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How To Build Triceps- Exercises, Muscle Anatomy, Workout, Everything!

How to build triceps

How To Build Triceps- Everything you need to know!: So, you are looking for how to build triceps, here in this article I will cover everything you need to know about how to build triceps, triceps exercises, tricep muscle anatomy, and tricep workout plan.


We will cover how to build triceps naturally, how we can grow the size of our muscle by understanding proper muscle anatomy and functions of triceps. And at the end of this article “How To Build Triceps- Exercises, Muscle Anatomy, Workout, Everything!” I will give you a workout schedule which is specifically designed to build size that will give you a smooth start to your fitness journey.


In short, I am fully charged to share the information with you. So without taking much of a time. Let’s get started.

How to build triceps

How To Build Triceps


To start with growing any muscle.

First, we will have to look at the muscle anatomy i.e. how many muscles are actually present in it.

We have to get to know exactly how many muscles are there which we have to work on.

In our case which is how many muscles we have to target in triceps!

Based on that accordingly, we have to do those exercises that target those particular muscles.


Let’s understand the anatomy of triceps real quick!


Biceps have 2 muscles in its anatomy due to the word “Bi”, that’s why it is called Biceps.

Similarly, triceps has the word “Tri” in the beginning which means, there are total 3 heads in triceps.

These 3 heads of triceps are pronounced:


1. Tricep-long head

2. Tricep-lateral head

3. Tricep-medial head


How to build triceps

If we look at this image closely,

wherein the view is from the front side.


The yellow portion is the lateral head(outer head)

The red portion is the long head and,

The green portion is the medial head of tricep.


Triceps Muscle Anatomy(Full Detail)


Most people remain confused about where tricep muscles are located?


Triceps consists most part of the arm.

It is located in the back of the arm.

And the whole triceps consists of 3 muscles which are written above.

Also, to grow any muscle in the body.

We must need to understand it’s anatomy and functions i.e. where the muscle is located and what are the functions of that muscle!

The anatomy part is over so let’s take at what are the functions of triceps?


I hope, in this full guide of how to build triceps, things are getting clearer and clearer as you are reading more. 


Functions Of Triceps


After understanding the muscle anatomy of triceps, let’s understand the basic function of triceps.

In the simplest explanation, the function of triceps is to help in extending our arm or elbow.


In simple words, when our forearm is extended, our triceps is being contracted and being used.


Most noteworthy, people while training triceps.

They do not extend their arm fully.

Hey man, we are here to train the triceps, so be sure to extend that arm fully.

It for the maximum contraction because it is the function of the triceps itself.


Best Tricep Workout For Size


Let me tell you a little bit about the workout program.

These are the exercises which I personally do in my routines for hitting tricep!

If you are using any other workout schedule.

It’s completely fine!

You can always add these exercises to your workout routine.

It will help in bringing variation.

Hitting the muscles with different angles!


1. Arm cable extension


  • Some people call it cable extension.


  • The primary muscle targeted is the medial head.


  • Most people have a very weak medial head.


  • They don’t train this head or we can say most people do not know which exercise to perform to target this head.


  • Make sure to strait your spine in its natural position when performing all of these movements.


2. Tricep rope pushdown

How to build triceps



  • This exercise primarily targets your outer lateral head of triceps.


  • Make sure to have a straight spine in a natural position and shoulder retracted with chest out(pure military style position).



  • Bring your hands down to squeeze the muscles hard.


  • While coming up, just come up half-way i.e. your upper arm and your elbow should make an angle of 90 degrees as shown in the picture (while coming up).


  • Outer head looks very attractive if gets sharp, razor sharp.


Furthermore, I feel it is best as a finisher exercises to a killer tricep.

When you extend the ropes fully down, it creates immense pressure.

All three muscles are engaged in this pushdown movement.

It burns like crazy!


3. Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Press


  • This is also one great exercise which targets long head of triceps. 


  • It also contributes to a killer tricep size and also called tricep extensions with dumbbells.


To begin with the starting position:


  • First, bring the dumbbell on the shoulder and let it rest there for a second.


  • Grab the dumbbell with a stable hand grip.


  • Move it right above your head, it is the starting position and the beginning of the actual movement.


  • Be careful because most people perform this exercise in a very wrong way which can seriously damage the shoulder joint.


4. Skull Crushers

How to build triceps



  • Long head of tricep is the primary muscle which is being targeted while performing skull crushers.


