. Are you following the same workout plan which I had given you in the beginning?


I said yes, it’s been 8 months I’ve been following the exact schedule. So he decided to change my previous workout schedule.

I said, I want best arms workout for size and that must be specially designed for the arms. From then, he used to change my arm workout schedule within every 3-5 months.


It’s very sad that most trainers don’t give you the attention you need to be given in the beginning to avoid any kind of injury and force growth. At least there needs to be some basic exercise guide to a newcomer. But sadly, it is only written in the gym policies that “they will guide for basic exercise form and positioning” and in reality, they tend to ask you to purchase their personal training.


Anyway, that’s not the topic we are here to discuss for.


So, as a working out beginner, I don’t know anything about how things work. He explained me the basics that how a muscle is grown from a small meat to a big piece.


After listening to my trainer, I had a clear idea that why I was not seeing the growth in my arms. I actually realized that I was doing many things wrong. From now I will explain what my trainer suggested me and what exercises and training I did that boosted my growth to the whole new level. 


He actually told me that my body has touched plateau. I said what that means?

He said that it is a phase where our body stops producing results, neither it gains muscle or loses any fat. It just maintains it’s current weight and size. It is the phase in which the body gets used to our daily training routine. 


Now this time he gave me arm workout in which all the exercises of biceps are performed with cables. I asked my trainer what type of training schedule is this which do not have any exercises with dumbbells. 


He said that you have plateau so this workout routine is totally new to your body which you have never performed earlier. It will for sure give you decent results immediately.


We must perform that workout routine after touching plateau which is totally new for the body as in this case, we are doing bicep workout with cables so that it can change the pattern that has built in the mind from doing the same exercise over and over again on a consistent basis.


He said that it’s not a very difficult task to grow a peak on the top of biceps. All it takes is to adjust your form a little bit so that the whole pressure can go to the long head of bicep which is very important to grow that round shape from the top.


I said whatever! At that time I don’t know anything about fitness so I choose to do the workout suggested by him thinking in my head that he must be right because he has his experience in his back.


I did the workout for the next 4 months and oh man the results were pretty awesome and surprising. So, in the end, I will provide the workout PDF so that you can break your plateau and force growth in those arms.


Bicep Workout With Cables(Mixed)


Working out the bicep muscle with cables is seen a totally new concept to the body because most of us usually train with dumbbells and rods. Training in a new way will break that same routine which we used to perform. 


Start with warming-up the biceps with lightweight two sets. Do any bicep exercise so that the blood flow can increase in the muscles. Do not tire the bicep in the warm-up, only feel the muscle working.

This workout is gonna be intense. The exercises in the new workout routine are:


1. Cable Preacher Curl

2. Bicep Cable Curl

3. Double Bicep Cable Curl

4. Olympic Barbell Rod Curl


Download Workout PDF


Best Arms Workout For Size(Positioning)


1. Cable Preacher Curls


Sit on the bench with core muscles tight, relax the shoulder and lean a bit forward with spine straight in a neutral posture. Grab the cable at the position when the biceps are fully stretched and relaxed. Pull the cable up and squeeze the biceps at a fast pace as hard as you can, wait for a sec and return to the initial position in(2-3seconds) in a controlled way.

The correct form of performing cable preacher curls.


2. Bicep Cable Curl


Stand straight in the military position with chest out and shoulders retracted. Stay as close as possible to the cable Grab the cable as wide as your shoulder width. And make sure that the cable is coming from the ground and not from the front which is very important. 


What I personally feel that by standing away from the cable, it creates some shoulder issues. So, it is better to perform the exercise in the best form possible. 


The correct form of performing Bicep Cable Curl. 

Avoid this mistake otherwise, the exercise is very good.


3. Double bicep cable curl


Firstly, do perform a small warmup set in the means of shoulder rotations before starting this exercise. This exercise is very good to build the peak on the top of the bicep. That rounded shape on the top or we can say the ball. 


This exercise is mainly performed in standing position, but I suggest that try this out in the seated position because it will eliminate any movements from the lower body so that you can create a better muscle and mind connection which will recruit more muscle fibers and hence force growth.

The correct form of performing double bicep cable curl.


4. Olympic Barbell Rod Curl


The reason I said it with an Olympic Barbell because most of us perform with the same small-size rod for doing bicep curls. But this time because of the big rod, we also have to balance it, which means the involvement of biceps has now increased and is now more time under tension.


Grab the rod with a little inner grip. This exercise is my personal best as it feels so good after each set because the pump it creates in the biceps is just insane. 

The correct form of performing Olympic Barbell Rod Curl.

This bicep workout with cables will break the plateau and force the growth.


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Mistakes To Avoid In Bicep Workout


I have seen a lot of people training in the gym for 3-4 years but they look pretty much the same after putting years of hard work. What are the reasons that others are growing, but they aren’t? So we will look at what are the biggest mistake that people doing in the gym and outside gym, hence are not growing.


Mistake number 1. Training Daily


By training daily, I mean training the biceps daily. As a beginner, people had this habit of training all the same muscle daily. This is the biggest mistake that I think most beginners make and I did that too. It all started from the beginning when the trainer says that you need to do mixed exercise in the first month.


And end up happening is, we continue working out the same way because training every muscle daily gives great pump in the muscles daily. So we think that training more will result in more growth. But No, that’s completely wrong. Because working same muscle daily makes the muscle go small or we can say that a perfect word for this is“catabolism”. 


Daily muscle training is done with “Pure Nutrition Back-up” which means if you are training the muscle daily and feeling a crazy pump after workouts. You need to have a strong nutrition backup which can support and help to get recovered from the damage and load you put on those muscles.


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Mistake Number 2. No Proper Warm Up


Not warming up the bicep muscle is another mistake that most of the new and intermediate level gym-goers make. Warm up is important before starting any exercise because it’s a signal to the body to increase the blood flow to the muscles and all around in the body.

If you are not warming up your muscles with 1-2 lightweight sets with high repetition, then there is a high chance that you will hurt your joints in the long run.


Besides knowing that the warm-up is good. There are many reasons for not doing the warm-up for most people. And one of the most common reasons for not doing is, they feel like Oh what someone would think that I am doing dumbbell curls with 2kg or 4kg. 


So what guys, first do the warm-up set with a lightweight dumbbell and what others will think about you is none of your business, your results will speak for itself.


We are not in the gym to impress someone. We go to the gym for building muscles and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by becoming strong physically and mentally.


Mistake No. 3 Half-Reps/Cheat-Reps


Doing half reps or cheat reps will not make any difference. It will only delay the process of growing the muscle. Most people love to train with super heavyweight and that’s actually a good thing”, but training in a proper form with the full range of motion is the main thing”. 


Never do cheat reps with not only training the biceps, it can be any muscle. Do not do cheat reps. Because working of the bicep is incomplete in cheat reps. If the muscle will be used partially, it will only grow partially.


The best way is to do a proper full range of motion means, picking that weight which you can actually handle and is heavy for you and then, example while doing curls for biceps, bring the weight up and squeeze the muscle to supply blood and oxygen and then go all the way down and stretch the muscle and complete the target repetitions. That’s how growth is achieved.


Download Workout PDF


That’s it guys from this article “Best Bicep Workout With Cables In The Gym”. I hope you learned something new and got the information. And If you find value in the content I put up, enjoyed reading it and made it this far, then make sure to smash that share button so that it can reach as many people as possible which will help us to create a strong family of “Fitness Lovers”.


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Good Bye And Stay In Touch


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