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7 Common Nutritional And Exercise Mistakes To Avoid Immediately

Common exercise mistakes

Thank you guys for landing on this page “7 Common Nutritional And Exercise Mistakes”. In Today’s article, we will discuss what are the nutritional and most common exercise mistakes people make in sports/gym when they are physically active so that you get to know and avoid these mistakes as early as possible. All these are the biggest mistakes I feel people make. So without taking much of a time, let’s start!

Mistake Number 1.  Not Training Every Single Muscle.


What I see in most gyms is that more than 50 percent of the people train same muscles which are commonly biceps and chest and they are the ones who also skip leg days. They are not focusing on other muscles like back, legs, quads, hamstrings, etc. This is the most common exercise mistake which most beginners make.


If you don’t train each and every muscle, there’s no chance you will grow in symmetry. That’s why I see people “After training 4-5 years”, only their chest and the bicep muscle is bigger and every other muscle is small and weak. So it’s very important to train in symmetry to grow every single muscle equal. 


Most people say, after watching their own physique in the mirror they feel that the muscles are not the same from both sides,  i.e the left bicep is bigger and right one is small or vice versa. This happens because sometimes they train few muscles too hard and sometimes they do not train the muscles at all. Training in symmetry helps in avoiding muscle imbalance.


Mistake Number 2.  Not Having A Vision


There is no way you can achieve any of your fitness goals as a working out beginner doesn’t matter if it is for doing a proper Fat loss or Gaining muscle if you do not have a proper plan of exercise and nutrition. If you want to achieve your fitness goal or any other goal even in any field, you have to have a long-term vision which must be divided and subdivided into short-term goals.


In fitness, you must have a 3-4 months plan which is based on your fitness goals i.e. if you want to gain muscle or lose fat. And accordingly, follow the nutrition and workout schedule and stay consistent with it at any cost to see the results you are looking for. If you want to gain weight, you’ll be in Caloric Surplus or if you want to lose fat, you better be in caloric deficit.


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Mistake Number 3.  No Proper Nutrition


Common exercise mistakes

If you are training hard in the gym and not taking the proper nutrition, then you are just missing out the big opportunity for growth. Let me tell you something, working out in the gym is just 4 percent of the whole day i.e.1 hour out of 24 hours and the rest 23 hours i.e. 96 percent of the whole day. In those 23 hours what you do, that matters.


And same goes with the exercising and nutrition accordingly. And what you do to recover your tired muscles that matters which can only be provided through proper nutrition. When you lift heavy and don’t recover, you just killing your gains.


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People say that I am training hard in the gym, lifting super heavyweights and still don’t getting the deserving results. As the workout in the gym is 4 percent of the whole day, how can you expect to do the 4 percent work the right way and expect 100 percent results? How can that be possible?


So focus on the nutrition which needs to be followed.


Mistake Number 4.  Overcooking Meals


 Common exercise mistakes

Simply avoid overcooking. We generally overcook our meals for typically more than 10 minutes(mostly vegetables) with the high flame. We need to avoid this for a simple fact that if we overcook our food it loses its nutrition value.


A lot of vitamins and minerals are lost while cooking at high flames. As we are discussing avoiding overcooking, it doesn’t mean we need to undercook our meals from now. Veggies only need to cook for 5-8 minutes with medium flame.


When to know that veggies are cooked properly?


The best way to cook veggies is to cover them from the top with a medium flame so that it can cook inside evenly. To know the veggies are cooked properly, it should be crisp in nature after few minutes when covered over from the top.


Mistake Number 5.  Using Too Much Oil

Common exercise mistakes

Oils are a very good source of Fats, but not at all healthy if consumed in excess or rather I must say that anything in excess creates problems if done again and again. The oil must be olive oil and not any cheap quality oil.

Most people say olive oil is so expensive. So what guys, we need to invest in olive oil only, because the list of benefits we get from olive oil is very long than most of the oil available in the market.

If you are currently using any other oil than olive oil, then you must be thinking that “I haven’t seen any ill-effect on my health”. You will not see any effect in the young age, you will see the results when you become old, nearly above 35or40.

If you do right course of action on a regular basis, you will get rewarded. And if you do the opposite, you will get rewarded for what you deserve. Consistency is the Key to everything.

As a working out beginner, exercising in a correct form will get you rewarded with results nd if you do the opposite, you get rewarded the same, for example.

Mistake Number 6. Eating Crappy Food

Common exercise mistakes

If you have any serious fitness goals, you must discipline yourself in the process. We all get cravings which are natural especially of sugars but avoid eating them on a regular basis because it would not give you anything in return. Your Mind Will Feel Satisfies, But Your Body Will Suffer Later.


Only consume quality foods by keeping one thing in mind that “What You Eat, What You Become”. And your body will thank you for providing good food. In the long run, you will achieve your fitness goals more efficiently in a shorter period of time.


You can have 1 cheat meal in a week which won’t affect your goal at all.


Mistake Number 7.  Expecting Too Much


As I said earlier, exercising is just 20 percent, and only by putting 20 percent work you are expecting 100 percent of the result, that’s just not gonna happen. You have to do consistent hard work daily for minimum 3 months.


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In those 3 months, put your nutrition and exercise in the correct position and believe in the PROCESS and don’t expect anything before that period and especially avoid and common exercise mistakes as it can create a delay.


After 3 months you’ll be more than happy to see your results, although it may not be like a drastic change in the body trust me, that feeling of achieving a small milestone in your long fitness journey creates a long-lasting confidence boost and slowly when your regular routine catch its pace, it becomes an addiction to be better than the last picture.


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I hope you got the information and from now onwards you will avoid these mistakes in your gym workouts. Ok, guys, that’s it from this article, “7 Common Nutritional And Exercise Mistakes” And if you are reading it till now and find value in the content I put up then, be sure to smash that share button so that it can reach as many people as possible so that we can build a strong online community of “Fitness Lovers”.


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