  • Shoulder width wide grip and letting the barbell down a little ahead of the head.


Make sure to add that little arch in your spine when you lay on the bench.

It supports the core.

For the proper stability and,

Put the shoulder in a safe position.


So these are all the triceps exercises which are added to the workout routine.

Give this best tricep workout for size a try!

Download Workout PDF


I want to make something clear and I must say that if you are a beginner, do the exercise with the correct form possible itself from the beginning stage when you are just starting out your fitness journey.


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How To Build Triceps(Detailed Explanation)


Talking about the triceps workout routine.

I have divided into two categories:

  • Gaining
  • Cutting


If you are on gaining or on cutting, you can always follow the tricep workout routine separately by adjusting a little rep-range.

Certainly, To see the best results from the starting, try to be consistent with it for minimum 3 months.


#While Gaining


  • Be sure to lift heavy as per your strength to the point where you can perform 8 repetitions.


  • Do each movement in proper form and not like cheat reps or half reps.


  • Have plenty of carbohydrates in the whole day giving you the advantage to train intensely!


  • In nutrition- Supply high carbs diet with medium protein to the body.


#While Cutting


  • Choose that weight that you can perform 12 reps.


  • Don’t go super heavy, Medium to heavy is perfect in cutting.


  • In nutrition- Supply medium carbs with medium-high protein to the body.


  • You can add help if needed and you feel it’s necessary because you are taking low carbs.


  • Before starting any of the exercise given in the schedule I would suggest that do a proper warm-up.


#Warm up


Probably, not doing proper warm-up is the biggest reason most people get injured in the first place.

It can be done in ways like rotator cuff stretches, tricep stretch etc.

Talking about warmups here.

Add an exercise called diamond pushups in your schedule.

Consider it as a warmup before starting the triceps workout routine.


Try minimum 10 diamond pushups before starting and then start with the main exercises as given in the schedule.

Quite frankly I feel like it is the best tricep workout for size which you will ever gonna try.

And yea, do let me know in the comments section below how it worked. 


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A Note To Beginners!


As you are a beginner so there a few things which you have to keep in mind before starting any workout. These things will help you to achieve your fitness goals much more efficiently.


  • In the beginning, choose that weight which you think you can lift comfortably.


  • Perform 8-12 reps while feeling that muscle working.


  • There’s no need to lift crazy weights because what most people do is, they see their friends lifting crazy weights and they start to lift heavy weights without taking a note that it is their tenth page in fitness where it is your first page!


  • On the first day most people think this way like if he can bench 40kg, I must do with 45kg!


  • Believe me guys, it will not make any difference in the way you look unless you feel in those muscles and do all the exercises at a controlled pace. Not like the weights controlling you and you don’t have any control over it.


Because if you choose the wrong weight i.e. super heavy in most cases then this might injure you in the long run. So be careful from the beginning and always choose the right weight.


Also, one more thing i.e. powerlifting must be avoided at any cost in the gym, instead focus more on muscle recruitment which is all time favorite and the best approach.


Any exercise you choose to perform is there to create pressure or stress or tension on a target muscle particularly.

While performing any exercise, if you do not feel the tension going on to that muscle which is being targeted by that exercise.

Please stop doing that exercise immediately and first have a proper guidance from a trainer or a person or your gym buddy or friend who knows how to perform the correct movement of that particular exercise.


Because exercises are meant to create pressure on your muscles and not on your joints.

If you don’t feel the muscle and you still choose to perform it day and day out.

Then my friend you will soon get seriously injured within weeks.

So be careful!


Above all, I had learned this particular lesson the hard way.

When I was a beginner, I used to do training with super heavyweights which later become number one reason for my shoulder pain.


If you follow all these tips which I mentioned above.

I can guarantee you, there’s no reason that your arms won’t grow.

Anybody can grow any muscle, all it takes is Patience and Consistency. If you have that, you will grow.


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That’s it guys from this article, I hope you find this information informative and had received a clear idea about how to build triceps and if you do then, be sure to smash that share button so that it can reach as many people as possible.

Share it with your gym buddy or anyone whom you think this can help.


It will act as a motivation to me so that I can post more and more helpful content regularly. Thank you for giving this article “How To Build Triceps- Exercises, Muscle Anatomy, Workout, Everything” a sweet read.

Good Bye And Stay In Touch


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