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The Best Bicep Workout For Mass And Definition At Gym

Best bicep workout for mass

Best Bicep Workout For Both Mass And Definition: So you are looking the best bodybuilding bicep workout for mass to increase the size in them guns? Today In this article I will give you the best bicep workout for mass.


In bodybuilding, exercise doesn’t matter as long as you are hitting each and every head from different angles.


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Let’s start the bicep workout for mass!


Best bicep workout for mass


Best Bicep Workout For Mass(Introduction)


If you compare it with any other muscle in the body.

I think biceps are the easiest muscle to grow.

Because it is a small muscle which is easy to target.

And we can feel it working in minutest activities.


When it comes to growing the bicep muscle for mass and size,

There are various reasons that why it is not growing?

Maybe your form is not correct,

Maybe you are training it too often without recovering.

It can be because you are not training in the full range of motion, etc.


First of all, when we look at how to grow big arms biceps for mass?

We look for the size.

And the size comes when we train the Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber!

Though it is a topic in itself, I will cover it in some other article in detail.


But for this article on bicep workout for mass,

Note that to increase the size of arms, we have to train the fast twitch muscle fiber.

In simple words, it means training in the range of 6-8-10 repetitions.

Which targets fast twitch fibers and increase the mass.

Whenever I say that you need to hit a low rep range.

It means that you have to increase the weight!

Because of heavyweights in bicep workout, it helps in building mass.


If you go by the exercises by which you can hit biceps.

There are a lot of them.

Few of my best workout exercises for mass are:

Barbell curl

Dumbbell hammer curl

Bicep barbell preacher curl

Alternating normal grip dumbbell curl

Incline dumbbell curl

Concentration curl


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You can try out any of the above exercises in the gym for bicep mass.

Make sure that you are hitting from every head.

The main thing in the gym is:

The intensity and the rep range!


Which means if you have an issue that why your bicep is not putting upsize?

The answer is you are not lifting heavy enough consistently!

Let’s see what workout I have for you?


Bicep Workout For Mass(Size)


As I told you above that if you need some size,

You need to hit fast twitch muscle fibers in bicep workout for mass.

You follow the following workout.

This workout is short and super intense.

I want you to go heavy on the weight.

Obviously, with your maximum capacity to the limit, you can handle on the biceps.

Add 4 sets of 3 different bicep exercise for the mass with a maximum of 8 repetitions.


The workout goes something like this:


1. Dumbbell Hammer Curls(for the long head)   – 4 sets of max. 8 reps

2. Barbell Curls                                               – 4 sets of max. 8 reps

3. Dumbbell Concentration Curls(for the peak)  – 4 sets of max. 8 reps


Best bicep workout for mass
Gotta work for the gains man!


Bicep Workout For Definition


Similarly, when we look at the workout for definition.

It means we have to train our Slow Twitch Muscle Fiber.

For the definition,

We have to hit a range which is between 12-15-18 repetition.

Hitting slow twitch muscle fiber is essential for the definition.

Also, your endurance will increase when you go above 15!

Just by changing the rep range and intensity.

It became a bicep workout from mass to more of an endurance and definition.




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Don’t take me wrong,

But going max to max 17 or 18 reps is ok during cutting.

But man,

Doing more than 18 reps straight in a single set.

And there are 3 sets more to cover is just a waste of time.

Don’t go above 18 or there can be a chance of you getting the taste of injury.

Better be on the safe side while doing any kind of dumbbell workouts for arms.


Add 4 sets of minimum 3 different bicep exercises for definition.

And hit 15 rep range.

The workout would be the same.

But now the only difference is that.

The repetitions and intensity would not be same as we did in bicep workout for mass!.

The rep will be 15(max) instead of 8.

And as the rep range is increased.

You only have to lift medium-heavyweight only.

And not super heavyweights!


The workout looks same with change repetitions:


1. Hammer Curls                               – 4 sets of max.15 reps

2. Barbell Curls                                  – 4 sets of max. 15 reps

3. Dumbbell Concentration Curls          – 4 sets of max. 15 reps


The Bicep Workout


If you don’t have a workout schedule or you find it boring to train the same way you training.

Generally, from months which is leading to no results.

Or the reason can be that you have hit your plateau.

Basically, which means.

Your body has got comfortable in your daily routine.

And that’s why you have stopped seeing results from a long time.


What to do?

Party… No! 

On a serious note,

It’s a great time to try something new to shock the muscles.

So break that daily chain in which you are repeating the same bicep workout.

And add something new to your bicep workout to increase the mass!


Thing To Remember In Bicep Workout For Mass And Definition


Train your arms twice a week.

An example can be – Monday and Thursday.

Make sure there should be minimum 2 days rest in between!



Now, you are thinking hmm that’s ok.

But I want the peak on the top and a rounded shape of my bicep.

What exercise should I do?

Well, it’s the grip that matter.

Your grip decides which muscle you are targeting. 


So For The Bicep Peak,

Try to focus on hammer curls and barbell curls with inside grip.

Because by holding the barbell from the inside, the tension goes on the outer part biomechanically.

As we all know, we must train the long head of the bicep for a rounded shape.


And For The Roundness,

Try to focus on normal dumbbell curls.

Or regular barbell curls with the hand grip a little outside.

So that the tension goes on the short head biomechanically!


Doing bicep dumbbell workouts for arms is actually a good thing.

Because you can actually adjust the dumbbell in the way you want.

As in the barbell,

You have a limited range of motion.

And you have to cope up the motion of the barbell.


I think it is the reason that people face muscle imbalance!

Because they tend to do more workouts with the barbell. 


The thing is that,

When we do barbell curls,

It is really very difficult to know the exact amount of workload or pressure or weight lifted by each arm.

One arm becomes dominant which is mostly the right arm.

As time passes,

We can see a big difference in terms of muscle imbalance!


It is better to get the routine mixed up in every 4 months.

And prefer the arm workouts with the dumbbells.

Just to avoid the issue of muscle imbalance in the long run.


How to target different heads in a bicep workout for mass?


When you do your regular barbell curls or dumbbell curls.

Just with your hand grip as same as your shoulder width.

I.e. you are gripping the barbell from your hands as wide as your shoulder.

Then your both long head and short head of biceps are coming under tension and working!


If both of your hand grips are holding the barbells just a little inside,

Then your tension goes on the outer part bio-mechanically.

Brachialis muscle is targeted.

And a little bit of tension goes on the long head!


If both of your hand grips are a little outside of the barbell,

Not too outside,

Just a little outside from your regular shoulder width.

Then your primary muscle which is being used is the short head of biceps!


In bodybuilding bicep workout for mass.

Try to achieving and maintaining better muscle mind connections for engaging the muscle more!


Warning When Doing Bodybuilding Bicep Workout


Do not put your hand grip too outside or too inside.

Just while holding the barbell.

I see a lot of people doing that and I don’t know what they are thinking.

It all boils down to knowing and applying the information and knowledge precisely.


By holding the grip far outside or far inside compared to your shoulder width apart.

It creates a lot of unnecessary pressure on the rotator cuffs in the shoulder joint.

Which can eventually cause an injury down the road!


Oh man,

Seriously please don’t do that!

It can badly injure you within weeks.

Instead of growing biceps faster,

You have to face injury which will, in turn, delay your results!


Well, if you want big arms through any bicep workout for mass.

Especially, in the minimum time possible.

You just need to avoid doing all these mistakes just to grow the arms.

Otherwise, you will delay the process of getting results.


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